divine sense impact

divine sense impact

Therefore, everybody is waiting for the best opportunity. Regarding Tang San, is so.

Should do?

The Tang San intention phonograph, is pondering unceasingly. Comes from provides spiritual survey sharing of Huo Yuhao to the basis that he judges.

From the battle efficiency, in opposite Six Great God Kings, is strongest by Light God King Zhanggong Wei and Immortal Emperor Hai Long and Mad God Lei Xiang and Death God A'Dai, has peak God King of Ultra Divine Tool level. Ye Yinzhu and day Di Tian mark is weaker. From the importance, without a doubt, Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu and Light God King Zhanggong Wei is the most important two people.

One is the soul pillar/backbone, one is to control the brain of audience. Like him and Huo Yuhao.

Therefore, wants to overcome the enemy, the best means that can find the opportunity at least first to solve one of the opposite party two key people.

Then, what without a doubt is, the best goal is for him near at hand Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu.

The Ye Yinzhu importance is not inferior in Zhanggong Wei, but by the battle efficiency, he obviously wants to be weaker, although there is Purple Emperor to lend a hand, but Purple Emperor are most is also the Class One God level.

But, Tang San actually immediately thinks that an issue, who can guarantee, this isn't a trap?

The opposite party is maintaining a 212 lineup, throughout invariable for what? Perhaps, they to entice oneself?

Various mentality unceasing appears in the Tang San heart, make him not dare to take an action.

both sides on this, fell into short deadlock.

Strength God Zhou Weiqing stands side Tang San at this time, passes on the sound said through divine sense: „Sir Sea God, what to do should we?” Regarding Tang San, he quite respects. Initially if were not Tang San, perhaps his let alone become a God, early fell from the sky in the strong rival.

God of Ruin rebels , because Zhou Weiqing finally defects to make Tang San strive to turn the tide. In the Douluo God Realm Council six committee members, Zhou Weiqing most always follows to Tang San.

The Tang San brow is tight, „Wei is clear, if trades opposite Zither Emperor with you, you can want?”

Zhou Weiqing dazed for a moment, said: „Listens to your arrangement, so long as is favorable for the overall situation, I do not have the issue.”

The Tang San slight nod, „regarding us, the opportunity does not calculate actually too. I will preserve you as far as possible, but if the matter may not be, needed sacrifice. You must be ready.”

„Good.” Zhou Weiqing does not have what idle talk, regarding the judgment of Tang San, he always feels a heartfelt admiration.

divine sense fluctuates, other Tang San and people fast each other is relating, he knows, to oneself, cannot continue again, the time is longer, is more disadvantageous. Must before the opposite party has not traced clear completely their actual situation take an action.

Douluo God Realm here position has not made the adjustment again, opposite Six Great God Realms God King also as before were maintaining formerly lineup.

At this moment, Tang San walked from we middle of the mill slowly, moves toward the middle place.

Right, his such person walked, directly soars opposite Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu to walk. The vision is tranquil, looks like looks like in ordinary walks.

But facing such Tang San, sits well Ye Yinzhu on Purple Emperor shoulder feels the great stress immediately.

„He came, Sea God Tang San!” He transmits this thought to all people immediately.

„The Zither Emperor recycling, other people standing by.” Zhanggong Wei issues the order.

Purple Emperor retrocedes under the direction of Ye Yinzhu slowly, above Ye Yinzhu knees were many Nine Heavens Loop Thunder Zhiter, but he has not actually played, obviously is waiting for the best opportunity.

Regarding this, Tang San does not look like any feeling, leads the way as before gradually, quick, he has passed through the middle place, entered in the opposite territory.

He goes forward, Purple Emperor retrocedes, moreover is maintaining the distance and formerly being almost the same. Without doubt, after is the thorough enemy, regarding Tang San is the danger. But he actually likely knows nothing, such does.

Does he want to do?

In Six Great God Realms God King mind production as if by prior agreement similar thought.

The Ye Yinzhu finger is fluctuating in the string gently, inadequate melody, but actually releases the sound wave, feels position that opposite Douluo God Realm numerous Gods is.

What made his surprised was, Huo Yuhao or Zhou Weiqing, as well as Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames), protected under Death Ray Tower of own position, meaning that do not penetrate.

Does Tang San prepare the island of resistance to be thorough really?

Because other positions have not moved, therefore, Six Great God Realms here God King have not acted rashly similarly, because after they are worried about themselves to support, the channel that guarded will have an opportunity by the opposite party.

At this time, the double pupil of Tang San suddenly has shone, next one flickers, his tip of the toe place, the body is suddenly/violently to launch, directly soars Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu to go.

Meanwhile, in Douluo God Realm life-long divine sense, resounds Tang San one to drink greatly, „begins!”

God of Kindness Lie Yan (raging flames) and God of Wickedness Ji Dong first launched the impact, two big God King, just like two groups of flame meteors is hand in hand ordinary, directly soared the right deep place to initiate attacking, this time, they did not have to retain anything again, but was maintaining full speed, directly soared the right deep place to flush away.

Tang San behind, Strength God Zhou Weiqing explodes drinks one, in the hand Zhanggong draws like the full moon, arrow arrow suddenly/violently to launch, from the sky draws an elegant arc, directly soars the day air-launched to go.

Tang San was almost among the moment arrived at the amethyst compared with Mongolian Purple Emperor in front, his body also against the wind rose suddenly, increased instantaneously, the right hand lifted, the Clear Sky Hammer release, changed into the great hammer instantaneously, directly soared the amethyst to pound compared with ignorant/veiled.

Ye Yinzhu both hands just like putting on the variegated butterfly are common, suddenly/violently to launch of Zither Sound Invisible Sword from Nine Heavens Loop Thunder Zhiter, at the same time, Ten Sides Ambush zither melody also along with it resounding.

Purple Emperor does not draw back instead enters, fierce goes forward one step, the double fist wields, the bang to Tang San, the amethystinus mail-armor and helmet densely covered whole body, the terrifying strange strength bursts out comprehensively.

But this time, entire Ancient Gods Ruin suddenly fiercely was shaking, seven Great God Realm numerous Gods that even if from the sky observes also felt in that flash resembles following Ancient Gods Ruin slightly rocked.

„Buzz--” Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu and Light God King Zhanggong Wei and Mad God Lei Xiang and Immortal Emperor Hai Long and Death God A'Dai, returned to the supreme headquarters day Di Tian mark, only thought that the brain fell into the instantaneous blank.

Especially Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu through the survey of zither sound, in loses control in an instant completely, is unable again the sensation to the position that opposite party god are.

The left wing, on the Huo Yuhao forehead, golden set upright the pupil is almost instantaneously dim, he also immediately sits cross-legged to sit on the ground, sat in repose with eyes closed.

Just that he burst out Soul Impact by oneself Spirit Eye, covered the audience comprehensively. This to his consumption without doubt is quite huge. However, in an instant was actually playing effect.


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