Cannot take risk

Cannot take risk

Lie Yan (raging flames) and Ji Dong collaborate, the offensive of Yin-Yang double fire was really too intense. In addition also Zhou Weiqing keeps off in front, by own Groundless Hatred Linked Equipment Set formidable strength. A Immortal Emperor Hai Long person a little cannot withstand.

Luckily, behind also has Death God A'Dai in him.

Striking power incomparably formidable Nether King's Sword made the Zhou Weiqing three people somewhat be cautious about harming evildoers lest the innocent be hurt, Immortal Emperor and Death God then reluctantly can resist, but also somewhat retreated in defeat again and again similarly.

„Withdraws!” At this moment, Zhou Weiqing, Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) simultaneously receive the order that Huo Yuhao withdrew.

Three people do not have the least bit to hesitate, immediately stops attacking, turns around to walk.

This is the same God Realm advantage, the absolute trust, carries out the speed extremely to be also quick.

Hai Long stares, turns head to look to A'Dai, „retreated? They are very discrete! That side Zhanggong just launched the attack, them retreated.”

A'Dai brow slightly pressed, what „they dread is right. The matches are truly more formidabe than the imagination.”

Douluo God Realm naturally wants to dread, this dreads from God Realm's Center.

If only both sides fights purely, tactical absolutely more radical many of Tang San arrangement, but, after this Gods' War the absolute future will fuse God Realm who is the leadership. Important?

both sides will use respective God Realm's Center strength without a doubt, God Realm again impossible and compared with six God Realm, the role that critical moment God Realm's Center can play is inevitably enormous. Therefore, the tactic of Tang San arrangement itself is very conservative. Especially in earlier period, all probes, to look for opportunity. Sought attacked Tian Hen such opportunity to formerly him.

He uses Asura Blood Sword to attack Tian Hen that if successful, Tian Hen will use God Realm's Center strength to cause heavy losses radically without enough time.

Zhanggong Wei that zither sound change, gone forward receives immediately has come from the notice of Ye Yinzhu.

The Zhanggong Wei speed reduces speed, stops the footsteps, said to Mad God Lei Xiang: „We also remove.”

The opposite party already recycled, he has no alternative but to consider the surrounded possibility. Because he has not grasped can take Tang San in a short time, let alone also has that to be in the opposite party supreme headquarters the large-scale Death Ray Tower gadget is guarding. The time that once Tang San insists is enough, then, he and Lei Xiang have by the possibility that Five Great God Kings besieges,

Mad God Lei Xiang obvious some are not willing, because they are away from the opposite party supreme headquarters not to be far.

„They encircle, we not necessarily do not have the opportunity! Our rescue not slow many.” Lei Xiang puzzled saying.

Zhanggong Wei shakes the head, „, we do not need to take risk. This way, actually we do not suffer a loss. Walks.” Saying, him, as soon as draws Lei Xiang, turns around to walk.

Lei Xiang is helpless, must turn around to go with Zhanggong Wei.

Shortly after they leave, Tang San never in the woods in distant place, brow slightly pressed, „also is really very careful.”

The strategy of luring the enemy in deep has not succeeded. In fact, he has big assurance to constrain these two people, once Lei Xiang and Zhanggong Wei continue thoroughly, to the supreme headquarters that side, they very much might be remained.

Can be able to see from the upper air bird's eye view, when Light God King Zhanggong Wei and Mad God Lei Xiang retreats, God of Emotion Huo Yuhao, God of Kindness, God of Wickedness and Strength God that speed is withdrawing rapidly simultaneously one slow.

both sides like formerly, fell into during the short stop.

Twice probe after back and forth, they always do not have the thorough contact, does not have the comprehensive eruption fight, both sides appear very careful.

But at this time, Huo Yuhao seized the chance to complete all arrangement of middle of the mill, three Death Ray Tower take shape, he marches forward to the left wing fast alternation, but Tang San exchanged the position at this time with him, to middle of the mill. Also similarly came in the direction of middle of the mill in Strength God Zhou Weiqing of right.

An opposite Six Great God Realms side, Zhanggong Wei and Lei Xiang returns to remove, Ye Yinzhu zither sound has stopped temporarily, as if must reduce the consumption.

Spiritual survey sharing of Huo Yuhao becomes clear, can the monitoring of clear, the opposite party as before maintain 212 lineups, does not have what change.

Unceasing changes, while copes with shifting events by sticking to a fundamental principle, the tactic of both sides is different, but actually appears very discrete, no one dares to open the comprehensive war rashly.

Tang San has built an opportunity at matter of doing actually, to hit much few, breaks its finger/refers of opportunity rapidly. But Zhanggong Wei actually fights steadily, can always the prompt stability live in the mood facing the enticement of appears each time, making we maintain calm.

It can be said that as the leaders of both sides, they displayed the formidable ability, particularly in regarding the control of audience aspect, no one has exposed weaknesses.

numerous Gods that observes in the outer space, at this time mood from starting changing returns to normal gradually. Actually from their angles is to look clearest, situation that therefore, they can seeing of clear, in the entire process, the position variations of both sides 12 God King as well as fight each time.

Reason that the mood returns to normal , because both sides show at this time completely is the evenly matched aspect, saw, appearance that has not exposed weaknesses. Without doubt, this fight cannot end in a short time, because no one will give the opposite party opportunity.

both sides have restrained at this time, moreover again has not shielded the survey of opposite party with the method, on the side of Six Great God Realms, unexpectedly is whatever Huo Yuhao has arranged left wing three Death Ray Tower, nine Death Ray Tower take shape finally completely. From the perspective of defense, without a doubt, Douluo God Realm got the winning side obviously.

Tang San at this time already the position center middle of the mill, the place that is at from him, even can see opposite not far away that palatial big form through the line of sight, amethyst compared with the pupil of Mongolian Purple Emperor light/only also gazing at him, Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu sits well on his shoulder.

both sides are observing calmly each other, no one has acted rashly.

Tang San this time mood somewhat sinks actually depressed, seems, nine Death Ray Tower have arranged, their defenses have consolidated, but his clear, God Realm's Center both sides that because the back supports not in one and other in magnitudes, therefore, they not only has not profited, instead is because opposite party steady fell more and more leeward.

The reason is very simple, in process that in every time probes, both sides will deepen to each other understanding, once the opposite party has confidence thoroughly, the thunder will strike momentarily will arrive. Once Six Great God Kings transfers God Realm's Center strength, such thunder does strike them to block easier said than done?

Naturally, Six Great God Kings will not act rashly, because, in this Ancient Gods Ruin, wants to transfer God Realm's Center strength not to have is so easy, everybody one opportunity, once transfers God Realm's Center strength unable them to rout, then instantaneously will possibly be counter-attacked, thus loses the final victory.

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