Terrifying eruption

Terrifying eruption

Immortal Emperor Hai Long and Death God A'Dai simultaneously flies upside down under the explosive force function of that terrifying. After two people, shone the strength of own God Realm's Center, this reluctantly protected their bodies. But their actually very clear, this is because of them not in the upfront of that terrifying light beam. The light beam is the high and low eruption, if happen to the upfront, what situation they definitely is unable to imagine can have. They are unable to imagine, strength that two God King collaborate is unexpectedly formidable to so the degree.

This as if has surmounted God King this level, in this instantaneous eruption process, was implicated, Hai Long and A'Dai almost simultaneously spurt the blood, is injured heavily.

The black and white bi-color brilliance continued to vanish for a long time and for a long time.

When Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) figure once more appears, their expressions became auspicious. So is tight to support having tears streaming down the face.

This samsara, lit their innermost feelings the fire of love, good and evil blending, the collision of heart and heart of unprecedented. Has produced a strange fusion two big antiquity God King God Position strength.

Looked like on Douluo Continent the Soul Master Martial Soul fusion technique was once same, regarding them, this was may be called existence of God King fusion technique.

Only is a pity is, such God King fusion technique is not steerable and is not they want to display to display.

Similarly, after this strikes, two people aura fall rapidly, the complexion appears exceptionally pale. Is injured Immortal Emperor and Death God situation to be actually worse, they consume are bigger, was very difficult to say. strength that after all just this struck cannot affect completely on the match.

The giant cavity passes through Ancient Gods Ruin, looks like the blade truncates the pitching chisel to be ordinary, presents for the diameter several hundred meters column shape.

Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) flutter the edge, two people looks in this flicker appear somewhat absent-minded.

He held on her hand to step up several points, said in a soft voice: „Either contemporaneous.”

Lie Yan (raging flames) shows a faint smile, stands on tiptoes the tip of the toe, gently kisses on his lip, „either altogether dies.”

Just that struck henceforth chooses a name, good and evil interweaving, Live and Die Together!

Immortal Emperor Hai Long and Death God A'Dai falls on the distant place, in two people looks is revealing several points of surprised uncertain color. strength that if just that struck can transfer, two people cannot block completely, even if draws support from the strength of God Realm's Center unable to block similarly. But looks like, the opposite party as if has not controlled such strength ability, this is also unfortunate was lucky.

But at this time, the middle of the mill also had the change.

The Zhou Weiqing whole body glitters the golden electric light to be cut to strike by Light God King Zhanggong Wei Light Saint Sword above Battle Hammer.

Light Saint Sword is not inferior existence in Asura Blood Sword, Zhou Weiqing Groundless Hatred Linked Equipment Set in Ultra Divine Tool can only be weak, in addition cultivated for the aspect he and already becomes God King, controlled compared with Zhanggong Wei, differed.

However, although he by retreating in defeat again and again that Zhanggong Wei chops, is actually one does not draw back, clings to tenaciously the bottom line. Did not make Zhanggong Wei cross own defense line.

But two people who another side, Purple Emperor of Sea God Tang San after a fist bang, by person of strength forcing qins and purple two emperors, hit retreat in defeat again and again.

The Asura Blood Sword blood light jumps shoots, is flooding the air/Qi of endless slaughtering, each sword cuts, as if there is battle scene to condense general.

Must know, Asura Sword in Douluo God Realm is Law Enforcement Sword, does not know that cuts to kill many god. Even if once were better than God King Dragon God, was divided into two by Asura Sword.

On sharp, Asura Blood Sword deserves at this time most powerhouse in Ancient Gods Ruin, only has Death God A'Dai Nether King's Sword reluctantly to compare.

Ye Yinzhu has changed the third guqin, may actually as before unable to resist the Tang San offensive. Saw, is a guqin must be destroyed in a moment.

Purple Emperor formerly by a Tang San fist bang , the defense of whole person seemed broken up generally. He only thought that Tang San captures Divine Power of oneself within the body to be strange, that is not pure Divine Power, but is one type fills to wither to add on another type Divine Power that is full of containing, the two are clearly opposite, actually strange conjunction. He has exhausted full power, is actually not able to dispel them.

The qins and purple two emperors collaborate, by retreating in defeat again and again of Tang San oppression, was at condition in imminent danger as before.

Zhanggong Wei clear Tang San must make anything very much, exchanges the child!

Trades Zither Emperor with Zhou Weiqing.

But, regarding a Six Great God Realms side, Zither Emperor was without a doubt as the master control God King importance, did not have him, other God King become like the blind person. But Zhou Weiqing regarding Douluo God Realm here, the function obviously wanted small many. If exchanges Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu with Zhou Weiqing, was Douluo God Realm gains without a doubt.

The Douluo God Realm biggest inferiority is not numerous Gods, but only has God Realm's Center to support, therefore, Tang San until now does not dare to transfer God Realm's Center strength easily. Under his unceasing induction, instead was makes opposite Six Great God Realms several times release the strength of God Realm's Center successively.

The God Realm's Center bootable number of times will not be many, has displayed, consumed.

Once Ye Yinzhu were replaced, then, this Gods' War situation really does not say.

Zhanggong Wei is crystal clear to all these. Fought this time, all that the opposite party made turned into the open intrigue, how was tells you me to do, but you were very difficult to prevent.

Zither Emperor cannot collapse.

This is in the Zhanggong Wei heart the clear matter, therefore, clear(ly) knows that Tang San possibly also has the subsequent hand, but at this time, he does not dare to wait again.

A Zhanggong Wei sword cuts, made the Zhou Weiqing whole body unbending again, the Groundless Hatred Linked Equipment Set surface rippled ripple, resisted the light attribute corrosion with pure strength.

But at this moment, strange light beam jumps to shoot from Light Saint Sword together suddenly.

This light beam surface ripples halos.

Then each article utensil has separated from the speed of light along with it.

In the air is reverberating strange recitations.

„God King bestows my War God Armor, extremely evil does not invade the anti- monster to be evil.” Blue armor appears in airborne, blue misty brilliance is glittering suddenly unceasingly, fills to fight the sacred air/Qi of intent to be centered on central Light Saint Sword circles.

„God King bestows my Heavenly God Horn, bugle call passes Heaven.” The white light flashes, the Heavenly God Horn corner/horn appears, the pure white bugle makes wū wū the sound, is full of purely kind and Holy Aura revolving.

„God King bestows my Strength God Hammer, shakes the day to move protects the correct path.” The hammer of huge Strength God is glittering the yellow rays of light float in the midair, yellow rays of light spreads from the hammer of Strength God immediately, overbearing Holy Aura ascension.

„God King bestows my Thunder God Shield, may keep off ten thousand Ren not to urge.” Small red shield appears, red rays of light blooms in a shape of round shield, the thick sacred energy concentrates like the mountain.

„God King bestows my Wind God Bow, flashes the invisible arrow rapidly crazily.” The golden light flashes through, exquisite golden bends/bow appears short, sends out the light azure glow, the azure glow covers, unites in other five rays of light together, changes into an all colors halo, Light Saint Sword regarding.

In Zhanggong Wei look were many anything, in this flash, he as if returned, as if returned to that and time of partners together fight, in his double pupil filled was rigid and bright, solemnly shouted: „God King bestows my bright sword, the rays of light ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) photo vault of heaven.”

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