Azure slow god claw!

Azure slow god claw!

The innumerable stick shades drop from the clouds, each stick is heavy in thousand honored, terrifying oppression strength made Zhou Weiqing some feelings of not gasping for breath, his both feet as if took root in the place, fought steadily, withstood the Immortal Emperor Hai Long crazy bang to explode unceasingly randomly. In wrist/skill changes the stone cat eye Elemental Jewel unceasingly rays of light twinkle, injects in different attribute energies his Groundless Hatred Linked Equipment Set. Will blocks the attack of match.

After Death God A'Dai circles as before, goal points to God of Kindness and God of Wickedness. The Mad God Lei Xiang positive/direct storm, stands with Sea God Tang San in one. The day Di Tian mark auxiliary audience, Demon God Bow projects threatening Demon God Arrow unceasingly.

Light God King Zhanggong Wei calmly is observing the audience, in the itself strength surpasses in the situation of match to be also many a person, Douluo God Realm was suppressed comprehensively.

„Ding--” in resounding sound, Nether King's Sword shoots. Death God both hands instead grasp, has carried to wield suddenly in a back pair of big sword.

Brilliant brilliance changed formerly deathly stillness, suddenly became full of vitality. This from dying made Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) to fresh feeling has to plant the extremely uncomfortable change.

Grows continually the secret art, this is the merit law of Death God A'Dai cultivation. His Nether King's Sword must swallow the life aura unceasingly, once uses, needs harvest.

Initially, in the Kind Death God world, A'Dai every time used it, life that it will swallow certainly the match.

Until after become a God, Death God A'Dai can control its strength reluctantly, supports the use of Nether King's Sword by the life aura of oneself secret art.

At this time, he changes into a pair of heavy sword, the forms of combat big change, opens greatly about, grows continually greatly. The double sword continues heavily, is ordinary like the vortex, sweeps across Lie Yan (raging flames) and Ji Dong.

Because formerly consumption was really too big, therefore, Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) can only be the passive defensives, True Yang Divine Fire and Nether Yin True Fire swayed unceasingly, can always complete the protection at an appropriate time. Two people will is firm, stable rear area.

Sea God Tang San facing Mad God Lei Xiang, the Lei Xiang offensive opens greatly greatly about extremely verve, Tang San foot treads the ghost movie fan trace step, Asura Sword seems to be everywhere, both sides are also inextricably involved of war.

The movement of day Di Tian mark stagnated suddenly, his whole person shifts instantaneously, in the hand Demon God Bow blooms radiant rays of light, behind him, counter- two vortex quietly appears. The black and silver are intertwined. The darkness and space two big attribute surges fluctuate. In terrifying energy aura crazy pouring into Demon God Bow, a black silver bi-color arrow arrow condenses the formation gradually.

Tang San, Zhou Weiqing as well as Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames), have the fine hair but actually vertical feeling in this moment. Intense sense of crisis simultaneously appears in people heart.

Heavenly Emperor truly is Six Great God Realms strength weak one, but, how to be again weak that is also one generation of God King! All -round strength will not miss are too many.

Formerly he once suppressed very was fierce, seemed the function of display is not very big. But when, he uses full power at this time, as before can easily threaten the opposite any match.

The double pupil of Tian Hen has shone, he as if that age that returns to himself to struggle to seek livehood, remembering of his also clear, the girlfriend is far away from herself to go, after a night is stewed to the gills, the different functions awaken, by the space and dark two big different functions, he gradually moves toward the altitude of trial, finally becomes the towerman of entire world.

In his heart, obsession that also never cannot win? at this moment, Zhanggong opens, thought like one. The vigor fuses instantaneously. This arrow, is true Demon God Arrow.

His not Strength God Zhou Weiqing that many skills, but he is more dedicated. The black silver long arrow direction front, nobody knows that actually his goal is.

„Buzz--” together suddenly/violently to launch of rays of light from Death Ray Tower, goal Tian Hen. Very obviously, Tang San has felt from his threat.

a golden light flashes, the Zhanggong Wei horizontal body keeps off before the Tian Hen body, Light Saint Sword blocks the death ray. But he also retroceded a talent coming to a stop figure.

In fact, is not he does not want to enter the war, but is his injury relative surface seems more serious. Tang San formerly seizing the chance attacked crazily, has become to other party the enormous injury, at this time his condition was also inferior to opposite God of Kindness and God of Wickedness. Therefore outside, easily has not entered the stadium.

However, now, he only needs is Tian Hen wins time to be enough.

Demon God Bow moves, in an instant, blustery. The surrounding space in this flickers to twist, indistinct, in Sea God Tang San and God of Kindness Lie Yan (raging flames) and God of Wickedness Ji Dong as well as Strength God Zhou Weiqing behind, has space fissure appears. However, actually that will Demon God Arrow from where drill?

But at this moment, Tang San behind not far away Death Ray Tower suddenly rays of light big release, in just released in the situation that one time has attacked obviously, unexpectedly rays of light flashes continually three times, three death ray instantaneous appears, complete bang to his front Mad God Lei Xiang.

Lei Xiang unexpected, has to the full power resistance, this death ray striking power relative high, consecutively three superimpose, even if he has Mad God Armor to protect the body not to dare not to keep off.

But at this moment, the Tang San sword hands over left hand, the right hand grasps void.

In the air is similar huge dragon roar to resound, azure is covered with grasping that the great claw of scale is quietly bright in the midair, the space of surroundings change instantaneously is becoming sluggish, as if entire space was blocked.

Azure slow god claw!

Moreover, behind Tang San, the huge Clear Sky Hammer lift-off, shells fiercely in the air. In an instant, him side four people, all raises an invisible barrier.

Clear Sky Hammer, thousand honored barriers!

All these said slowly, but in fact is in a flash completes. At this moment, that black silver long arrow appears, the goal has referred to finally, is not Tang San, but is Strength God Zhou Weiqing!

The Zhou Weiqing body surrounding air solidifies completely, in an instant, entire world as if at avalanche. Thousand honored barriers are unable to block the might that this strikes completely. However, is relying on the impediments of azure slow god claws and thousand honored barriers, gave Zhou Weiqing to bring enough time finally.

Fourth in Zhou Weiqing left hand wrist/skill changes the stone cat eye Elemental Jewel halo flashes, the surrounding all become twist, that formidable Demon God Arrow also has stopped the flash.

Time reversal!

Moreover, in him behind, appears a on the back grows pair of wings, long has the great tiger of scorpion tail hook. The ice-cold look as if can see through the entire world.

Dark Demonic Evil God Tiger!

Once had brought the huge trouble on Douluo Continent to Tang San, latter was struck to kill by Tang San, the essence actually passed through the space and time to Heavenly Jewel Change World, was just absorbed by Zhou Weiqing, thus made him reach the sky in a single bound, finally become a God core strength.

Strange incomparable dull purple light balls are centered on his body at this moment erupts outward, Zhou Weiqing has not even gone to resist the back attack, after these dull purple light ball appears, the aura of his whole person suddenly changes. In the hand the double hammer as well as Groundless Hatred Linked Equipment Set in an instant are changing into the dull purple. The aura of whole person selects for promotion instantaneously.

Like Tian Hen is Six Great God Realms weak God King, he Douluo God Realm is also weak one point. But, is he very really weak?

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