We have the superiority!

We have the superiority!

Reviews Douluo God Realm, Tang San also, moreover is complete Tang San. The disparity of both sides, was another step pulls closer without doubt.

Light God King Zhanggong Wei and Death God A'Dai and Mad God Lei Xiang and Immortal Emperor Hai Long, four big God King stand there, appears somewhat silent.

No one has thought that the situation will turn into this.

Without a doubt, during the plan of opposite party, in view of Zither Emperor, the genuine and fake, constantly has been changing. Arrived the final time, was coordinated the Tang San same place by Strength God eventually, has routed Zither Emperor.

What is more fearful, at that time the Tang San goal also had Zhanggong Wei, if not the defensive power of bright Divine Sword is formidable enough, will have possibility Light God King also together to pack off very much.

If is really such, the following competion did not need to hit. They admitted defeat on the line directly.

The big superiority, to this time, as if the superiority reduced many and many. The disparity of both sides probably is not that big.

„We have the superiority!” Zhanggong Wei sinking sound said suddenly.

Another three big God King vision as if by prior agreement looks to him.

Zhanggong Wei deeply inspires, the look appears firm incomparable, „we suffer a loss big that you have not imagined! He cannot rout me eventually.”

Yes, the inferiority has not imagined is so big.

Douluo God Realm.

Under Death Ray Tower, Tang San both hands press separately behind Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames), helping them compromise within the body somewhat chaotic Divine Power.

Good and Evil Duality Explosion is not easy to release, in had consumed in the huge situation, just that struck, in fact God of Kindness and God of Wickedness have drawn support from the strength of God Realm's Center.

During the plan of Tang San, must carry off Zhanggong Wei together. But Zhanggong Wei formidable with the Light Saint Sword defensive power, has surpassed his judgment.

Therefore, they lose, not only Huo Yuhao, Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) battle efficiency.

„How will then they do?” Lie Yan (raging flames) asked to Tang San.

The Tang San brow is tight, „Light God King Zhanggong Wei is not very good to cope, in that situation, he can block my attack a moment ago as before, but has not collapsed, showed sufficiently his strength and disposition are similarly tenacious. Without other means that can only be full power spells.”

Ji Dong turns head to look to Tang San, „God of Life and God of Ruin can be God Realm sacrificed, we are also same.”

From his look, Tang San saw the unequalled firmness, yes, by the will firm and resolute degree, Tang San had never suspected front these two, they have withstood the tribulation was really too many.

„Has no need. Really the incorrect time, you return to God Realm's Center, all have me.” The Tang San sound has been very tranquil, but during this is tranquil, has the formidable belief strength.

During the plan of Tang San, comprehensive inferiority had been pulled originally to this time.

„We will certainly win.” The Zhou Weiqing sinking sound said. The body in both hands wrist/skill executes with the Elemental Jewel rays of light twinkle, in the eye the halo was powerful to the pinnacle.

He is very discontented with himself, if just at that time, he can rout the zither | Jean purple two emperors directly, are more to Tang San a point the time, can perhaps link Zhanggong Wei to carry off together. If can achieve that point, they true being in the lead.

Tang San shows a faint smile, „they came, we retreat fighting and that's the end. If I have not guessed that wrong, their tactics will not change. Because, they do not want to compete the tactic with us.”

Both eyes narrow the eyes, his divine sense passes on by far, „starts.”

Douluo God Realm supreme headquarters.

On the face reveals a light smile, Magic Chef of Ice and Fire Rong Nianbing somewhat laughs in spite of trying not to think aloud: „This fellow, can always map out strategic plans in an army tent. Has him, if can go back, I really must leave to travel.”

On the mouth was saying at the same time, right hand wields, his Seven Kitchen Knifes flutters, from the sky outlined light shadow, the light mark fusion, Magic Array started gradual the portray formation in the ground.

The judgment of Tang San is correct, long that too they have not rested, middle place, five forms already appears.

Besides formerly other four big God King, day Di Tian mark also appears in team. The Six Great God Realms complete strength gathered in this.

Tang San shows a faint smile, goes forward one step, bright sound said: „Can fight to the death? Zhanggong brother.”

Zhanggong Wei from the surface could not see that experiences personally the heavy losses, calm say/way: „Yes! Should be decides the victory and defeat the time. Tang San brother's tactic really makes us admire. Also truly is insufficiently knew about you. However, stops. You do not have any opportunity of achievement as before. After all, you are only God Realm, strength like you, in fact also only then your.”

The Tang San complexion slightly changes. He has to acknowledge, ten points clear that Zhanggong Wei looks.

When there is no support of God Realm's Center and under enough Ultra Divine Tool, them, can compete with the opposite party truly, only then oneself.

If golden trident, is still relying on two Ultra Divine Tool, Tang San even has the confidence to achieve selects only invincibly, even if front Light God King Zhanggong Wei is not own match.

But, in the camp of opposite party, besides Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu and battle efficiency of day Di Tian mark slightly weak, another four God King are the powerhouse of same level.

Light God King Zhanggong Wei and Mad God Lei Xiang and Immortal Emperor Hai Long and Death God A'Dai, everyone is very strong, has Ultra Divine Tool in the body. What is more important, behind them also has the God Realm's Center support.

One's own side, if single Tiao. Besides oneself, even if Rong Nianbing is also very difficult to defeat opposite party any.

If not the strength differs disparately, formulation these strategic tactics why bother he racks brains?

Zhanggong Wei already had seen obviously through this point, will therefore say at this time.

His meaning is very obvious, although I alone experience personally the heavy losses, but the powerhouse of level like me also has three, but you? Nicely consumes with God of Wickedness greatly, Zhou Weiqing selects only most is also and a Heavenly Emperor level. Adds on Magic Chef of Ice and Fire Rong Nianbing again, does not have Ultra Divine Tool God King. Victory and defeat is very as before easy to guess.

Therefore, such that just like Tang San expects, Zhanggong Wei has not attempted through the strategic tactics again and they competes, is the simplest middle of the mill advance, must rely on the superior crush in strength they.

Tang San sighed one lightly, „that came. Perhaps you are right. However, wants to defeat us, is only insufficient depending on the imagination.”

Zhanggong Wei shows a faint smile, „good! Everybody do not lose time.”

His voice falls, day Di Tian mark left hand lifts, Demon God Bow inspires, Demon God Arrow has been similar to at top speed generally to Tang San in front.

„Bang!” A big hand steady held Demon God Arrow. The Strength God Zhou Weiqing look sinks to congeal, wrist/skill makes an effort, unexpectedly is forcefully broke Demon God Arrow.

„Compared with archery? You are not good!”

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