The pride of snow and ice two emperor!

The pride of snow and ice two emperor!

A'Dai first has made the response, therefore, but, he also has to transfer has come from oneself God Realm's Center strength.

Huge form appears in A'Dai behind, appears is not he, but is his father of thinking through a matter, Nether King Hades!

The A'Dai form fuses together with Hades instantaneously, Nether King Hades brow slightly pressed, the hand grasps Nether King's Sword, Nether King's Sword in his hands suddenly becomes slender, delimits same place, the long sword shadow sparkle, changes into the overlapping gray air wave together, has blocked the positive/direct impacts of two big God King.

The large explosion ascends in the right suddenly, from the upper air even can see that red, blue and grey tricolor mushroom cloud raises.

Lie Yan (raging flames) and Ji Dong two people are nervous and troubled wind around, Divine Power is consuming massively, but the A'Dai situation is also poor. He by an enemy two! Even if under the amplification of God Realm's Center energy, itself does not excel at him of defense, body clothes also exploded inconsistency.

Grips tightly in the Nether King's Sword wrist/skill to crack, has the light golden red blood to flow , the corners of the mouth place is also so. He was injured eventually.

However, he has also blocked two big God King collaborates full power to strike. This is function of God Realm's Center in fight.

The form has blocked the Light God King Zhanggong Wei way together, impressively Strength God Zhou Weiqing.

The great hammer raises, Zhou Weiqing anything had not said, launched the fierce offensive toward Zhanggong Wei. He must to the Tang San creation opportunity, win the time to Tang San.

Another side, the Mad God Lei Xiang crazy advance, arrived under the first Death Ray Tower tower, but here, he happen to saw God of Emotion Lei Xiang.

„Radiant on the wane, the road of gold!” Body of Lei Xiang from the ground, golden rays of light spreads from his together.

In this flickers, in his mind is reverberating, scene that only then and Tang Wutong hug. After become a God, once Martial Soul fusion technique did not need strength of two people, so long as in his heart had her, then, he can change into Divine Skill to release this formidable ability.

Mad God Lei Xiang has not dodged, body Mad God Armor bursts out a dark golden light cover, although under that radiant gold road of exaggeration on the wane, this dark golden quietly is also dissolving, the speed of but dissolving does not have the speed of reply to be fast obviously.

Sudden launch of Tang San, the sudden make an all-out effort eruption, making this war finally start to enter the degree of superheating, numerous God King did not have any retention again, all started make an all-out effort released own battle efficiency.

The golden light shines together, Huo Yuhao stands is standing one's ground steadfastly same place, forms already appears side him, impressively his six big Soul Spirit.

Two beautiful form are holding the hand, the overlapping, snow white and blends deep green. Changes into a giant light beam to go to Mad God spraying.

The pride of snow and ice two emperor!

Meanwhile, on Death Ray Tower, Light of Death falls together instantaneously, similarly also chops on Mad God.

The roads and the snow and ice two emperors gold proud add on Light of Death again, tertiary attack, complete hit.

But, at this time, Huo Yuhao actually suddenly saw, in the eye pupil of this Mad God, sent out is wiping the wildness of unprecedented, no, said accurately should be crazy.

A aura beyond description blooms suddenly from this Mad God, his back jet black 12 wing as well as his eye pupil were almost simultaneously appears the change.

12 wings instantaneously become bright red like the blood, his both eyes pupil completely was also covered by the blood-color. Original originally extremely powerful aura, raised big level in this flash unexpectedly.

Mad God Armor dark golden originally instant was also turning into scarlet golden, 12 wings flap, fall the tertiary attack on Lei Xiang almost instantaneously are disintegrating. But his form also suddenly enlarges in front of Huo Yuhao.

Six form overlapping keeping off before the Huo Yuhao body. Also was the death beam drops from the clouds together.

But, this is not enough to prevent this from having Ultra Divine Tool, and changed into 12 wing Blood Red Angel men!

What is God King?

The king of God Realm!

Mad God Lei Xiang, Immortal Emperor Hai Long, Light God King Zhanggong Wei, day Di Tian mark or Death God A'Dai and Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu. Each is a God Realm king, is a God Realm imperator.

Their true strengths, can it be that the surface seems that simple!

Although Huo Yuhao is not weak, although he can control the audience, but he also initially enters the God King level eventually Class One God, does not have Ultra Divine Tool in the body.

Therefore, when the Mad God Lei Xiang reckless comprehensive eruption, changes body melt together the bloodthirsty crazy war disassimilation and Fallen Angel, finally releases him formidable when changes body skill Blood Red Angel, Huo Yuhao could not block.

Six big Soul Spirit almost in exaggerate the blood-color to scatter in all directions to flutter about instantaneously, but next flickers, the body of Lei Xiang ruthlessly has hit on Huo Yuhao.

„Bang--” the Huo Yuhao whole body braves blood light flying upside down, in just that flickered freely, he has used all abilities that oneself can use, actually as before cannot resist Mad God full power to strike.

Moreover, the Mad God Lei Xiang back 12 wings flap, foot treads, this first Death Ray Tower instantaneous disintegration. 12 wings accelerated again, continue to pursue Huo Yuhao to clash.

„Changes players!” At this moment, a somewhat helpless sound resounds, the seven colors block wheel drops from the clouds.

Huo Yuhao was only also hit by together the silver, next one flickered to transmit the distant place.

In the Rong Nianbing hand the seven luminaries cut continually, from the sky transforms myriad brilliance, the connection Mad God Lei Xiang seven attacks of meeting the tough head-on with toughness. In that deafening bellow, Rong Nianbing draws back continually seven steps, every step withdraws, the body seven color halos outward bloom, Mad God under 12 wing Blood Red Angel conditions was really too formidable, in his Ultra Divine Tool Mad God fought under the amplification of armor, every struck is heavy in thousand honored.

In the Rong Nianbing hand seven luminaries rays of light big release, in the ground, huge seven color dragon scroll ascend suddenly, he also borrows potential the retreat, next quarter, that seven color dragon scroll by torn to pieces of 12 wing Blood Red Angel hits, but that short time also makes Rong Nianbing be able to retrocede fast, is relying on to the control fast break away battlefield of strength of space.

The Lei Xiang 12 wings flap, similarly just like flickers to move is in hot pursuit generally, enters him in 12 wing Blood Red Angel conditions, the battle efficiency has promoted the pinnacle, in the heart haughty also similarly so. Regardless of the enemy is formidable, marches forward courageously!


„Thousand honored clear palaces of the immortals!” Sonic boom drinks from the sky resounds, just like the bolt from the blue is together ordinary.

The length surpasses a kilometer great stick to drop from the clouds, the air blasts out, the earth crack, terrifying explosive strength from wells up in all directions.

The Immortal Emperor Hai Long teacher, is fights to defeat Buddha Sun Wukong, this set of Thousand Jin Club Law afterward was carried forward by Hai Long, truly has achieved Only I Shall Be Immortal, pupil surpasses the teacher.

Thousand honored clear palaces of the immortals are in Thousand Jin Club Law the genuine god marrow are, combat nature the incisiveness of thought eruption and will never concede.

God of Wickedness Ji Dong and God of Kindness that Lie Yan (raging flames) Death God A'Dai that oppressed retreats in defeat again and again facing the attack of happening suddenly, two people as before hand in hand. The Yin-Yang double fire combines, is centered on their bodies, changes into an incandescent color Sun to be ordinary, diameter hundred meters huge rays of light welcomed the golden cudgel of dropping from the clouds together.


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