Confuses the tactic?

Confuses the tactic?

The Huo Yuhao speed wonderful quick incomparable directly soaring middle of the mill comes, at the same time, from him, form galloping, in each form is almost having his aura, simultaneously flies to shoot to go in the different directions.

Almost is among the moment, three forms separate from him, similarly is the ice-cold aura fluctuation. Actually in different directions, including form together even to go toward the supreme headquarters.

The Ye Yinzhu sound wave has been playing, has discovered immediately this change.

Is this?

Confuses the tactic?

Ye Yinzhu immediately and we communicates through divine sense, prompts numerous Gods, „the opposite party releases to confuse the tactic, right god releases the multi-channel form, should be that God of Emotion Huo Yuhao. Also is opposite party master control God King.”

Before this commencing of action, they each other have said that naturally, what introduction is only the name and title, concrete strength why who not clear.

„This God of Emotion is not simple, he should have any means to be able the clear judgment our existence.” Mad God Lei Xiang sinking sound said.

Formerly he suffered a loss, a Strength God Zhou Weiqing that rudely arrow can stretch across the almost entire battlefield, and in appears just right before him, is just he by the Rong Nianbing control time, this inside must say that has not guided him not to believe absolutely.

„Yes! Waits a minute to first solve him.” The Zhanggong Wei sinking sound said.

Ye Yinzhu both eyes narrow the eyes, „we move also start.” At the same time was saying, he sits well on the Purple Emperor shoulder, in the hand the guqin trades again, forceful qins called along with it resounding.

This time, the zither | Jean whining noise suddenly like the timely exhortation to virtue and purity, suddenly is similar to the war, has filled the air/Qi of withering, directly soars the opposite oppression to go.

zither sound place visited, greatly somewhat extreme nervousness flavor. In entire Ancient Gods Ruin, all vegetation looked like all lives came, six to Douluo God Realm was virulent.

What is more fearful, in this spirited zither sound, spiritual survey sharing of Huo Yuhao was disturbed intensely, is not he is unable to share, but is other people are attacked by zither sound, periphery has to plant is the mighty force must charge into own feeling, divine sense is disturbed, accepts regarding spiritual survey sharing of Huo Yuhao on had problems.

The collision of both sides launches from master control God King of both sides once again.

This time, Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu puts out, is his spring thunder zither | Jean, zither melody, Ten Sides Ambush!

This is very formidable attack class zither melody, after entering the God Level level, there are to transform castoffs into delicaties the characteristics, can make all small and weak lifeform grow stronger, and becomes his battle efficiency and sentry.

In the Ye Yinzhu energetic sensation, the entire battlefield becomes because of Ten Sides Ambush zither melody clear, he has first given the direction.

„God of Emotion Huo Yuhao went to the middle of the mill. His several clone to be similar to summon and so on ability. Returned to of their supreme headquarters clone to close up to his main body together. The left wing, pays attention to our left wing. Opposite party God of Kindness and God of Wickedness went to the left wing. That side has three God King. Immortal Emperor and Death God are careful.”

„Just right that comes, the club in my hand was already unable to tolerate thirst and hunger!” Listened to the reminder of Ye Yinzhu, Immortal Emperor Hai Long not only not timid, instead fights intent greatly hold.

His forms of combat and other people differ from, he most likes facing formidable match, but regarding him, own fight thought is formidable, is also stronger in the battle efficiency that in the combat process shows.

Swings the body in a flash, Immortal Emperor Lei Xiang has treadonned Seven-colored Auspicious Clouds, before directly soaring the right, to/clashes to go, but Death God A'Dai follows, maintains composure, follows on the heels just like the shadow generally.

Their this advances are very targeted, just aims at God of Kindness and God of Wickedness has not supported to arrive, but here God of Emotion Huo Yuhao left, only remaining Strength God Zhou Weiqing time.

Although Hai Long is militant, but he is actually not the stupid person, is accurate regarding the war assurance enough.

But because Zhou Weiqing comes under the influence of spring thunder zither | Jean Ten Sides Ambush, formerly had not felt regarding Huo Yuhao spirit survey sharing was so clear. Therefore, when he feels the opposite two powerful aura, again wants to return the distant place, became somewhat slow.

„Where walks, eats my stick.” Hai Long loudly shouts, under foot Seven-colored Auspicious Clouds accelerates suddenly, is in the midair, his whole body turned into bright golden, in the hand the golden cudgel almost rose suddenly against the wind, the golden cudgel transforms three just like wanting the epoch-making common stick shadow in the midair instantaneously, the formidable imposing manner that combat nature made Zhou Weiqing this cultivate/repair to have the feeling of not gasping for breath.

Only I Shall Be Immortal these four characters did not shout casually, Immortal Emperor Hai Long had the formidable incomparable inside story.

Although Zhou Weiqing startled is not chaotic, has not continued to retrocede, but falls to the ground instantaneously, during a great hammer falls to grasp, explodes drinks one, the Groundless Hatred Linked Equipment Set effect bursts out, the imposing manner of his whole person changes into the palatial mountain instantaneously, in the hand on the great hammer pulls up, directly soars the Immortal Emperor golden cudgel to move forward to meet somebody.

both sides almost collide instantaneously in together, fierce thundering is centered on them to collide to locate suddenly crack.

„Rumbling!” When three thunder is almost within does not allow to send the complete explosion.

Immortal Emperor, Thousand Jin Club Law, thunderclap three dozens!

Zhou Weiqing only thought oneself as if outrageously were divided by three thunder general, moreover this thunder so heavy, then the hard ground cannot bear this weight, making his both legs undercut directly. But at the same time, the body of Immortal Emperor whole person was also rebounded, breaks in airborne.

Zhou Weiqing title Strength God, is famous for strength, Groundless Hatred Linked Equipment Set is pure strength exists.

At this time this complete eruption, golden cudgel no doubt over ten thousand jin (0.5 kg), in addition thunderclap three dozens. But is unable to have the superiority in the pure strength aspect completely.

But when both sides undercuts, a rebound, together the gray form is almost an instantaneous flash, but, wipes the gray dim light to arrive at Zhou Weiqing instantaneously at present.

In that flash, Zhou Weiqing immediately some soul locked feelings, the intense sense of crisis transmits instantaneously.

Nether King flashes the world to move! Death God Nether King's Sword, makes a move finally.

Even if were rebounded in airborne Immortal Emperor, sees in the time heart of this sword also for it with amazement, not having Xuan imposing manner actually to just like the king in dark night, Divine Power unexpectedly perfect squeezing that bursts out instantaneously, even if Zhou Weiqing Groundless Hatred Linked Equipment Set is Ultra Divine Tool, is not necessarily able to block this similarly is Ultra Divine Tool Nether King's Sword.

„I must go back!” In Death God A'Dai mind this time, only then this thought that he only wants quickly to finish this Gods' War, is earlier break free Black Hole, goes back to search own parents, seeks for existence of Nether Realm.

When a person has the thought as the support, the battle efficiency often can display 120% degrees, let alone, Zhou Weiqing also just and Hai Long put together hardly. At this time wants to dodge by complete fixed Nether King's Sword, that is impossible.

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