Double child Strength God hammer

Double child Strength God hammer

If he small and weak to is inferior to several other people , is also impossible to be in God Realm Council becomes helping of Tang San.

All dull purple light ball complete rearward lasings, thunder in Zhou Weiqing behind crack.

Wipes the strange smiling face to reappear above the face of this Strength God, who said that he excels only has strength?

In the hand the pair of child Strength God hammer flings suddenly, one after the other, just like flies at top speed generally to Immortal Emperor Hai Long. Meanwhile, his right hand grasps void, is grasping after Overlord Bow appears of innumerable evolution. Deeply inspires, the great tiger on top of the head dives suddenly, integrates in Zhanggong completely. Next flickers, the bowstring vibrates, seems that fierce tiger flies to shoot in another shape, the back long tail hook rewinds, the goal refers, is Tian Hen.

In the Immortal Emperor Hai Long heart is angry, this fellow when also does dare to divert attention to attack other people facing oneself unexpectedly?

In the hand the golden cudgel sweeps away, first keeps off to the first hammer.

He and Zhou Weiqing fought already such a long time, very much understood Zhou Weiqing strength. He also has to acknowledge, this Strength God has its place of excelling in the strength aspect, therefore, his golden cudgel is also powerful.

„Pū--” the first hammer of pair of child Strength God hammer was hit to explode by the golden cudgel unexpectedly directly.

But, what stems from Hai Long completely is unexpected, this seems above the imposing manner so Xuan sledgehammer actually does not have least bit strength, the fullness that his Divine Power uses, body out-of-control, from the sky revolves immediately.

Even if the Hai Long controlling force is greatly strengthened, is impossible to complete all controls in this flash. But the second hammer actually arrived, pounding ruthlessly above his back.

Immortal Emperor opens mouth, Divine Power spouts, pounded throat hair is sweet, if not Zhou Weiqing must divert attention to do other matters, perhaps this hammer very weight several points.

Even if so, Hai Long is also eye a while ago becomes dark, was departed about several hundred meters by the direct bang.

Card in a hand!

Whose few cards in a hand?

Zhou Weiqing this initially did not know to the pair child Strength God hammer in the Heavenly Jewel Change World Zhongkeng many people. His lies to the sledgehammer worst place may empty be possible to be solid, actual situation union.

Before all collisions, his double hammer was the reality, strength is full, Strength God strength which energy balance?

But this in fact is giving Hai Long to dig a pit. Zhou Weiqing facing Hai Long several times, has met the tough head-on with toughness with this Immortal Emperor each time, therefore also gave in the Hai Long heart to make the false appearance. This pit until now true reveals, immediately made Immortal Emperor eat to owe stuffily.

No one has thought that is in the comprehensive superior situation, Six Great God Realms will launch a vengeful counterattack at this time.

Tian Hen facing Zhou Weiqing this arrow Dark Demonic Evil God Tiger, has to change into Demon God Arrow, full power cuts.

But he just had erupted, has not thought that will be counter-attacked, the response or condensation Divine Power missed the half a point, in the bellow, is exploded by formidable strength that on the arrow supplemented flew.

But at this time, just erupted Death Ray Tower of three chain blows to blast open loudly, after overdrawing, it finally is unable again to continue to maintain.

„Draws back!” Tang San calm solemnly shouted, in the ground, drills myriad vines suddenly, has covered the broad range.

Six Great God Realms numerous God King has been similar to frightened person is ordinary at this time, the subconscious retreat, Tang San brings Ji Dong, Lie Yan (raging flames) and Zhou Weiqing to withdraw rapidly, once again has spread out. However, the second tower that they defend, has fallen into enemy hands. Surplus, only then in front of supreme headquarters last Death Ray Tower, as well as supreme headquarters that God Transferring Pagoda.

The face of Hai Long air/Qi was blue, but he has not actually pursued. The deceived feeling does not certainly feel better, but if overran at this time were stupider, if will fall into the opposite party trap to be only more troublesome.

Some Zhanggong Wei surprise looked at Hai Long one, he had prepared to hold on Hai Long, has not actually thought of him under the air/Qi gets angry can also maintain calm. Really, can become God King, does not have one to be simple.

Saint light raise from Zhanggong Wei, shine on the people, the gentle halo treats the wound that they are receiving.

What is injured is heavy is Tian Hen, Demon God Armor of his chest front has a trace of piece of disruption obviously, although started the self- restore, but has injured his source very much obviously.

What is more fearful, on his face had iron grey, even if under the Zhanggong Wei say/way Saint light shines , can only delays the iron grey spread.

„Poisonous?” Mad God Lei Xiang knits the brows to ask.

„Violently poisonous!” Tian Hen somewhat clenches jaws.

Immortal Emperor Hai Long is also anger of face, „this sly fellow, wants to deal a fatal blow to shatter with one stroke really he.”

Without doubt, their two people had been planned by Zhou Weiqing, this seems is the opposite party weakest point fellow, erupted at this kind of time unexpectedly suddenly.

Hai Long many, he is powerful, the golden cudgel protects the body, is injured not heavily, violent poisonousness that but in Tian Hen this Dark Demonic Evil God Tiger most fearful dark demon evil god has hooked, even if God King, wants to detoxify a short time cannot accomplish.

„Cannot wait, to continue to advance!” Zhanggong Wei takes the bull by the horns.

Although the opposite party gives the trick repeatedly, making them go forward to be blocked, but can see from formerly collision, superiority them. Immortal Emperor, Mad God and overall strengths of Death God three big powerhouses have the overwhelming superiority. Without the assistance of Death Ray Tower, Tang San they could not withstand a moment ago.

Although Tian Hen has been injured, but the Zhou Weiqing card in a hand also opened, both sides are consuming, have them of God Realm's Center support, the overall consumption is bigger is also acceptable.

The matter that Zhanggong Wei must handle now only then, that is, compels Douluo God Realm numerous Gods and they fights to the death, but does not give opposite party any dragging the opportunity.

Tang San fully had proven he great strength in tactic, delaying the time more longer, uses more tactical the opportunities more to him. Therefore, in any event cannot wait again.

Even if clearly knows that also has certainly any trick to exist in the opposite party supreme headquarters must launch the attack while this opportunity as soon as possible, even if had sacrificed must beat the match to be good.

The supreme headquarters front, Death Ray Tower on the road which must be taken, the surroundings is mountain ranges, the Douluo God Realm supreme headquarters regarding becoming a natural basin.

In the supreme headquarters, in the ground golden traces have covered entirely the ground at this time, stands God Transferring Pagoda dead ahead the Magic Chef of Ice and Fire Rong Nianbing complexion is dignified in the supreme headquarters, both hands wield unceasingly, Seven Kitchen Knifes from the sky reverberates , to continue to outline silk thread general brilliance.

Without a doubt this is Magic Array, only exists in God Realm Magic Array, its complex degree is hard to describe in the spoken language simply. Even if looks at an corner/horn, will have a dazzling and intoxicating feeling. As if each scrap region is similar to a side world is ordinary.

The light smile appears on the face, Tang San both hands close up in the chest front, in the eye rays of light each twinkle, air slight distortion several points, will return to under Death Ray Tower, he first looks to internal Rong Nianbing.

Now both sides do not have long God King, therefore, does not know that the opposite party is making anything.

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