Death Ray Tower

Death Ray Tower

Soul Guidance Master to make various Soul Guidance Device to be famous. After become a God, usually in idles the safe, how Huo Yuhao starts to study unifies Soul Guidance Device and God Realm's Power, forms more formidable Soul Guidance Device, can aim at god Soul Guidance Device.

Therefore had the present product.

This Light of Death inspiration originated from initially in one super Soul Guidance Device that on Douluo Continent he once faced, at that time, this super Soul Guidance Device once had brought the huge trouble to them, even if were the powerhouses of Titled Douluo level is unable to resist.

But this Soul Guidance Device manufactures to be difficult, the material that needs is also harsh.

After God Realm, the issue of material naturally no longer is the issue, in God Realm, can say the material that wants has everything expected to find and has Divine Power.

Therefore, Huo Yuhao on unceasing experiment, how had a look to be able the initial death beam duplication, turned can also overawe existence of side in God Realm.

His tentative plan originally is, after this type of thing studies, installs around God Realm Council, thus makes God Realm Council have the oppression strength.

But after his research, arrived at the bottleneck, did not have the end product to manufacture. Until God of Ruin initiates rebels cannot take shape.

Until by Space-Time Turbulent Flow sweep away, after God Realm was returned to the order, he had the time to continue the initial research.

Has not thought, the time was not long had the research results. Completes God Level Soul Guidance Device of this type of steeple to exist at present. Huo Yuhao is named as Death Ray Tower to it, to commemorate initially in that formidable Soul Guidance Device that on Douluo Continent faced.

This Death Ray Tower, can absorb Immortal Spirit Qi and Divine Power in air to transform as own attack. Moreover can imitate can gather the strength.

Sufficient can finish later Death Ray Tower, the striking power compares favorably with Class One God sufficiently. But it is also quite frail, was unable to attack continuously. Therefore, when just it studied, Huo Yuhao think its some weaks.

Although the attack is strong, but if facing Class One God, even is existence of Class Two God, so long as the opposite party shoulders an attack, sufficiently near body wrecked it. But the manufacture of this Death Ray Tower is quite difficult.

Therefore, the research of Huo Yuhao once stopped in the middle after a period of time, until afterward, Tang Wutong told Tang San this situation, Tang San subconsciously said at that time, that had a person to defend this tower not to be good, quite in many a person.

Tang Wutong passed on to Huo Yuhao father's words, Huo Yuhao then suddenly saw the light, yes! Death Ray Tower wins in the attack is formidable, is used to attack obviously not Taihang in the fight, but when used to defend, looks for a defensive power strong god protection by it, the defensive role that then, it can play is huge.

After having thought through these, Huo Yuhao also had the interest of research immediately, more energy will place to study above this Death Ray Tower. Comes itself safe to attempt to manufacture idly. Then also diligently develops might bigger Death Ray Tower.

He assembles today in of supreme headquarters, is not Death Ray Tower, but is the promotion edition of Death Ray Tower. What a pity, he also manufactures one, was named as God Transferring Pagoda by Huo Yuhao, to commemorate Spirit Transferring Pagoda organization on Douluo Continent.

God Transferring Pagoda might above Death Ray Tower, but Death Ray Tower he also manufactured nine.

Reason that Tang San proposed that takes three groups to make a connection, attack each other supreme headquarters, a very important reason is because has existence of Death Ray Tower. Death Ray Tower is used to defend, coordinates numerous Gods, without doubt is the effect is best.

Huo Yuhao formerly and Strength God Zhou Weiqing went down the road together, the most important goal, was completed has installed three Death Ray Tower below road, three Death Ray Tower mutual attention, only needed to have Zhou Weiqing to defend under Death Ray Tower of most surrounding, the opposite party was two God King, wanted to not to be easy.

But at this moment, Huo Yuhao is completing, then installs in Death Ray Tower of middle of the mill.

Ancient Gods Ruin here, most does not lack is Divine Power, through Death Ray Tower regarding the absorption extraction of Divine Power, striking power that is quite good.

This is also the reason why Huo Yuhao has not disturbed the High Mountain Stream Water tune, he does not have that time to disturb now, what is more important is completes itself to arrange at present is the correct principle.

Immortal Emperor Hai Long and Death God A'Dai also retrocedes, hidden enters in we position, the vegetation and mountain valley of cover become their figure best concealing. Comes under the influence of High Mountain Stream Water tune, now Huo Yuhao cannot lock their situations completely.

But all Death Ray Tower, actually during the control of Huo Yuhao. Once their appears in the Death Ray Tower attack range, without a doubt, will be attacked immediately.

„What ghost a moment ago was that? How to have this type of thing. Probably existence in their supreme headquarters is also similar. From the volume, the striking power should be stronger.” Hai Long somewhat surprised said to other God King.

Death God A'Dai has selected, said: „Yes.”

Zhanggong Wei both eyes narrow the eyes, said solemnly: „It looks like, this was they chooses this way to carry on the Gods' War reason. Everybody should not be anxious, and we fight and look, the card in a hand of opposite party, already more and more clear.”

But also at this moment, Douluo God Realm left wing, Tang San and Rong Nianbing converge finally, two people applaud mutually, complete to change players. Rong Nianbing returns to the supreme headquarters, but Tang San directly soars the left wing central location fast vanguard.

The opposite party has not changed, therefore, the left wing, he must face as before is Mad God Lei Xiang and day Di Tian mark.

High Mountain Stream Water is attacking Tang San similarly, but he as Douluo God Realm highest God King, cultivates for is also most formidable, even if in this case, cannot affect his motion as before.

His divine sense proliferation, approaching speed is not fast, but is actually searching is having the possibility appears enemy anytime. But because spiritual survey sharing of Huo Yuhao was suppressed by High Mountain Stream Water, what are more is surveying to place in we range. Because they must first guarantee that the enemy has not crossed Death Ray Tower, does not take the main road, cuts into from other positions.

Regarding this, clear that very Tang San already judged, if the opposite party such does, then, will fall into his complete set.

Nine Death Ray Tower positions after the precision calculation, through the optimum position that spiritual survey sharing of Huo Yuhao seeks, nine Death Ray Tower naturally impossible non- slits coverage Douluo God Realm complete battlefield. However, so long as there is a match to dare to enter Douluo God Realm here range, Douluo numerous Gods only needs to make the oppression slightly, the opposite party when dodging the revolutions organizes, appears in the Death Ray Tower attack range, Douluo numerous Gods will outflank from the surroundings surely will be rapid. But if on the side of Six Great God Kings wants to reinforce, actually surely after Death Ray Tower, or will be can only come from the specific position. In that case, gave Douluo God Realm to have the full opportunity to aim.

Therefore, now the matter of primary importance regarding Douluo God Realm completes the arrangement of complete nine Death Ray Tower. It looks like in Tang San, completes these arrangement, they at least are in an impregnable position, is only the defense words, the issue was not big.

Huo Yuhao fourth Death Ray Tower has arranged to complete, Tang San goes into action personally, in the left wing, must wait for him to come jointly to complete this arrangement.

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