Same level this life

Same level this life

Tang San stands in the high tower front of we supreme headquarters, is closing both eyes, is feeling audience's change through the spiritual survey of Huo Yuhao sharing. He has not fired into the Rong Nianbing direction to try to replace him immediately, since he chose has made this Magic Chef of Ice and Fire take the road alone, naturally had his idea.

What he cares, Lie Yan (raging flames) and Ji Dong of middle of the mill whether to take Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu at one fell swoop!

This time Ye Yinzhu is evades not to be possible facing Yin-Yang big blasting open to evade, he excels compared to the close combat at the remote control, melted the attack of God of Wickedness Ji Dong reluctantly, made him extremely exhausted. At this time, he at all impossible to deal with back Lie Yan (raging flames) . Moreover, he truly such has not done.

But at this time, together purple light flashed through, the form did not have appears of omen together suddenly behind Ye Yinzhu. His both arms lift, before the body alternately crosswise, the whole body is glittering the eye-catching amethystinus, this amethystinus looks like an armor covers his whole body generally. Shoulders Yin-Yang big blasting open hardly.

„Bang--” in fierce bellow, that form hits from behind after Ye Yinzhu carries on the back, two people simultaneously in a flash, but the attack of Lie Yan (raging flames) therefore was also blocked.

Is this?

Lie Yan (raging flames) and Ji Dong simultaneously stare, because this appears formerly they had not seen in Ye Yinzhu behind god suddenly. But of its defensive power, can block Lie Yan (raging flames) to strike can be inferred.

Also at this time, that look was handsome, the figure big and tall youth face upwarded to angrily roar, the powerful air wave erupted suddenly from him, the dazzling purple light shot up to the sky, was almost in a flash, his height inflated about 50 meters. The heavy/thick amethystinus covers the whole body, both hands also sends out, separately the racket to Lie Yan (raging flames) and excitement, before two amethystinus rays of light had the unequalled Xuan imposing manner to arrive at two people.

Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) release the Divine Skill resistance respectively, backing up that but was promoted by that powerful incomparable strength as before. But that person also inflated 50 meters altitude, changes into the terrors of half -and-a-half people of beasts to exist. But Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu, sits well on his left shoulder at this time, in the eye reveals a genial smile, is guqin appears in his hands.

„High Mountain Stream Water seeks the intimate friend, please listen to my one, High Mountain Stream Water!” The Nine Heavens Loop Thunder Zhiter delightful sound resounds, just like gurgling the running water, such as the high mountains, in an instant, entire Ancient Gods Ruin was covered by a vitality, makes the person unconscious immersion, God of Kindness Lie Yan (raging flames) and God of Wickedness Ji Dong movement slow several points.

In the Zither Emperor world , he not only has the wife, brothers. Especially at present this, has existence of same level this life contract with him.

Not only the Zither Emperor world has Zither Emperor, Purple Emperor!

Two person and a life. Their this as one, therefore, is not contrary.

Why Ye Yinzhu dares a person to take the middle of the mill, in itself battle efficiency actually not, if in other people's situation actually bears the maximum pressure , because, side him, but also has his good brothers, since childhood grew up together, life sharing, can at any time when the opposite party danger transmits side one generation of Purple Emperor to opposite party.

The Purple Emperor name is very simple, only has a purple character.

He in Mortal World is most formidable existence, is in genuine the King compared with a Mongolian giant beast clan, the amethyst compared with ignorant/veiled.

When childhood in some intention illegal by the ethnic group was chased down, afterward was rescued by Ye Yinzhu, later two people under the chance coincidence, have concluded same level this life contract, henceforth becomes the closest partner.

Ye Yinzhu does not know that has many dangers by the purple rescue, but he also helps purple to return to the ethnic group, becomes one generation of Purple Emperor.

In such important Gods' War, there is Zither Emperor to be able not to have Purple Emperor?

The distant place, in the Six Great God Realms supreme headquarters, Zhanggong Wei also immediately felt existence of Purple Emperor, at the same time of being startled, on the face revealed a smile.

„Has not thought really, Yinzhu really also has such card in a hand. No wonder he repeatedly requests to take middle of the mill, bears the maximum pressure. It looks like, time that he wins should be enough.”

Without a doubt, Zither Emperor and Purple Emperor will withstand as before from the comprehensive attack of God of Kindness and God of Wickedness, their boundaries and cultivate/repair to as before be also not necessarily able to resist, but, Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) want to take to defend Purple Emperor that and strength is famous in a short time are not that easy. Moreover, Ye Yinzhu under the protection of Purple Emperor, controls the ability of audience to display sufficiently comprehensively oneself.

Lifting of this card in a hand, almost made the situation favor a Six Great God Realms side instantaneously completely. Because, Rong Nianbing has faced the aspect that is going to collapse at this time.

Demon God Arrow is near at hand, the body was affected, in addition Demon God Arrow itself has to lock the divine sense ability, is top Pseudo Ultra Divine Tool, evades not to be possible to evade.

Rong Nianbing at this time, actually not startled. He can always maintain calm at the most important time.

As a chef, in cooking, most important is the control crucial moment. The crucial moment that the different food need is also different, therefore, he needs to observe the change of any food calmly, affects them through own cooking again.

In good food aspect, he early has reached the degree of reach a high degree of proficiency, giving up affectation.

Jade Pearl Knife of under foot was suppressed by Heavenly Emperor, Space Attribute obviously was affected, does not have the means to transmit him leaves. Freedom Wind's Gentle Hymn Proud Sky Knife is unable to take to his light and lively figure at this time again.

But, the Magic Chef of Ice and Fire kitchen knife is always not two handles.

Two groups of rays of light are almost simultaneously jumps falling in his hands, Rong Nianbing both hands also lift, left hand Ice and Snow Goddess's Sigh Morning Dew Knife and right hand Flame God's Roar True Sun Knife. The double blade combines and complements one another, Ice Fire Common Source!

In an instant, the ice and fire each other blend, at the same time, strange six glow stars also along with it appears in the Rong Nianbing under foot.

Mad God Lei Xiang and day Di Tian mark almost simultaneously hears seven to resound sonorously, in their fields of vision, Rong Nianbing as if changed into a giant vortex, by vortex that the color is formed.

„Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding and ding!” When seven crisp cries almost do not allow to send in the middle resounds.

In the gaze of Tian Hen, what he as if sees is seven color light wheel, light wheel sways, seven blades such as one, does not divide unexpectedly cuts to strike successively generally on Demon God Arrow.

From icing Snow Lady god sigh Morning Dew Knife Ice Attribute, to Flame God's Roar True Sun Knife Fire Attribute, arrives at Earth Attribute, Space Attribute, Light Attribute and Darkness Attribute that Freedom Wind's Gentle Hymn Proud Sky Knife Wind Attribute as well as the following four handles guess correctly again. Seven species bursting out almost all attach in the flash on Demon God Arrow.

The Demon God Arrow instantaneous disintegration, changes into Daoist believers light/only, must dissipate in the air. light wheel that but, that Seven Kitchen Knifes forms actually produces formidable attracting force, unexpectedly forcefully inhales after Demon God Arrow blasts out the energy completely.

Ice Fire Common Source, Seven Luminaries Awaken!

Not only seven color light wheel have melted and swallowed Demon God Arrow, next one flickers, welcomed Mad God Lei Xiang that has swooped to come!

Lei Xiang and Tian Hen are almost simultaneously with amazement look changes, because of they shocking discovery, that fuses in together Seven Kitchen Knifes, aura unexpectedly also above ordinary Ultra Divine Tool. In other words, this Seven Kitchen Knifes unexpectedly is existence of Pseudo Ultra Divine Tool, and through method of thorough melting Ice Fire Common Source for a body, promoted the pinnacle own energy.

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