Draw back!

Draw back!

? Huge Zhanggong bends like the full moon, arrow arrow suddenly/violently to launch, the goal refers, is the distant place Six Great God Realms supreme headquarters direction.

„Also comes?” Immortal Emperor Hai Long coldly snorted, in the hand golden cudgel lets go, from the sky transforms myriad stick shades, tries to prevent this arrow.

But strange appears, the arrow arrow in airborne transferred the direction suddenly, drops from the clouds, directly soars the Tian Hen top of the head to fall.

In the Tian Hen eye rays of light flashes, above the top of the head space splits suddenly, together jet black fissure easy swallows the arrow arrow.

Mad God Lei Xiang explodes drinks one, pushes to the front, flushed toward Douluo God Realm outrageously.

Tang San strides bravely forward, grasps Asura Sword to welcome.

Death God A'Dai swings the body in a flash, the incarnation illusory image follows from one side, speed wonderful quick incomparable. His goal is not Tang San, but in his behind God of Kindness and God of Wickedness.

The consumption of Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) is huge, first solves their these two uncertainties without doubt is the best means. Nobody made a move compared with Death God appropriately.

Lie Yan (raging flames) and Ji Dong hand in hand, under two human feet shine a black and white bi-color halo, both hands also lay out, True Yang Divine Fire and Nether Yin True Fire emit, cover the big piece range, is preventing nearness of Death God.


Tang San and Lei Xiang collide in together, the hit of Sea God and Mad God made airborne one thunder immediately.

both sides retrocede respectively, but the Immortal Emperor Hai Long golden cudgel has dropped from the clouds, covers Tang San.

A Strength God Zhou Weiqing pair of great hammer moves, jumps from the ground, spells with Immortal Emperor hardly strikes. Was actually pounded to fall the ground. In the striking power, the golden cudgel eventually is even better.

Tian Hen Demon God Bow vibrates unceasingly, arrow arrows can always shoot from the most cunning angle, is disturbing Tang San them. Meaning that Light God King Zhanggong Wei actually do not begin, but grasps Light Saint Sword to walk step by step.

Death Ray Tower rays of light flashes. Will shake falls Zhou Weiqing Immortal Emperor to repel.

At this time this Death Ray Tower use jurisdiction has been given Tang San by Huo Yuhao completely, in gathering strength enough situation, Tang San can make it aim at any God King to attack at any time.

Mad God, Immortal Emperor and Death God, three big God King under the sweep of Death Ray Tower, storm Tang San four big God King, at once both sides hit inextricably involved.

Such that just like Zhanggong Wei said that competed the hard strength, Douluo God Realm misses eventually planned, even if were four pairs three, existence of Death Ray Tower, they could not have the superiority.

Zhanggong Wei both eyes narrow the eyes, Magic Chef of Ice and Fire Rong Nianbing until now does not have appears, this is the place that he most pays attention. What does few person mean?

Because both sides lost master control God King, therefore, at this time where no one is able to reconnoiter God King that the opposite party has not arrived, Ancient Gods Ruin regarding the suppression of divine sense is very fierce.

This why Zhanggong Wei does not have the reason of prompt admission, he prepares to greet the Tang San tactic as the subsequent hand at any time!

The collision of both sides continues, the Death Ray Tower attack is also continuing. Divine Power of both sides naturally also similarly is consuming. But on the other hand, because there is existence of Death Ray Tower, the Douluo God Realm overall consumption must be relatively less. After all, the Death Ray Tower striking power is very powerful, resists also needs to consume many Divine Power.

„Zhanggong, has not begun.” Hai Long loudly shouts suddenly.

Light God King Zhanggong Wei naturally understands that his meaning, in the hand Light Saint Sword lets go, in airborne rises suddenly against the wind, the goal refers, is Death Ray Tower.

Mad God Lei Xiang explodes drinks one, back 12 wing blood-color rays of light hold, divine sense solidly locks Tang San greatly, does not give him to rescue the Death Ray Tower opportunity. If he rescues, quite must therefore face the joint attack of Mad God and Light God King.

The Tang San complexion changes, loudly shouts, „draws back!”

Death Ray Tower sends out together the attack finally, prevents Mad God Lei Xiang, he is the rapid retreat, at the same time, God of Kindness, God of Wickedness and Strength God waist were many vine, entrains in Tang San, flings them instantaneously to we. Four big God King rapid retreat, have pulled open with Six Great God Realms here distance.

„Bang--” Death Ray Tower strikes to be unable to withstand the load in Light Saint Sword full power, in addition Mad God Lei Xiang dashes, is accordingly stave. Changes into the innumerable fragment disintegration.

Hai Long drops from the clouds, Five Great God Kings gathers.

Zhanggong Wei said without hesitation: „Continues to attack!”

But at this moment, the arrow arrow shoots up to the sky together suddenly, flies toward the distant place. They wanted to prevent again already without enough time.

The Hai Long complexion somewhat is ugly, „scoundrel!”

Next flickers, his form has disappeared from disappearance in same place transmission.

Without a doubt, that arrow arrow is Zhou Weiqing shoots, the goal points to Buddha Relic of their supreme headquarters. Immortal Emperor Hai Long regretted, why must take the representative in supreme headquarters with Buddha Relic. Although he can momentarily be transmitted, but wants to arrive in the battlefield actually to need to fly again.

Was affected by Ancient Gods Ruin, he is not a somersault cloud can arrive at the scene, wants flying a while.

But has been short of this main battle efficiency, the speed of Six Great God Realms advance naturally by certainly suppression. Even must be worried that was instead hit by the enemy.

At least, in few person of situations, they not easily flushed Death Ray Tower hardly. Must calm looks is good.

At this time, Tang San led the partners to fall back on under second Death Ray Tower.

„What kind of?” He looks to Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames).

At this time, these two big God King complexions somewhat are pale.

Planned unable to keep up with the change, Live and Die Together that struck the eruption was too sudden, the consumption also was really too big. This is surpasses Tang San to sentence range in advance. The present needs them collaborates to erupt the time, these two Divine Power have actually been not much left.

The Ji Dong forced smile said: „Less than 30%. Only if transfers the strength of God Realm's Center to supplement.”

Nearby Zhou Weiqing immediately look changes. God of Kindness and God of Wickedness Divine Power less than 30%, this means that them collaborates many also reluctantly to block opposite party one person.

Opposite Five Great God Kings has four is nearly in complete, only has the Light God King Zhanggong Wei situation to be quite bad. But, the opposite party also has four Ultra Divine Tool!

Can this resist?

Tang San gives a calm smile, „has not related, you do everything possible and that's the end.”

At this moment, they saw Light God King Zhanggong Wei and Mad God Lei Xiang and Death God A'Dai and day Di Tian mark appears in the field of vision. Hurries back rescue Immortal Emperor Hai Long not to come back.

Zhanggong Wei stands beyond the Death Ray Tower range is observing here four people, shows a faint smile, „the Tang San brother, admits defeat. You will not have any opportunity. We will not transfer the Immortal Emperor opportunity to you again.”

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