Good and Evil Duality Explosion!

Good and Evil Duality Explosion!

Terrifying large explosion, not only has swept across under Holy Light Spirit Array that becomes by the Light God King arrangement, has covered the huge area.

In terrifying large explosion. At Death God, Mad God under and Immortal Emperor all shaken flying delay condition shoots, falls to the distant place.

What all of them have not noted is, when that „Tang San” was left by the God Realm's Center transmission, his Ultra Divine Tool Asura Blood Sword has not followed him to be transmitted together departs. As before float in midair.

But also after Good and Evil Duality Explosion opens instance, in the ground, not a well-known grass rises suddenly suddenly against the wind, the slender form appears together. Position that he is, is in the Purple Emperor under foot.

During Asura Blood Sword falls instantaneously its grasps, next one flickers, his form has soared.

Holy Light Spirit Array in Good and Evil Duality Explosion bombardment had creakied, when that blood-color light shadow is quietly arrives, Holy Light Spirit Array immediately is similar to the egg shell general instantaneous shatter.

„It is not good!” Zhanggong Wei drinks one lowly.

But at this time, in the midair, together the form dropped from the clouds, was ordinary just like the meteor, pounds to Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu of Purple Emperor shoulder.

Came under formerly the influence of Good and Evil Duality Explosion, Zither Emperor dead wood dragon roar zither melody cut off. Ye Yinzhu also coordinates Zhanggong Wei, concentrates two people to add on Purple Emperor strength, reluctantly supports the defense.

Light God King Zhanggong Wei takes the Holy Light Spirit Array user, the impact that he bears is strongest. When the explosive force is strongest, he spouts two divine blood, this reluctantly stabilizes lives in the Holy Light Spirit Array situation.

at this moment, the form and that blood-color light shadow appears of dropping from the clouds, are Zither Emperor and Light God King weakest time.

But Immortal Emperor, Death God and Mad God were shaken fly, and came under formerly the influence of that strong divine sense impact, in a short time rescued absolutely without enough time.

All looked like had already designed. Just arrived at this time.

Purple Emperor explodes drinks one, the both arms on the shelf, attempts the form that resists that to drop from the clouds. But that form brings, is unequalled heavy strength.


Purple Emperor that huge form, under terrifying pressure of dropping from the clouds, unexpectedly kneel down on one knee in place, the ground big piece crack under body.

Comes under the influence of same level this life contract, the Zither Emperor whole body is also one thunders, mouth and nose overflowing blood. Lifts to shake Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither) reluctantly, bursts out nine acoustic shock sounds, this reluctantly blocks the complementary waves that the enemy attacks.

But at this time, he had been incapable of saving below Light God King Zhanggong Wei completely.

„Dāng!” Light Saint Sword protects the lord, blocked cutting of Asura Blood Sword to strike reluctantly. But Zhanggong Wei was dashed, cannot bear spouts blood of golden once more. Meanwhile, in his look has also been full of the inconceivable color.

Because, that grasps Asura Sword, breaks his Holy Light Spirit Array also to cause heavy losses by Asura Blood Sword his, impressively, Sea God Tang San!

Yes, is Tang San!

The Tang San look is quiet, has not given the opportunity that he takes a breath, in the hand Asura Blood Sword jumps suddenly projects the dazzling blood light, the heavy incomparable three swords cut one after another.

Zhanggong Wei formerly to resist Good and Evil Duality Explosion, once again has inspired the strength of God Realm's Center, this time is the weakest time.

Repairing of two big God King to be almost the same, may in this case, his simply unable to display the true strength, can only be whatever Tang San butchers, suddenly, he retrocedes one after another three steps, every step withdraws, will spout a blood, obviously has injured and source.

In the Tang San heart sighed one secretly, if his hand last this time also had golden trident, was relying on golden trident strength and controls, certainly can rout front this competitive Light God King directly.

But, golden trident has given in the Douluo Continent son, he has been short of Ultra Divine Tool. Otherwise, Two Great Ultra Divine Tools in the hand, he is presents in absolutely all God King strongest one.

The blood-color sword light appears, the Tang San cross previous step, the right hand wields suddenly, giant claw glow appears, flies front Zhanggong Wei racket, at the same time, he is the lift-off, in the hand Asura Blood Sword brings together the startled day blood glow. Sweeps across upwardly.


Purple Emperor is an arm of Zither Emperor defense falls accordingly, Asura Blood Sword in lost the defense capability a Zither Emperor chest front point, Tang San turns around gently again, plunges Zhanggong Wei of ground.

At this moment, similarly is blood red form suddenly appears, one group of scarlet colored light balls blast out suddenly, Tang San and opposite party separate rapidly, his right hand wields, holds Strength God Zhou Weiqing that airborne drops. Swings the body in a flash, from the sky transforms the direction actually, goes toward Death Ray Tower of one's own side.

Keeping off of Mad God Lei Xiang face darken side Zhanggong Wei, has not pursued, because they do not know, this Sea God Tang San also does have other scheme.

Death God A'Dai and Immortal Emperor Lei Xiang because of body resistant reason, slightly late a return. Three big God King obviously felt that this time rises as before muddleheadedly, obviously is the state of mind by certainly the wound.

On the Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu face full is forced smile, sighed one lightly, shook the head, „you refueled.” Spoke these words, he behind belongs to God Realm's Center rays of light big release of Zither Emperor world, next one flickers, he and Purple Emperor already during rays of light covers without a trace that vanishes.

Without doubt, when Asura Blood Sword hits the mark the Zither Emperor chest, Tang San has shown mercy, has not attacked. May arrive at their this levels, in this Gods' War, no one is possible to act shamelessly.

Zither Emperor must leave the battlefield, because of in name, him died in battle during this competion.

But also with has another person that he died in battle, that naturally with his same level this life contract Purple Emperor.

zither | Jean purple two emperors are eliminated!

Similarly, Douluo God Realm, God of Emotion Huo Yuhao, is eliminated!

Right, before that flushed attack hardly, grasps the Asura Blood Sword war zither | Jean purple two emperors, is not Tang San, but simulates the Tang San appearance by own Spirit Eyes God of Emotion Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao in formerly had been injured with the collision of Mad God Lei Xiang during, Mad God under Blood Red Angel condition was really too strong, in addition the Huo Yuhao beforehand consumption was quite not small, where under spelled hardly can feel better.

Before, he had been replaced, even prepares to accomplish the whole task at one stroke including Six Great God Realms during the computation of Tang San.

Therefore had a moment ago this.

Trades Zither Emperor by Huo Yuhao.

It looks like, seems Six Great God Realms has not suffered a loss. But, don't forget, Tang San also seized the chance to cause heavy losses to Light God King Zhanggong Wei.

Must know, but Zhanggong Wei Six Great God Realms inspirational figure, but Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu is the brain. The brain did not have, the inspirational figure caused heavy losses, lost master control God King Six Great God Realms, the situation will not be obviously good.

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