Strongest collision

Strongest collision

As if returned to that not to hesitate at all costs, burnt with own life, guarded the entire world with the life the day.

For partner, for the future. He cannot lose, he is never also willing to lose.

Gods' War, competion not only forever the tactic, is the thought that is rigid, is the heart of trying to outdo others that will never concede!

But another side, the Rong Nianbing incantation has not received the disturbance of outside world Zhanggong Wei slightly, as before continuing was reciting. The incantation of both sides under each other shake, even there is a strange complementing one another feeling.

Perhaps is because they inspire is the reasons of strength of numerous element, various energy members in air became are wilder than before did not have the several fold. The fluctuation of energy of both sides becomes the power of unprecedented.

But also at this time, appears issue is actually God of Kindness and God of Wickedness, they could not block.

„Pū--” Nether King's Sword has delimited.

Ji Dong has blocked Lie Yan (raging flames) with own body, from the back was cut an opening by Nether King's Sword, Demon God Sword chops to cut, but, although Heavenly Emperor also under their explosive formidable flame shaken flew, but Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) also divided flew.

The Ji Dong opens the mouth spouts a blood, the short distance they each other look at each other.

In two people of eyes shone to wipe the color of renouncing, the good and evil fusion, as if wanted appears.

„You not awfully? Walks!” Tang San sound instantaneous appears near their ears. Next flickers, together rays of light from supreme headquarters bright, covers Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames), making them be attracted to absorb in God Realm's Center to vanish instantaneously does not see.

Then is casting a spell Live and Die Together so is also good to display regarding the God King level? By them now this physical condition, if displays, perhaps really wanted Live and Die Together. This Gods' War is no doubt intense, may after all be only the struggle of spirit, does not spell by the loathsome appearance. If the source collapses, that really has not revolved the leeway.

God of Kindness and God of Wickedness leave the field. The world that crawls as well as Death God of some respites, the vision naturally fell on Tang San slightly.

But another side, Zhou Weiqing under the attack of Immortal Emperor, retreats in defeat again and again, must unable to block shortly.

But at this time, recitation of Magic Chef of Ice and Fire Rong Nianbing finally was near the end.

„Ices the Snow Lady god, you are the blue gentle moon/month.”

„The god of flame, you were the date of red Zhaohui.”

„The god of wind, you are the moon/month of azure flowing anxious relax.”

„The earth goddess, you were the date of yellow breeding myriad things life.”

„The god of space, you are the silver mysterious moon/month.”

„God of Light, you were the golden magnificent date.”

„The god of darkness! You are representative who that endless swallows, purple silent date.”

„Resonance on the dark earth, breaks that seal with the wheel of long destiny, shivers that to lose the self- fantasy space and time, sends out you most beautiful brilliance, extinguishes Seven Luminaries Awaken.”

Lifts off along with seven colors rays of light, in the sky was already cloudy, when the last incantation was completed, the terrifying fluctuation of energy also ascended but actually the pinnacle.

With the support of God Realm's Center, Rong Nianbing Divine Technique does not know that was enlarged many times.

All Rong Nianbing instantaneous superpositions are only, Seven Divine Knifes suddenly/violently to launch, flies the surrounding corner suddenly, but is being fought Mad God, Immortal Emperor, Death God and Heavenly Emperor, suddenly discovered, own body solidification, moved unexpectedly cannot move.

Is cloudy in the sky, appears seven cracks, seven groups of rays of light have simultaneously shone, blue moon/month, red date, azure moon/month, yellow date, silver moon/month and golden date, regarding that appears, filled with dignified aura finally the purple date, took to the world gorgeous seven color rays of light.

The airborne seven luminaries simultaneously project together diameter one zhang (3.33 m) light beam, the light beam seems is the entity shape exists completely, the seven colors light beam slightly flashes, from the sky congealed together.

Three Moons Four Suns's Power, from the sky congeals, seven color light are suddenly dim, giant seven Caijing balls form baseless, this geode looks like the volume is very small, when but it drops from the clouds, in all person hearts, has a terrifying palpitation beyond description.

Eventually, made Magic Chef of Ice and Fire Rong Nianbing complete the attack in this final moment.

The Tang San corners of the mouth place revealed a smiling face finally. His plan was completed finally. This strikes, in view of opposite party all people strikes. Can accomplish the whole task at one stroke, in this at one fell swoop.

But also at this moment, the Zhanggong Wei incantation also has been completed.

„I represent God of War, Heavenly God, Strength God, Thunder God, Wind God and God of Light, great All Gods King, please grant me your endless Divine Power, making me strength of fusion various god be one, the justice of management world, eliminates all evilly, takes to the earth the peace, bans various God awakens the music movement that sings.” Six spirits illusory image appears behind Zhanggong Wei, they folds one by one gradually puts together, the unceasing entanglement fusion, the six spirits illusory image congeals greatly blue, white, yellow and red, azure, the gold/metal six color light beams shoot up to the sky. Welcomed to geode that has dropped from the clouds.

All god, including airborne is observing seven Great God Realm god, at this moment, vision all centralized above that two rays of light.

Who wins whom to lose, in this at one fell swoop.

The collision, produced at this time.

A shake beyond description, appears is presenting all god hearts of hearts, the feeling of their clear, own God Position is shivering, even if God King is no exception.

Bird's eye view from upper air, what sees is one group of light fog blasts out, changes into is similar existence in mushroom cloud shape.

In the outer space a silence, including God of Kindness and God of Wickedness that Huo Yuhao and Ye Yinzhu as well as were just transmitted, is gazing at Ancient Gods Ruin all intensely.

The victory and defeat in this at one fell swoop, this is the strongest collision that both sides fight. Who wins whom lost/carrying to decide in this collision.

Douluo God Realm that without a doubt, Tang San leads in the strength is obviously weak to insist that in the situation of match this degree, has been good enough to make one feel proud.

But, proud also insufficient, what is more important takes the victory of this competition, becomes the later break away Black Hole leader is most important.

Even if the god, same has the selfishness. Who as the leadership, after break away, naturally can return to whose that side first. Even including the range that God Realm will cover in the future is also same.

Who does not hope that can after future God Realm returns cover as in originally own world! This is most important that everybody competes.

Actually is who won?

Comes under the influence of that group giant light fog, now from airborne cannot see clearly the following situation.

At this moment, the light shadow sparkles on several God Realm of distant place one after another.

Before this situation, appears, that had the God King break away battlefield to meet appears.

Some people's break away battlefield in the explosion finished competing.

The people first noticed that was Douluo God Realm has glittered, the form rapid flew to shoot toward them from Douluo God Realm together.

Impressively Strength God Zhou Weiqing. His also break away battlefield.

Sees his form, Huo Yuhao, Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) heart sinks.

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