I called Xiao Wu, dancing dance

I called Xiao Wu, dancing dance

The zither sound investigation vanishes, means in a short time, opposite Six Great God Kings completely became a blind person. Even because of the influence of this Soul Impact, making their divine sense relations vanish. Has been cut off thoroughly network of entire relation.

This is in the Tang San hand one of the genuine Assassin's maces. As master control God King of audience, Huo Yuhao may, not only contacts that simply, more essential is at crucial moments audience spirit suppresses.

The suppression of this flash, has covered Six Great God Realms half-court, therefore, even if Tian Hen of most distant place by intensely the divine sense impact.

Ye Yinzhu zither sound almost broke instantaneously, his Ten Sides Ambush just shot the rhythm to stop. The double fist that Purple Emperor rumbles also becomes slow, the pupil light becomes scattered in disorder.

Repairing of Purple Emperor to be without doubt weaker than Zither Emperor, what he is strongest is the body intensity, in the divine sense aspect definitely cannot compared with God King, Huo Yuhao this spirit impact, main this side that aims, time that therefore, Purple Emperor was attacked, the influence that comes under is also biggest.

The body of Tang San reduces suddenly, passed through from the double fists of Purple Emperor, a fist shelled in this amethyst compared with the chest of ignorant/veiled above.

Meanwhile, Blue Silver Emperor crazy gushes out from his fist, twines the Purple Emperor body, Clear Sky Hammer departs, pounds to Ye Yinzhu. But Tang San draw support from the bombardment to jump in a Purple Emperor chest front fist, Asura Sword reappears, a sword anger cuts Ye Yinzhu.

This all within his computation, therefore engagement is ordinary just like the passing clouds and flowing water.

By Purple Emperor of his fist hit, the huge body was shot but actually, Ye Yinzhu on shoulder was flung immediately.

Moreover Zither Emperor and Purple Emperor are the relations of same level this life paragenesis, Purple Emperor by a fist hit, Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu is also groaned, spouts foul air.

Soul Impact is impossible to continue the too long time, in this moment, Zither Emperor sobered. However, Clear Sky Hammer also arrived in front of him.

But, Ye Yinzhu can only in Nine Heavens Loop Thunder Zhiter with oneself hand resist.

Clear Sky Hammer what kind of strength, he in a hurry, immediately with zither | Jean hit flew. Then Ye Yinzhu saw that the blood light/only drops from the clouds together, arrived at itself instantaneously at present.

It is not good!

In the Ye Yinzhu heart sighed one secretly, eventually say/way!

At this time, he cannot hesitate, because of this relations, not only his safety, relates to the audience.

Buzz resounds, in hand Nine Heavens Loop Thunder Zhiter has shone instantaneously, in an instant, around the Ye Yinzhu body flock of dragons wind around, as if seven big dragons change into seven string baseless conjectures in front of him, both hands push, string buzz cry. In a copious vast zither | Jean whining noise.

Asura Blood Sword was shot accordingly.

In the critical juncture, Zither Emperor used finally has come from Zither Emperor God Realm the strength of God Realm's Center.

Behind Ye Yinzhu, with his own exactly the same huge light shadow float there, above the knees a guqin, the delightful zither sound sound is getting up horizontally, is one, phoenix asked the phoenix!

Tang San spiritual appears absent-minded, in that flash, he as if returned suddenly initially, returned first time to see Xiao Wu the time.


„I called Xiao Wu, the dancing dance.”


In that zither sound, the Tang San movement is half beat behind obviously, but draws support from this short time, the Ye Yinzhu complexion is solemn, in the hand Nine Heavens Loop Thunder Zhiter shakes again, simultaneously springing Ten Sides Ambush.

Ten Sides Ambush adds phoenix to ask the phoenix, two entirely different zither melody, played the effect of matrimonial harmony in this flash unexpectedly. But came from searching of Zither Emperor observes the ability also once more to appear. However, these time made his excitedly look changes.

„Supreme headquarters!” Ye Yinzhu cannot attend to harassing the state of mind, is almost without the slightest hesitation explodes through divine sense drinks one, was passed on by far by own sound.

Day Di Tian mark just a god in supreme headquarters, sees only in the midair, an arrow arrow drops from the clouds, looked like calculates, selected ground that the buddha beads that was put on by 18 Buddha Relic, then shot up to the sky.

Buddha Relic in the spiritual level is nearly existence in non-solution, cannot obtain its approval, even if god impossible to take away it.

However, regarding the external object, it is only one string of buddha beads.

When Rong Nianbing looked when the clear opposite party places the goods of supreme headquarters, was relying on once the judgment of God of Emotion to spiritual fluctuation, guessed correctly this roughly is what kind of existence.

Therefore, that arrow that Zhou Weiqing formerly projected, in view of Ye Yinzhu, but aims in the string of Buddha Relic of supreme headquarters.

This time day Di Tian mark is a substitute, in has not exchanged before the teammate, even if helplessly looks, he cannot make a move. Once Buddha Relic departs the supreme headquarters, means that they lost this Gods' War.

At this moment, Buddha Relic moves suddenly, the low and deep buddhist sang the sound to get up. The light shadow drops from the clouds together, a stick divided above that long arrow, changed into the fragment powder the long arrow, simultaneously held Buddha Relic to drop from the clouds, placed the supreme headquarters central place it.

Comes is not others, is Immortal Emperor Lei Xiang!

Reason that Lei Xiang dares to take as guarding the center of supreme headquarters Buddha Relic , because he is closely linked with this string of Buddha Relic, the critical moment can transmit oneself through this string of Buddhist relics nearby. So long as Immortal Emperor had not ended the competition, then, he anytime will return to protect the Buddhist relics in the supreme headquarters.

Heavenly Emperor then relaxed, but, they also immediately feel, came from has related the God Realm's Center situation Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu, not only Ye Yinzhu had problems, moreover two sides, same appears change.

Zhanggong Wei is steadiest, after receiving Soul Impact, he first has charged into the middle of the mill, keeps Six Great God Realms here right Mad God Lei Xiang, is Douluo God Realm the left wing that is guarded by Huo Yuhao. And told Lei Xiang, advance!

Attacks the enemy to rescue!

But Immortal Emperor and Death God, welcomed was actually God of Kindness and God of Wickedness husband and wife.

In order to save Buddha Relic, Immortal Emperor transmitted instantaneously, on only remaining Death God A'Dai facing Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) two husbands and wives.

The A'Dai form transforms innumerably, by the fight skill, the attack intensity, he is the peak exists in Six Great God Kings. But, he faces, does not speak the two people of skill to him.

The Lie Yan (raging flames) whole body burns ice-cold Nether Yin True Fire, the Ji Dong body is burning True Yang Divine Fire, two people look like two flame meteors are common, directly soars A'Dai to dash. The place visited, the air was delimited the jet black trace, the fissure of breakage is unable to close together for a very long time.

Cannot block, resists directly definitely cannot block!

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