Nether King flashes the ghosts and gods again startled

Nether King flashes the ghosts and gods again startled

The overlapping light covers to jump to shoot from Zhou Weiqing within the body, Physical Jewel Consolidated and Elemental Jewel rubbing, after become a God, his Elemental Jewel has completed the evolution of being reborn, that is the pure attribute protection. The multiple attributes overlap, change into protect the shield solid.

But, the attack of Nether King's Sword was really too fearful, if the pure theory striking power, Death God A'Dai Nether King's Sword were very possible is Six Great God Realms strongest existence.

Guard shields are in abundance stave, saw that Nether King's Sword arrived at the near.

At this moment, suddenly, together chilly halo sending out, but, has covered the body of Death God instantaneously.

A'Dai only thinks the whole body one cold, although under flickered on sharp break free by Nether King's Sword, but has also given Zhou Weiqing more time.

The under foot earth blasts out loudly, raises the intense air wave, retreat of A'Dai impact. Meanwhile, Zhou Weiqing is almost is similar to like lightning the quick release Battle Bow, the useless eye looked radically, is an arrow projects.

The grating severe howl from the sky changes into thunders, Immortal Emperor Hai Long that will drop from the clouds once more has prevented. Zhou Weiqing also then this opportunity, rapid retreat. But before his body, together slender moving form appears. The innumerable snow and ice ascend, cover the lines of sight of two big God King. The chilly sword light appears together, cuts to strike on the Death God A'Dai shoulder.

A'Dai simply has not dodged, the body halo circulation, grows continually the secret art! That sword glow falls on him together, can only make his movement slightly sluggish, next one flickers, he already once more incarnation lightning, eruption vanguard.

Nether King flashes the ghosts and gods again startled! The Netherworld Nine Art second type!

attracting force transmits from the rear area suddenly, before Nether King's Sword arrives, forcefully goes flying upside down that moving form entrains. Has pulled open and Death God and a Immortal Emperor kilometer distance in a flash.

The Zhou Weiqing this suddenly appears helper, is God of Emotion Huo Yuhao one of the six big Soul Spirit, Snow Emperor Snow Lady!

Initially, Huo Yuhao in the Douluo World homemade Soul Spirit system, set up Spirit Transferring Pagoda. The goal is in order to makes many Soul Beast live, solution human and Soul Beast between as far as possible irreconcilable contradiction.

Although Spirit Transferring Pagoda appears of later generation twisting, but the attainments in Soul Spirit this aspect, not having anybody to be able compared with this newly-established.

Snow Emperor is one of the Huo Yuhao most formidable Soul Spirit, after Huo Yuhao become a God, has been accompanying him, follows his progress to promote. Not only there is an eternal life, truly has reached the God Level level.

In Huo Yuhao six big Soul Spirit, this assigns Soul Spirit, is most important that does not have what direct battle efficiency Daydream Ice Silkworm, but the battle efficiency is strongest, was actually Ice Emperor Ice Jade Emperor Scorpion and Snow Emperor Snow Lady.

Huo Yuhao before departure, knows that Zhou Weiqing two will be difficult by an enemy, therefore, the release clone, first has dispatched Snow Lady this strongest Soul Spirit.

Although Snow Emperor is strong, the only goal that also definitely cannot compared with God King, send her, wins the time to Zhou Weiqing.

Immortal Emperor and Death God naturally cannot let up two pairs of such opportunities, A'Dai paste lead the way, the speedy approach, Immortal Emperor Hai Long once more soars, in the hand golden cudgel rays of light big release, Ultra Divine Tool formidable strength combat nature the air/Qi field instantaneous promotion that along with his and will never concede.

Two people are almost simultaneously pursue toward Zhou Weiqing.

Snow Emperor after formerly after the interception of two big God King, aura is clearly weaken. After all, she is also only Soul Spirit, by cultivating is, but slightly is stronger than Class Three God, but also cannot be in the Class Two God degree. In front of two big God King air/Qi fields, under the suppression of High Mountain Stream Water zither melody, can achieve these not to be easy.

But at this moment, Zhou Weiqing has smiled suddenly, his corners of the mouth place reveals wipes inexpensively the smiling face, has the helmet blocking, opposite two cannot see. But in his heart is actually steadfast.

Has not changed into Battle Hammer, in the hand as before is Battle Bow, Battle Bow raises, arrow arrows crowded like rain, sways from Zhanggong instantaneously.

Forceful „collapses” in sound, each arrow arrow is rudely.

Even if Immortal Emperor and Death God, in such crowded concentrated fire, has to slow down the figure.

Also at this time, together miserable white rays of light instantaneous flash but. Without any omen, suddenly appears in battlefield.

By the Immortal Emperor strength, is unable to dodge unexpectedly, was hit by it actually in the body.

Hai Long whole body one stiff, only thought that the formidable death aura was melting instantaneously own Divine Power, was only, him from airborne suppression fell.

This clearly had the might that Class One God full power struck! What thing is that?

Hai Long surprised raising the head looks, this discovered that in not far away hillside peak, the steeple, just this light beam, the steeple shot, happen to shines on him.

At this time that steeple peak is continuing the sufficient energy, saw that the second light beam must take shape.

But comes under the influence of this Light of Death, he cannot attack Zhou Weiqing with Death God A'Dai.

A'Dai arrived at the Zhou Weiqing near, the Zhou Weiqing procedure is very simple, Zhanggong receives, Battle Hammer pounds suddenly, simply does not have any skill, is pure strength, a hammer pounds in the ground, huge thundering along with the terrifying air wave, raises Death God A'Dai actually flies, does not make him approach itself.

He never with the meaning of Death God A'Dai competion skill. In addition the freezing of Snow Lady from side, does not have the coordination of Immortal Emperor, A'Dai does not have any means with him.

But at this moment, second Light of Death shoots down once more, the goal as before is Immortal Emperor Hai Long.

clear that this time, Hai Long looks, subconscious wants to dodge, but he actually discovered that Light of Death looked like steadily eye, how regardless of he fended, will lock on him. Moreover the speed that this Light of Death comes was really too quick, wanted to dodge simply unable to achieve.

But, he can only lift golden cudgel to resist.

„Buzz”, a whole body blanch, Hai Long withstood/top again.

This Light of Death cannot injure him truly, but Hai Long actually discovered, this gadget seems any special energy form, unexpectedly consumes suitably to own Divine Power is not small, cannot withstand continuously.

But, he can only be the rapid retreat, has spread out some.

Really, the attack of that Light of Death has the range, after he withdraws from more than thousand meters, although Light of Death is condensing as before, again has not actually shone.

„What ghost is this?” Hai Long cannot bear denounce severely one. Superiority originally, because such strange existence becomes nothing left.

But at this time arrived at Huo Yuhao of middle of the mill, a brand-new steeple is installing, in the middle of the mill approaches on a hillside, the corners of the mouth place reveals a strange smiling face.

Felt! Since has chosen such forms of combat, naturally must the terrain perfect use.

Once on Douluo Continent, he was Ice Spirit Douluo, was most formidable Limit Douluo, even once defeated including Beast God Di Tian in his subordinate. Meanwhile, he also has another status, that is strongest Soul Guidance Master.

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