You are my

You are my

At the same time was saying, the day Di Tian mark lifted off, grasps Demon God Bow to be ready in full battle array. On the archery, he truly is inferior to Zhou Weiqing, but, his Demon God Bow quality is not inferior in Zhanggong that in Zhou Weiqing Groundless Hatred Linked Equipment Set supplements.

In situation that in he is only used to defend the Zhou Weiqing unexpected blow, the Zhou Weiqing arrow arrow wants break away his defense scope opportunity is impossible.

Tang San returns to smile, „in my dictionary, has not surrendered these two characters. To win us, that comes.”

Zhanggong Wei said: „It is not anxious, waits for Immortal Emperor to come back to attack again also with enough time. Consumption Divine Power does not have to be so easy to supplement that in any case, not?” At the same time was saying, he also thinks that God of Kindness and God of Wickedness nod expressed best wishes.

Tang San said: „Doesn't the Zhanggong brother, how know injury? Do not injure to the source! Otherwise you have won, perhaps finally you are unable to become a policy-maker. After all, Mad God, Death God and Immortal Emperor similarly are also formidable.”

Zhanggong Wei laughs, „the Tang San brother were you have used the law of instigation? This does not have what effect to me. However, to be honest, I admire you really very much. Can change the battlefield situation in the situation of obvious inferiority through the tactic. In this regard, you compared with me.”

Tang San shakes the head, „words cannot say, the both sides situation is different, the strategic tactics is naturally different. If I am you, I will also choose to fight steadily. After all, in strength, you have the distinct superiority. This point I acknowledged. But the superiority the representative will never win the potential, you said right?”

Zhanggong Wei eyes flashed with light, „good, that we have a look, immediately where to win the potential.”

The light shadow flashes, Immortal Emperor drops from the clouds, Five Great God Kings once more all assembled.

Hai Long wicked is looking steadily at Zhou Weiqing, „you are my.”

The Zhou Weiqing eyebrow has selected selecting, „I do not like the man.”

The Hai Long corners of the mouth twitched, „mouth will not have the good end inexpensively.”

Zhou Weiqing laughs, „my this, refuses to accept to fight since childhood!”

„Is very good!” In the Hai Long hand the golden cudgel in a flash, complexion actually suddenly becomes solemn and respectful, imposing manner starts to promote obviously, moreover speed very rapidness that promotes. He has not inspired the strength of God Realm's Center, but indistinct , the people can actually feel Immortal Realm that he and are is supporting one another. This is omen of Immortal Realm completely control. From some situation, means that he looks like the projection of entire Immortal Realm is common.

In the outer space, Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu and God of Emotion Huo Yuhao respectively returned to this the other side.

They similarly are also paying attention to this competition.

Sura and Ye Yinzhu is holding hand, asked in a low voice: „Yinzhu, can we win?”

Ye Yinzhu said: „Now has not said that must look that then this time collided. Tang San subsequent hand Magic Chef of Ice and Fire Rong Nianbing in supreme headquarters, but could not have seen that what degree now the Rong Nianbing battle efficiency can be. From the overall strength, we have the distinct superiority. Now must have a look, whether to transform the superiority to win the potential. Admires Sea God really very much! His scheme emerges one after another incessantly, moreover is resolute.”

Here, he also looked at a distant place similarly Huo Yuhao in outer space.

Without a doubt, can achieve now this condition, Huo Yuhao is also has lasting achievements, he controls the audience, and successively twice carries on to the audience controls. Because has his existence, Tang San can calm not fear. What Zither Emperor some are not clear, why Tang San will choose with Huo Yuhao trades itself. From to the control of scene, this God of Emotion as if also above oneself.

Feels the Zither Emperor vision, Huo Yuhao is with the smile.

Today a war, far more than is the opposite party admires them, similarly, they after the strength understanding of Six Great God Kings, never doesn't have the respect?

Moreover, the fight most can reflect that a person disposition, both sides from commencing of action now, more and more understand the match. Understanding, not only strength, disposition. Regardless of the situation in competition how, everybody each other does admire?

God of Emotion Huo Yuhao and Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu is master control God King of both sides, although does not have the front impact, but in fact, their confrontation actually constantly.

From the auxiliary perspective, Huo Yuhao, his all-around spiritual survey sharing will provide to we better control without a doubt. But key role of Ye Yinzhu in battlefield is more obvious. zither sound is ever changing, controls the audience from various.

Naturally, this is also because has the Tang San this core reason Douluo God Realm. But if Tang San does not have spiritual survey sharing of Huo Yuhao, impossible to manifest the strategic tactics in the front fight so incisive.

In the Zither Emperor heart moves slightly, flies on own initiative to Huo Yuhao. Douluo God Realm numerous Gods moved subconsciously, but quick relaxes.

„Zither Emperor.” Huo Yuhao moves forward to meet somebody, nods expresses best wishes.

Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu said with a smile: „Really asked for advice, perhaps God of Emotion in divine sense this level, nobody has been able to leave its right.”

„You are polite, I slightly have to excel.” Huo Yuhao modest saying.

The Ye Yinzhu forced smile said: „You slightly have to be good at making us is so miserable, very much what to do if excels? However, I now specially curious wants to know, behind Sea God also has any tactic arrangement! Now recalls, before all as if during the control of Sea God. Perhaps only has God of Kindness and God of Wickedness that time erupts some accidents/surprises.”

Huo Yuhao looked at his one eyes, somewhat hesitates.

Ye Yinzhu said: „We the break away battlefield, should anything unable to say.”

Huo Yuhao thinks, said: „I come from Douluo Continent, has an occupation to be called Soul Master on our Douluo Continent, Soul Master can be ever changing, because everybody has different Martial Soul. Martial Soul is our strength source. Mainly excels like my Martial Soul at Spiritual Power, therefore I have some special skills in this aspect. But in our Soul Master, the type is called Control System to fight Soul Master, to control the audience, directs the team for first.”

Ye Yinzhu nod of looking pensive.

Huo Yuhao continues saying: „Today participates in our God King that compares notes, besides me, my father-in-law also came from Douluo Continent. He also once was Control System fought Soul Master.”

Such remarks, Zither Emperor understands instantaneously, for it with amazement look changes, Huo Yuhao, although has not stated clearly, but the meaning between words was very clear, opposite party why daring makes master control God King leave the field, defeats this master control soul king, the reason is the opposite party also has existence of another master control God King!

„I early should think.” Ye Yinzhu somewhat is annoying.

Tang San controls God King? Almost the audiences were leading by the nose by him, even if we have been carrying on the advancement that fights steadily, may have the rhythm by him in fact as before.

What Huo Yuhao control is the scene, but Tang San control is actually the will of the people.

In the Ye Yinzhu heart sighed secretly, had the accident/surprise luckily, if were not God of Kindness and God of Wickedness accident/surprise erupts appears greatly the great quantity consumption, perhaps the present situation was not wonderful. Then must look whether to take the opposite party in one vigorous effort.

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