Rong Nianbing incantation

Rong Nianbing incantation

Opposite Five Great God Kings gets together, naturally does not have many changes, but was in Rong Nianbing of supreme headquarters actually already to do this preparatory work.

Rong Nianbing naturally also had realized they return, has selected to Tang San under. Deeply inspires, in his body surrounding Seven Divine Knifes as if by prior agreement has shone.

Strange appears, forms have separated from Rong Nianbing, that is also he, moreover looks like with his similarly congealing reality, each form just like real, in an instant, has covered entirely in the entire supreme headquarters unexpectedly.

If carefully looked that will discover, these Rong Nianbing each tread on above the Magic Array node, each other is connected through Magic Array, along with their appears, Magic Array of entire ground becomes bright, seems like lightened by their these forms.

Let alone was the forthcoming match, even if were Tang San and Zhou Weiqing and good with God of Wickedness, was first time saw that this Magic Chef of Ice and Fire displays at present this ability.

If in his original Magic Chef of Ice and Fire world, this as if should be called the magic.

But, to Rong Nianbing this level, this can it be that magic can the explanation? This is true Divine Technique, Divine Technique of God King level!

The Rong Nianbing incantation recited finally.

„Staggered! The eagerly anticipating of light mark and moon of Sun, in the jet black journey, shines the say/way of bright gold.”

All Nianbing turned into golden in this moment completely, on their faces is revealing sacred rays of light, reverent was reciting, various elements in air in this moment as if static generally, listened respectfully to his to be full of the magnetic sound.

„Flowing restless spring water flatter! That be continuous white silk incessantly, please respond to my summon, gathers the dream the rivers.”

„After the deathly stillness mountain range, leans the real sea, the seed that lets that hope takes root in the promised land!”

„Grows into the tree of permanent green world, has the light yellow fruit, scatters the pure white wing, hovers in the broken earth.”

„And lights the flame of that eternal not extinguishing, transforms the endless red lotus, knitting each other wish, the pledge that will burn sprinkles, to awaken deep sleep earth.”

Several hundred Nianbing were reciting the similar incantation, in that melodious intonation, the speed very rapidness that he recited, airborne, Seven Divine Knifes appeared respectively, each divine blade changed into together the form, that was the blade souls of seven big divine blades is, they stood erect in seven, was just the Magic Array seven most important positions.

At this moment, Six Great God Realms God King arrived finally.

, They heard that delightful recitation sound by far, so many Rong Nianbing were reciting the incantation, how will the sound be also small?

The Zhanggong Wei complexion changes, he by the magic family background, excels at Light Element similarly especially. But in just, him suddenly felt that the intense palpitation, in the air all Light Element as if must go to him in this moment.

All Light Element as if thoroughly betrayed him in this moment, has abandoned him, even is became his enemy.

Since he controls Light Element, has not encountered such situation.

„It is not good, we quickly!” Zhanggong Wei leads numerous God King to accelerate instantaneously, the distant place, saw Douluo God Realm here supreme headquarters.

The supreme headquarters front, under Death Ray Tower, Sea God Tang San and God of Kindness Lie Yan (raging flames) and God of Wickedness Ji Dong as well as Strength God Zhou Weiqing sets up in an array. Arrived this place, they have drawn back do not have to draw back.

In formerly all retreat processes, only then a matter that they did actually, that wins the time, was Rong Nianbing wins the time.

Because before Rong Nianbing this terrifying Divine Technique, has searching of Zither Emperor to observe, cannot display directly, otherwise, was discovered prematurely, his time was insufficient.

Why Tang San must kill Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu as soon as possible, even not hesitating makes Huo Yuhao perish together with him, for at present this Divine Technique.

Therefore, Divine Technique leaves from Zither Emperor at that moment starting from, until now, has completed the majority.

Sees in the supreme headquarters dense and numerous Magic Chef of Ice and Fire Rong Nianbing, sees again that float in the airborne seven broadsword souls. Day Di Tian mark look changes said slightly: „Perhaps this has prepared to be very long, they formerly should in the break away time. We must retreat first, this is not as if suitable spells hardly.”

Zhanggong Wei breaks him to say suddenly: „It is not good, must make a move immediately. Since Tang San dares to arrange such tactic, formerly obviously in the protracted time, then, at present this Divine Technique is not the distance can prevent. He very much has certainly confidence such will do. We retreat now, will complete Divine Technique to their enough time. Only has attacks immediately, breaks Divine Technique, at least does not make this Divine Technique display completely is the correct principle.”

Categorical that these words Zhanggong Wei said that does not have the leeway of slight swivel. Tian Hen also suddenly awakens in his words.

„On.” The reply of Mad God is very simple, the back 12 wings flap suddenly, push to the front, directly soar the opposite party to flush away directly.

Death Ray Tower rays of light flashes, the first death ray fell on Mad God Lei Xiang.

Lei Xiang both arms in top of the head overlapping, the body blood light/only bursts out, although died that hits, but has shouldered.

The supreme headquarters, along with recitation of Rong Nianbing incantation, the dense facial expression brilliance starts to ascend, these seven color halos converge in together, pesters in together, changes into one to take the supreme headquarters to lift off as lateral section huge seven color rays of light dragon scroll.

The bird's eye view from the outer space, can clear saw that giant dragon curls appears, splendid sight.

In fact, observed seven Great God Realm numerous Gods already to see that Rong Nianbing arranged there. Both sides numerous Gods is all anxious.

But a side is to hope one's own side discovered earlier, another side is to hope Rong Nianbing quickly, hopes the time that Tang San they can support is longer.

Although they do not know that actually Rong Nianbing this Divine Technique makes anything, can achieve what kind of strength, but, they actually understand, this Divine Technique, likely was this Gods' War victory crosses the hands behind the back. Who wins whom to lose, all in this in an instant.

At this time, seven color dragon scroll lift off shortly, both sides cannot help but is anxious.

Huo Yuhao both hands grip tightly, in some sense, Rong Nianbing is his teacher, initially, this Magic Chef of Ice and Fire passed to him God of Emotion God Position. Even if when Tang San feels embarrassed him intentionally, was Rong Nianbing has helped his many.

However, he has not seen actually this teacher to make a move, even if were initially when God of Ruin rebelled, Rong Nianbing has not displayed present Divine Technique.

At this moment, all people saw made their mood even more anxious one, because, in Rong Nianbing behind, belonged to Douluo God Realm God Realm's Center finally appears, moreover incomparably clear appears above his behind slanting.

Powerful incomparable Divine Power to hold nothing back falls in torrents from God Realm's Center, covers on each Rong Nianbing in supreme headquarters completely.

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