The Saint sword bans

The Saint sword bans

Initially, in the Child of Light world that in he was, relied on six big Divine Tool that All Gods King was granting, can strive to turn the tide finally, the monster king who routed the invasion, protected Human World.

He also but therefore become a God, and finally becomes a king.

But, in the catastrophe approaches, to help God Realm resists the disaster, his partners died, sacrificed itself. Especially he closest five partners, were collaborate to help him resist the attack of Space-Time Turbulent Flow finally, but they actually because of overdrawing dissipated excessively, has only left behind Seed of Life.

Five Divine Tool that they control also fuse together with Light Saint Sword along with it, finally promoted the Ultra Divine Tool degree Light Saint Sword.

at this moment, Zhanggong Wei with returning to original state six Divine Tool ways , to promote the pinnacle their strength.

Intense restless appears in the Zhou Weiqing heart, the surrounding air as if in this flickered became viscous. Each God King has the method of pressure bottom, without a doubt, at this moment Light God King Zhanggong Wei must display is this terrifying strength that had.

Those who make Zhou Weiqing helpless is, the object who Zhanggong Wei aims is not he, but is not far away Tang San. When that six big Divine Tool completely float, strange God Territory also along with it appears, this God Territory forcefully suppressed him unable to move temporarily.

As six big God Realm's Core heads, Zhanggong Wei will not have the hesitation of half a point at crucial moments.

Feels his here change, another side Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu is also the spirit inspires, in the hand the guqin plays the rare book, Purple Emperor does not hesitate all full power to keep off before him, does not hesitate injured also to resist fiercely attacking of Tang San.

12 pieces of golden light wings stretch from Zhanggong Wei, the light wing of resplendent golden seems, although is transparent, but the light wing surface has strange golden trace.

Six big Divine Tool float, the double pupil of Zhanggong Wei turned into clear golden, the region of surrounding big piece was exaggerated the same color.

The light attribute, in the universe is also the eternal attribute, all stars, are light part, is the source of light.

In this in an instant, Light God King Zhanggong Wei as if changed into star, the whole body is flooding surge Light Element beyond description.

The long incantation rippled in air at this time, seemed the entire space resonance, Tang San or Zhou Weiqing, in this flickered only thought that the time as if wanted static general, crossed unusual slow, but that came from the incantation sound in all directions actually clear spread to their ears.

„The world ray of hope between! Blessed me, the friend who great Light Element, I eternally unchanginged, please bring about the final hope for me, east had the light of shining, the west had the light of warming, south had the light of life, north had the light of destruction, please completely get together in the ray of hope surroundings, initiated the blessing of light, borrows the sacred strength that you had in me, started the light of Light Saint Sword ultimate extinguishing world, eliminates the present evil source, gave the earth to bring about the eternal hope.”

The incantation stops suddenly, in the double pupil of Zhanggong Wei golden light suddenly/violently to launch, in the hand Light Saint Sword lifts up high, „Saint Sword Forbidden Extinguish World rays of light.”

The golden light spreads suddenly, changes into the scarlet orange yellow malachite green bluish violet seven colors, then the normalizing, melts golden again, a is reappearing that hundred meters huge golden light sword is quietly above the Zhanggong Wei top of the head, the light sword forms instant, as if came from light all absorbed clean of seven Great God Realm, entire Ancient Gods Ruin was gloomier.

Sees this, even if Tang San also for it look changes. This Light God King Zhanggong Wei strength unexpectedly is formidable in this way.

Overall fluctuation of energy that this strikes definitely might as well be formerly good with God of Wickedness Live and Die Together, but, this is actually controllable strikes!

„Clang--” in the Ye Yinzhu hand guqin all strings also broke, send out broken Bo -like thundering, the body of Tang San instantaneously stiff.

How so opportunity Zhanggong Wei will let off, extinguishes the light of world to shine instantaneously, giant light sword almost in instant but across the sky, directly soars Tang San, when the chest goes.

In the outer space, was witnessing this Xiao Wu almost gripped instantaneously tightened the fist. Everyone could see, Zhanggong Wei this strikes to be formidable. Can Tang San in the situation of being attacked front and rear, block this to strike?

Regarding Douluo God Realm, he is the true core, the function of this core must surpass Zhanggong Wei that side Six Great God Kings.

Once the attack of Zhanggong Wei this make an all-out effort caused heavy losses to Tang San, this Gods' War result also almost determined.

But, numerous Gods in outer space could not see, what Zhanggong Wei and Ye Yinzhu actually clearly witness, extinguishes the light of world to arrive shortly , on Tang San, they saw the smile of Tang San. Yes, smile. That is one type is having several points of cunning smile.

What does he smile? Does he have what means the welding robot?

Zhanggong Wei is also the person of mapping out strategic plans in an army tent, but at this time, he could not find out Tang San to have any means to be able break away from own attack to avoid bumping hardly.

Especially, he had also been controlled in the situation by Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu zither sound.

But at this time, Tang San moved, the surroundings all as if had the change. Halo distortion. Next flickers, Tang San baseless vanished unexpectedly. Without a trace of disappearance.

The light of huge extinguishing world puts on to empty, had not actually found any goal, suddenly/violently to launch, put on Ancient Gods Ruin directly, vanished in the darkness.

„How is this possible?” Purple Emperor is almost loses one's voice to say.

Must know, in the situation in by God King full power being struck complete locking, the surrounding space was blocked, even if the body has God King of strength of formidable space, impossible through transmitting break away. But Tang San achieves, does he disappear?

In the free time of their god, turns around to run from Zhanggong Wei recent Zhou Weiqing.

Others have three people, two big didn't God King, what run at this time also waits for?

Zhanggong Wei has not actually pursued, is not does not want to pursue, but does not have the means to pursue. Just released to be lost in thought casting a spell, was also enormous to his consumption. Also needs to catch one's breath is good. Before Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu, by the Tang San oppression is also very fierce, broke including the string, wants to chase down Zhou Weiqing is also has a mind to be incapable, therefore can only look helplessly he travels with the aid of this short exhaust fumes time.

In this moment, Zhanggong Wei even believes, this all were planned by Tang San, originally during the plan of Tang San.

Sea God Tang San, this fellow was really too fearful.

rays of light flashes, Tang San void appears, in his appears flash, was almost in the hand of without the slightest hesitation Asura Sword has cut, moreover came up the use was strongest Asura Blood Sword.

The blood light flies high, the incomparably sharp and severe aura erupts, complemented the red the surrounding air.

In blood sword covers in the range, similarly is also together the blood-color form.

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