In light of the strength of seven luminaries

In light of the strength of seven luminaries

Yes, even if formerly fought the difficult time, Tang San has not given up the use the strength of God Realm's Center, at this moment all has actually given Rong Nianbing this Magic Chef of Ice and Fire. The intention is without a doubt, must help him display the pinnacle this Divine Technique might.

In the battlefield, Zhanggong Wei several people naturally also similarly saw this, Five Great God Kings also simultaneously look changes.

Although Douluo God Realm, only then God Realm's Center, but, do not forget, Douluo God Realm can by one resist them six, its God Realm strength naturally must be over their any, then, Douluo God Realm God Realm's Center without doubt is also strongest, all pours into Divine Power that God Realm's Center all can use to this Magic Array, it can be imagined, following attack terrifyingly to any degree.

The attack of Mad God Lei Xiang arrived in front of Tang San, a fist rumbles eight sides to be thunderous, the surrounding space as if has blasted out generally, the strength of Mad God seething with excitement is very turbulent.

Tang San both hands grip Asura Sword, talks straight and frankly, the blood light bursts out together, launched this to attack Divine Power before own forcefully crazily. On the face the expression also becomes solemn.

Immortal Emperor Hai Long naturally was looking of without the slightest hesitation Zhou Weiqing, he despised this fellow, in the hand the golden cudgel has displayed the pinnacle Thousand Jin Club Law, changed into the numerous stick shades, fell in torrents to Zhou Weiqing under.

Tian Hen this time has not used Demon God Bow again, but grasps Demon God Sword and Death God A'Dai same place, looked for God of Wickedness and God of Kindness.

At this time this Heavenly Emperor complexion is grayish white, obviously was affected violently poisonously, may so, he unable to have the slight retreat.

both sides at this time, arrived at the most essential node, can defeat the opposite party, one wrestles in this.

Tang San could slightly win Mad God partly to plan, but by the strength of Mad God, a short time they are unable to decide the victory and defeat, but regarding other two sides, the situation was opposite.

make an all-out effort Immortal Emperor Hai Long truly be stronger than Strength God Zhou Weiqing, in addition Zhou Weiqing formerly several eruption consumptions were also bigger, at this time under the golden cudgel serious bombardment, has to retreat in defeat again and again, the double child Strength God hammer can only protect oneself reluctantly.

Another side, God of Kindness and God of Wickedness situation must be worse, they consume was really too big. Formerly twice fused to catch up, making their this time cultivating to be inferior to 30% of peak, in this case, at all impossible completely to display own strength.

How True Yang Divine Fire and Nether Yin True Fire are again mysterious , needs enough strength support to be good, what is obvious, they did not have what means now. Especially God Realm's Center strength was borrowed by Rong Nianbing now, is unable to help their other people again.

Death Ray Tower, the average five seconds will launch luckily also an attack, the striking power of that death ray is quite tyrannical. At least besides having Mad God Armor Lei Xiang, other people do not dare to shoulder with the body hardly. Then reluctantly can support.

At this time, double the other side, has not entered the battlefield only, only had Light God King Zhanggong Wei.

Zhanggong Wei has not gone to look at the fight of numerous Gods collision, but vision centralized in the Douluo God Realm supreme headquarters, is continue recite on Rong Nianbing of incantation there as before.

„Union! From the strength of antique inheritance until now seven luminaries!”

Innumerable Rong Nianbing loud, immediately, seven color halos of airborne each other entanglement gathered suddenly inward, form fuse and close optical system.

Sees here, Zhanggong Wei deeply inspires, because just he is a magician, therefore he clear, to this time, Rong Nianbing the Divine Technique has prevented to be very difficult.

Tang San really once again planned. Rong Nianbing Divine Technique arrived at last act, holds in an entire God Realm's Center in addition, the speed that the incantation completes will continue to speed up . Moreover, now wants to intrude the Douluo God Realm supreme headquarters, must first facing the positive/direct impact that Tang San this Divine Technique brings, in the meantime, don't forget, was standing and waiting for a long time in others supreme headquarters God Transferring Pagoda. This God Transferring Pagoda without a doubt is the enhancement edition of Death Ray Tower, its striking power will be what kind of degree they not to know now, but will certainly not miss.

Therefore, Tang San they seem have drawn back do not have to draw back, but in fact, they in situation of not being able to resist, but can also give up last Death Ray Tower, draws back into to the supreme headquarters, resists with the help of God Transferring Pagoda.

In the time, was not enough.

Thinks of here, Zhanggong Wei sighed one lightly, subconscious raising the head looked at one extremely. Wipes the warm smile to reappear on the face.

Such scene, when Child of Light world he had faced . Moreover, with initially compared with, the present situation is good.

Therefore he will not be startled, facing matter, facing good.

Also should open the last card in a hand time.

The incantation, I can also!

This Light God King lifts up high Light Saint Sword in hand slowly excessively, in him behind, huge golden light beam along with it reappearing, impressively God Realm's Center of Child of Light world.

Moreover, bunch of golden flame also raises from the Zhanggong Wei under foot along with it, combustion, the fire of life!

Once, in the Child of Light world, when he facing formidable monster king, under absolutely being able be helped, has done this. But at that time he initially entered God Level, the fire of combustion final result life died inevitably, was then All Gods King has saved him.

But now, he is the God King level, his life already became inexhaustible, the combustion of fire of life will only make him weaker, need longer time reply.

„God King bestows my War God Armor, extremely evil does not invade the anti- monster to be evil.” Along with recitation of incantation, blue rays of light separates from Light Saint Sword, shines on Zhanggong Wei, changes into the sky-blue God of War mail-armor and helmet to cover his whole body, the fire of that blazing life also along with combustion was more violent. Along with the protection of War God Armor, the energy of that crazy combustion has restrained immediately, the Light God King Zhanggong Wei expression also becomes tranquiler.

„God King bestows my Heavenly God Horn, bugle call passes Heaven.” The white light flashes, the Heavenly God bugle separates from Light Saint Sword similarly, floats left side of the Zhanggong Wei body, he deeply inspires, returns to normal the energy in a lower part having surged , to continue to recite:

„God King bestows my Strength God Hammer, shakes the day to move protects the correct path. God King bestows my Thunder God Shield, may keep off ten thousand Ren not to urge. God King bestows my Wind God Bow, flashes the invisible arrow rapidly crazily.” The the hammer, Thunder God shield and Wind God bow of Strength God cause at urging of incantation, one after another appears around the Zhanggong Wei body.

„God King bestows my bright sword, the rays of light ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) photo vault of heaven.” Light Saint Sword in this flickered changed into the silver suddenly, six big Divine Tool rays of light with the energy support of God Realm's Center, the ascension of unprecedented, were burning.

Zhanggong Wei closes both eyes, looked like already break away the entire world, in his consciousness, only remaining and partners saved the world in that eventful years together the time.

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