Formerly all preparations and sneak attacks, as if already already during the computation of Rong Nianbing. What is more fearful, Lei Xiang discovered that position that Rong Nianbing this Seven Luminaries Awaken cuts, is that point that cannot catch up comprehensively. Precise of the computation, making one praise to the heavens.

It is not good! Negligent!

Because is two pairs one, moreover sticks out suddenly the sneak attack. Therefore, when Lei Xiang and Tian Hen simultaneously appears, Lei Xiang actually retained, because in his opinion, copes with Rong Nianbing to have more than enough to spare by their strength, can solve the opposite party surely in a short time.

Therefore, he used oneself Fallen Angel to change the body, changed into 12 wing angels to launch the attack of Darkness Attribute, and also had the Tian Hen dark attribute amplification to add on Demon God Arrow again, saw suffices.

But who can think, Rong Nianbing actually suddenly erupted not to be inferior in the God King battle efficiency, and by Ice Fire Common Source Seven Kitchen Knifes melt together, showed the Ultra Divine Tool elegant demeanor. Turns the passive situation into initiative, borrowed the Tian Hen Demon God Arrow energy, attacks Lei Xiang.

at this moment, seemed like has concentrated Tian Hen and strength of Rong Nianbing two people hits Mad God. The rapidness of aspect change, simply is eyes cannot take it all.

The Rong Nianbing face previous reveals a smile at this time, the somewhat startled appearance was formerly nothing left.

In the heart mused, although I am a chef, but do not forget, my this chef also has a prefix, is called Magic Chef of Ice and Fire, first I was an once magician, moreover was the magician of maximum level, was the chef!

Tang San daring makes him walk alone, the reason is very simple , because, in the individual battle efficiency, in entire Douluo God Realm, besides Tang San, most powerhouse was Rong Nianbing.

If God of Ruin still, reluctantly can win him partly to plan, but God of Ruin has devoted for God Realm. Rong Nianbing is the true God Realm second person. After entering God Realm Council, receives moistening of God Realm's Center, his cultivating for already the upper building, was the true God King level. Many years of accumulation, already made this Magic Chef of Ice and Fire step the peak.

Until this time, he full power erupts, in Lei Xiang general idea has not released in the Mad God Armor situation, so long as this move of Divine Skill Seven Luminaries Awaken falls on him, even if cannot rout him thoroughly, will certainly make its strength big was weakened.

This is true counterattacking!

But also at this time, „din-dong” delightful zither sound resounds, zither sound arrives, the day Di Tian mark and Mad God Lei Xiang two people simultaneously the spirit inspires, instantaneously has an own divine sense raised feeling. But Rong Nianbing actually obviously feels, own imposing manner washed out, as if there is waterfall to drop from the clouds general.

Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu?

Why Rong Nianbing can cutting in just right Demon God Arrow, and can make Seven Luminaries Awaken appears in most should the appears position, this naturally and Huo Yuhao controls spiritual survey sharing of audience unable to separate.

But, similarly, that side others Six Great God Realms also has to excel at controlling God King of audience. This High Mountain Stream Water, gave Mad God Lei Xiang to win the time instantaneously.

Arrived their this levels, who isn't existence of having fought many battles? Lei Xiang was almost responded immediately.

Both hands also lift, golden rays of light suddenly/violently to launch, Ultra Divine Tool Mad God Armor while has covered the whole body that Seven Luminaries Awaken slow has patted instantaneously.

The both arms keep off before the body, the back 12 wings close up from the rear area, this talent and Seven Luminaries Awaken collide together.

„Coaxes!” Giant seven element whirlpools the Lei Xiang complete gable, this Mad God direct impact flew. If no protection of Mad God Armor, the strength of Great Annihilation this Seven Luminaries Awaken brings, at least must tear his several pieces of wings.

For all this, extremely hasty, Lei Xiang that because deals was flushed by the giant vortex, breaks in the midair.

At this moment, second arrow also finally arrival of Demon God Arrow just right, making Rong Nianbing has to use the seven luminaries to cut broken it. This time Demon God Arrow did not have that well with the strength, after being cut, vanished in space crack that instantaneously, in a splinter opened. Meanwhile, innumerable space crack appears around the Rong Nianbing body, preventing him to pursue Lei Xiang.

But, Rong Nianbing does not pursue, does not mean existences of other attacks.

The grating severe howl from far to near, almost shelled instantaneously on airborne Mad God.


Huge strength leads the body of Lei Xiang to depart beyond near kilometer, although there is a defense of Mad God Armor, these also made the feeling of Lei Xiang hit dizziness vertigo.

The right, Zhou Weiqing receives Groundless Hatred Linked Equipment Set Zhanggong, the corners of the mouth place reveals a strange smiling face.

The bow and arrow who can't? Initially, in Heavenly Jewel Change World, is the bow and arrow that he studied first, was the genuine marksman. On the skill of archery, Heavenly Emperor fall far short compared with him, he in this aspect, but is specialized.

Physical Jewel Consolidated and Elemental Jewel rubbing. In the past relied on own formidable strength, Zhou Weiqing can defeat the outstanding heroes, became the genuine most powerhouse.

Has the spirit to survey the direction of sharing, this Zhanggong looks like the missile of precision guidance is simply ordinary, where wants to shoot to shoot where.

But while Lei Xiang was shot flies, Tian Hen saw Rong Nianbing some smiling faces of harboring evil intentions.

Tian Hen coldly snorted, „you, although with having seven attributes, but your this takes the ice fire actually unable as source seven species itself to fuse truly, but temporary overlapping. Moreover, this forms of combat are very big to your consumption, I wait to look how long you can insist.”

Spoke these words, his silver light/only flashes, retroceded into together in the space crack, has not chosen and Rong Nianbing spells hardly.

Looks that the Tian Hen form disappears, the distant place Mad God aura once more is also powerful, on the Rong Nianbing face the smiling face receives, brow slightly pressed, moves sideways to vanish in same place, uses similarly is also Space Attribute.

The first collision of both sides, ended in light of this. Rong Nianbing draws back into to nearby woods, but Mad God Lei Xiang and day Di Tian mark has not pursued again. It looks like has reached an agreement, both sides are maintaining the reason.

This is a group war, the battlefield, although is broad, but everybody is existence of God King level, no one knows when some people will support, in this case, will not have absolute assurance certainly not make an all-out effort will spell hardly.

Seven Divine Knifes separates, Rong Nianbing aura also becomes vague, but at this time, the High Mountain Stream Water tune of distant place also in answering a curtain call that this time was quietly, no longer echo.

Purple is almost and Rong Nianbing retreats with Ye Yinzhu at the same time, the flame that collaboration of Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames), erupts is extremely powerful, they somewhat cannot resist, the purple defense is eventually limited, two somewhat has too many problems to tackle by an enemy. But relies on his tyrannical strength to add on Ye Yinzhu plays High Mountain Stream Water while Zither Sound Invisible Sword of release, retreats calmly.

Lie Yan (raging flames) and Ji Dong received have come from the notice of Huo Yuhao, similarly has not pursued, returned to we range from the middle place.

But Douluo God Realm right, is the Six Great God Realms left wing, did not have about one step to collide in this time both sides forward. The everybody's first time „intimate contact” stagnates in light of this.

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