Exploratory attack

Exploratory attack

This without doubt is an exploratory attack, no one will plan that thoroughly takes the victory in this attack. Six Great God Realms probed the battle efficiency of Rong Nianbing God King level as well as has the seven luminaries of Ultra Divine Tool level similarly.

But Douluo God Realm also probed Ye Yinzhu to have Purple Emperor that same level this life paragenesis had. Everybody's card in a hand has revealed.

This will make this Gods' War without doubt more discrete.

Ten two God King in Ancient Gods Ruin actively are preparing the following fight, but in the outer space, the bird's eye view seven Great God Realm god of this competion were being another type feels.

Douluo God Realm is actually good, they formerly most were worried is the Rong Nianbing safety, saw that he can be out of danger and compel to draw back the match, naturally is big relaxing.

But Six Great God Realms feels is different, during the first exploratory nature of both sides fights, without a doubt, was Douluo God Realm had certain superiority. Rong Nianbing two can compel to draw back the match by an enemy, but another side qins and purple two emperors actually obviously suffered a loss.

Although this cannot express anything, but at least from just collision, the complete force of both sides should be in the same level line. This makes Six Great God Realms observing cannot help but be surprised.

Actually can simultaneously and Six Great God Realms compares favorably by God Realm's Power, the numerous Gods strength in this Douluo God Realm indeed so intrepidly in this way?

Moreover, in Douluo numerous Gods that the distant place observes, so numerous Class One God, such overall strength, truly was by far has dominated any Six Great God Realms.

Even if were formerly to very confident Immortal Realm, has to acknowledge at this time, the strength of both sides has the disparity.

That Sea God Tang San dares to propose that by an enemy six, really has the full inside story. Until this time, this Sea God did not have the true participation during the fight.

But at this moment, both sides in simultaneously the process of retreat, respectively are exchanging.

Six Great God Realms.

Among the interaction through divine sense, Six Great God Kings each other contacts.

„That Rong Nianbing sentences in advance is much more formidable , his seven knives is unusual, each as if approaches existence in Ultra Divine Tool, puts together, even also surmounts ordinary Ultra Divine Tool. What is more important is he is perfect regarding the controls of these strength, just that unexpectedly had swallowed my Demon God Bow strength.” The day Di Tian mark somewhat sinks strongly fragrant saying.

„That is because I was negligent.” Lei Xiang said: „If not so, even if he has Ultra Divine Tool same is also not our matches.”

Zhanggong Wei say/way unrestrained/no trace of politeness: „You are not the general idea, but had a low opinion of the enemy. In fact, not only you, all of us somewhat had a low opinion of the enemy. We subconscious believes, should not have any opportunity by enemy six them, therefore you do not have make an all-out effort at that time. If comes up you to use Mad God Armor, by the suppression of Ultra Divine Tool, he wants to release that move not to be certainly easy.”

Lei Xiang was silent, but Immortal Emperor Hai Long said: „Quickly has recycled why such, Zither Emperor. Us just must contact the opposite party. I and Death God collaborate, the opposite party absolutely does not have any opportunity. Our definitely is our superiority.”

Ye Yinzhu said: „Because our middle of the mill has suffered a loss slightly, if not recycle, I feared that your side just began, the middle of the mill god of that two use flame will support the past. But I and purple support will be certainly slower than them. In two pairs of four situations, you can guarantee that insisted we arrive, but hasn't damaged?”

„Yinzhu is right.” Zhanggong Wei said: „Just we were only the exploratory collisions, everybody was impossible to use full power, at least, making us be able to understand the opposite party. Simultaneously also promotes the understanding.”

Promoted understanding these words to say obviously to the Ye Yinzhu hear, before today, they do not have anybody to know this Zither Emperor really also had such a partner of same level paragenesis.

Immortal Emperor Hai Long said: „We then what to do? Can change positions to set? Lei Xiang, you , if not good, that Rong Nianbing gave me to be good. I do not believe that his several kitchen knives can block my golden cudgel!”

Lei Xiang coldly snorted, „has no need, who didn't have the electricity card in a hand? Although that Rong Nianbing has blocked me and Tian Hen, the card in a hand that but he reveals obviously are also more than us. Had a moment ago such situation again, he knows, anything was called the pressure.”

Extraordinary, this Mad God has not gotten angry because of the Hai Long words, instead is analyzing very much calmly.

Zhanggong Wei said: „Does not need to change positions, Yinzhu continues to observe the opposite party, looks for the opportunity. In order to expose the surface.”

Douluo God Realm.

„Has not thought that Zither Emperor really also has the helper, this does not calculate that breaks the rules?” Ji Dong somewhat depressed saying.

Tang San said: „Entire Ancient Gods Ruin had been blocked by our Divine Power, in this case the opposite party can also summon that person, that was equal to summoning the beast existed generally, cannot say contrary. Moreover, the similar ability we have. Yuhao, your side preparation how?”

The Huo Yuhao sound conveys: „The right has arranged, I must start to change positions immediately. The right is only Big Brother Zhou somewhat will be frail, but must invite God of Kindness and God of Wickedness changes positions with me, I to the middle of the mill, trouble you to the right.”

Tang San said: „Is very good, 311 lineups, we make the situation of the right breaking through to transfer them first. Nianbing, your side good?”

Rong Nianbing said: „Pressure is a little big . Moreover, for we plan finally, I cannot consume too many.”

„Good, I change you.” Saying of Tang San without the slightest hesitation, then immediately jumps from the supreme headquarters direction, directly soars the position that Rong Nianbing to go. But Rong Nianbing is the fast retreat, converges to him.

Them had the sound, the opposite feels immediately, the sound wave that Ye Yinzhu sprang although did not have the Huo Yuhao spiritual survey sharing effect to be so good, but changing positions of personnel can definitely investigate.

Moreover, the Tang San aura is so obvious, during the opposite key attention, this changing positions, that side Zhanggong Wei immediately had had the response.

„What to do?” Ye Yinzhu asked to Zhanggong Wei.

Zhanggong Wei said solemnly: „Invariably on ten thousand change. Do not consider that is Rong Nianbing consumes the excessive issue. Everybody deals normally. The forms of combat that since the opposite party chooses were proposed by them, the way of this three groups of collisions is not then simple. Definitely also has any trick. However, we have six God Realm to be the backing, how the inside story many that they are deeper. We now are also good to do is invariable on ten thousand change, waits for them to use the trick, when their trick has exhausted, is the time that this fight finished.”

„Good!” Five Great God Kings almost simultaneously accordingly, the Zhanggong Wei calm words also made them have the pillar instantaneously.

Is primarily is steady, invariably on ten thousand change. This is Six Great God Realms formulated the good strategy.

Strengthens confidence, does not give the opposite party opportunity.

But while they move, Douluo God Realm, started to move to shape changing positions.

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