Changing players

Changing players

suddenly/violently to launch of two purple golden rays of light from his both eyes, Lei Xiang only thought that incomparably intense divine sense breaks in own knowledge sea instantaneously, making him backward raise head, the brain fell into the short blank, even/including trick/recruit who continued cannot be connected including the above immediately.

Meanwhile, Lei Xiang waist one tight, the body of Tang San originally shelled retreat suddenly changes to forwarding, throws the bosom to be ordinary just like the young swallow, before breaking in the Lei Xiang body.

The Lei Xiang height exceeds two meters, although Tang San also one meter nine, but appeared somewhat emaciated before him. This happening suddenly has avoided in disguised form the first back dimension array. But the response of Tian Hen is also quick, sees Tang San changes , the big dimension cuts also changes along with it, continues to cut toward him on.

Tang San runs upon Lei Xiang, his shoulder hit in the Lei Xiang chest front, at the same time, in him behind, dark-red rays of light erupts together suddenly, not only that the battle scene common aura jumps to shoot from his within the body instantaneously.

The surrounding ray in this flickered as if becomes gloomy, was under this intense spiritual impact, Lei Xiang is hit the chest, one after another retroceded.

Purple Demon Eye to his influence is very big, without any preparation, the spirit is under quite not the small impact.

The big dimension cuts the almost instantaneously twisted smashing, the space closes, that blood red long sword that the Tang San back raises almost arrived in front of Tian Hen instantaneously.

Tian Hen is surprised, the feeling of his clear the aura of this blood-color great sword is fearful. Without doubt, this is most peak Ultra Divine Tool exists surely.

But, his isn't Ultra Divine Tool Sea God Trident? How to change into the sword suddenly?

He is certainly impossible to know, not only Tang San has Sea God God Position, but also has Asura God God Position.

In the unexpected situation, Asura Blood Sword arrived in front of him.

Yes, Tang San has not kept hand, not to probe. Just all, to build an opportunity, gave him make an all-out effort to use the Asura Blood Sword opportunity.

Initially, by the Golden Dragon King formidable defensive power, must give the head in front of Asura Blood Sword, even initial Dragon God was also cut Golden Dragon King and Silver Dragon King by Asura Sword.

At this time, sees Asura Blood Sword to arrive, the day Di Tian mark only thought own scant of breath, the surrounding all become viscous, what is more fearful, his Demon God Armor was suppressed unexpectedly completely, cannot display the original strength. This is the suppression in different level Divine Tool aspect.

Next flickers, he saw Tang San, on the Asura Sword sword hilt, is connecting vine, looked like another vine appears was formerly same in the Mad God Lei Xiang waist.

Inserts in his Demon God Arrow, not only to attack, for the seed spread on him, the critical moment has an effect.

Right hand entrains tows, left hand Clear Sky Hammer without the slightest hesitation lets go to depart, pounds to Lei Xiang. The goal is very simple, delays the time, enough aims at the day Di Tian mark to oneself the time.

Through the observation, Tang San already looked, in opposite six big god, by pure strength, compared with weak should be this Heavenly Emperor.

Wound its ten fingers are inferior to its one finger/refers, therefore, Tang San has thought from the beginning, whenever an opportunity presents itself, rather braves the consumption huge danger, must solve one to say first again.

If Tian Hen knows that he has this idea, will then be certainly more careful, but now, the plan of Tang San as if has succeeded.

„God King bestows my bright sword!”

At this moment, the Saint light drops from the clouds together suddenly, bright golden mixes the gentle cream color to change into a giant light beam to shine Ancient Gods Ruin.

Tian Hen only thought before the body, all pressures are nothing left in an instant. Asura Blood Sword collides impressively in that bright Light Saint Sword together, two big summits go against Ultra Divine Tool to burst out the unequalled Divine Power fluctuation in the fierce collision.

Takes cultivating of day Di Tian mark as, instantaneously was promoted about several hundred meters.

Tang San brow slightly pressed, just front sees be with smile on the face Light God King Zhanggong Wei.

„Changes players!” Zhanggong Wei unfolds the face to smile to him.

Turning around of Tian Hen without the slightest hesitation walks.

In the previous quarter.

Even if Tang San has not noted, Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu High Mountain Stream Water sought the intimate friend to complete and cut of Ten Sides Ambush once again, two songs handed over to echo. In change that flickered, came from spiritual survey sharing of Huo Yuhao sluggishly suddenly.

Also at this time, Zhanggong Wei suddenly arrived, was just Tian Hen blocks Tang San to gather the potential for a long time struck.

Zhanggong Wei retrocedes accordingly, hurried Light Saint Sword was suppressed eventually by Asura Blood Sword. His footsteps somewhat stagger, but on the face is the smiling face is invariable.

Tang San does not have hesitation of least bit, foot treads the ghost movie fan trace step, instantaneous retreat. Before Mad God Lei Xiang counter-attacks, submerges in the woods to vanish does not see.

Next flickers, Lei Xiang appears in the place that formerly Tang San was, in the eye has revealed for several points to shock, „fierce fellow. Really is not good to cope.”

Meanwhile, he looks to Zhanggong Wei, raises up the thumb to him.

Just if were not this Light God King rushes promptly, Tian Hen was been unclear the fight, perhaps must cause heavy losses, affects the following competion.

Without a doubt, this Gods' War, from start to the present, both sides have been displaying their wisdom and bravery, competion, not only the strength, is similarly full of wisdom, the spirit of everyone is at the tight condition.

On Zhanggong Wei face smiling face restraining, „, therefore, cannot underestimate the match. Now the card in a hand of opposite party should shown was similar, that steeple a little meaning, cannot make them all arrange very much in three groups. We forward, must have the rhythm.”

At the same time was saying, Zhanggong Wei swings body in a flash, around the body has Light Element to surround faintly, promoting his body to forward rapidly, directly soars the direction of Douluo God Realm supreme headquarters to go.

Through the reconnaissance of Ye Yinzhu, they had discovered Douluo God Realm is making anything. Death Ray Tower of Douluo God Realm right has arranged to complete completely, the middle of the mill has also been arranging, only has the left wing not to complete. Moreover the left wing also only has Tang San now.

Therefore, Zhanggong Wei takes the bull by the horns, chooses suppresses from the left wing directly. Another reason, at this time, another side, Strength God Zhou Weiqing and God of Kindness Lie Yan (raging flames) and God of Wickedness Ji Dong, went down to the Six Great God Realms region, storm Immortal Emperor and Death God.

This means, these three God King rescue the so remote another sidewalk without enough time. The Zhanggong Wei choice flushed at this time inward hardly, attacked the truth that the enemy must rescue.

Who can lead the audience, which side has many achievement opportunities.

The Lei Xiang back 12 wings flap, are following the Zhanggong Wei same place, does not pay attention hidden enters Tang San of hidden place, is directly marches forward to the deep place.

Another side, Immortal Emperor and Death God began with the Douluo God Realm three big God King junctions.

„Bang--” flame explodes, the red lotus hell is loudly stave, but on Immortal Emperor is also the flame winds around, cannot profit very much obviously.


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