I will not regret

I will not regret

But at this time, right, after withstanding the opposite party one round fiercely attacks, Zhou Weiqing fought back outrageously, because of support of God of Kindness and God of Wickedness.

Three big god also send out, goal points to the right core.

Enters the war altogether five people, concentrates strength of three people, in this piece of Ancient Gods Ruin absolutely was extremely formidable existence.

Therefore, when Ye Yinzhu feels the opposite party three people to converge, has made immediately the caution. But at this time, Six Great God Kings, was in Mad God and Heavenly Emperor of right definitely without enough time supports, Ye Yinzhu was also very difficult to support, because he moved, middle of the mill nobody. The matches are not silly.

Therefore, at this time, Ye Yinzhu gave the prompt of teammate is, the right broke through. The opposite party suppresses the left wing, one's own side on the right of suppressed opposite party.

Mad God and Heavenly Emperor, while determining opposite party three God King suppressed the right, launches the attack outrageously. Directly soars the Tang San oppression.

Can see from the outer space, both sides moves to shape changing positions is the short contact, just like the passing clouds and flowing water is ordinary, as if the two sides invisible big hands are mixing them, each God King is similar to the board game piece is ordinary, always appears in oneself this appears place.

Tang San stopped, he has not continued to go forward, but suddenly kneel down on one knee in place, then own palm fitting in ground.

His double pupil turned into piece of blue golden at this time completely.

Strange appears, in him formerly unceasingly in leading the way process also frequently because of High Mountain Stream Water tune influence vegetation that but launches the attack to him, when he palm fitting ground, stopped suddenly to his attack . Moreover, transforms maliciously, unexpectedly somewhat kind feeling.

Tang San lifts the palm, the palm opens upwardly, a blue grass grows, he places in this grass the ground, the grass air plants immediately, then grows rapidly.

Comes under the influence of this grass, the plant of surroundings big piece starts to be covered light blue golden unexpectedly.

Wipes the light smile to reappear on own face, say/way that Tang San thought aloud: „We will certainly go back, not only looks for my son, my parents. The father and mother, were laborious you to take care of the grandson.”

Thinks of here, Tang San once more standing up body time, bearing of whole person, a powerful incomparable will bursts out from him suddenly.

„Since came, that comes out.” The Tang San vision stagnates in a direction.

A big big and tall form also walked from there along with it.

The whole body covers in the dark golden mail-armor and helmet, Mad God Lei Xiang gradually moves toward Tang San, „I have not thought must conceal own figure. Sea God, making me have a look, actually your strength has reached what kind of degree. By an enemy six, you will regret.”

Tang San gives a calm smile, sinking sound replied: „No, I cannot!” The simple four characters, said his determination completely.

„Whiz!” Buzz in the whining noise, an arrow arrow arrived in front of him instantaneously, impressively Demon God Arrow.

The Tang San look is invariable, the corners of the mouth place actually reveals a smile, the right hand lifts suddenly, unexpectedly that unarmed grasps to Demon God Arrow.

Mad God Lei Xiang also started at this time, under the function of Mad God Armor, his whole person is sending out an incomparably powerful imposing manner, the back 12 wings open suddenly, the black wing flaps, the body just like a dark golden meteor is common, pounds to Tang San.

Tian Hen in not far away, saw that Tang San grasps own Demon God Arrow with the hand, dazed for a moment.

That is the attack of Pseudo Ultra Divine Tool level, in addition own cultivating is, even if Zhanggong Wei does not dare such unarmed meets.

However, what next one flickers to make him shock, Tang San actually really held!

So rapid Demon God Arrow, actually was grasped by him instantaneously starts. His entire palm as if turned in that flash transparently.

Not only held Demon God Arrow, but, Tian Hen felt instantaneously oneself and relations between Demon God Arrow shut off, then he saw, the Tang San backhand treats as the weapon Demon God Arrow, inserted to has charged into his Mad God Lei Xiang.

Meanwhile, the Tang San under foot slides, in crosswise had been avoided obviously his positive/direct impact by the situation of Mad God locking in unexpectedly, not only that his left hand seemed like very orderly rhythm, was towing the Lei Xiang body stagnation half a point, just Demon God Arrow of right hand inserted while this opportunity.

Demon God Arrow is also the arrow arrow, the arrow arrow is the hidden weapon! Who is Tang San? He is the Tang Sect ancestor, once the Tang Sect hidden weapon of that world in the man who Douluo World will carry forward!

Everybody will fear the hidden weapon, he actually cannot. Arrived God Realm, he also as before completely transformed all that the hidden weapon can achieve to oneself fight during.

The light smile appears on the face, on the Tang San face reveals ice-cold divine light, more in fighting, particularly in having the fight of pressure, he more can maintain calm.

This inserts facing Tang San, seems offensive old Lei Xiang has not attempted to dodge, whatever he inserts Demon God Arrow approaches oneself body.

Mad God Armor naturally sways from side to side, was inserted the flash, the armor of that position suddenly becomes heavy/thick.

Meanwhile, the Lei Xiang body falls suddenly, surrounding gravity instantaneously suddenly/violently to increase, body half revolution, a fist bang to Tang San.

This fist, is the comprehensive eruption of strength of Mad God, behind the Lei Xiang 12 wing strange changes, each piece of wing placed the different angles, fully with the aid of the change of air current, making him be able the fist under a best stance.

Tang San both hands press, from top to bottom presses to his fist. At this moment, around his body becomes stagnates suddenly. Space fissure appears, look like falls into Black Hole to be ordinary suddenly, the slow movement has flickered.

The day Di Tian mark has made a move once more, dimension array!

The palm that Tang San presses down was slow immediately several points, although pressed the fist of Lei Xiang, but strength had to be insufficient obviously, saw, the fist of Mad God arrived at his chest front.

Tang San attracts the chest to receive the abdomen, at the same time, in his left hand, swarthy iron hammer appears, happen to have blocked quietly Mad God this fist.

„Bang--” the crazy Divine Power quantity is extremely wild, this fist bombardment, making Clear Sky Hammer hit reverse in the Tang San chest front, Tang San under foot staggers, must be cut to cut shortly by behind dimension.

Weapon of Heavenly Emperor in this time hand changed into Demon God Sword, a hard sword cuts, the big dimension cuts!

Space tearing, the terrifying darkness and intense cutting force burst out instantaneously, cover Tang San.

By an enemy two, facing two big God King, have Ultra Divine Tool God King particularly, even if Tang San, appeared somewhat has too many problems to tackle.

It seems, he is evades not to be possible to evade, like beforehand Magic Chef of Ice and Fire Rong Nianbing. But this time, Mad God Lei Xiang may not have the half a point to keep the hand, under the Mad God Armor amplification, his striking power far more than rose a level?

At this moment, the first matter that Tang San does is actually not resists the back dimension array and arrives at itself on the big dimension to cut immediately, but raised the head, looks to Lei Xiang.

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