Yin-Yang Great Explosion

Yin-Yang Great Explosion

Safflower two color light balls of fist size, almost arrived in front of Ye Yinzhu instantaneously.

This time Zither Emperor, in the hand has changed a zither | Jean, Zither Sound Invisible Sword suddenly/violently to launch, crowded concentrated fire.

However, what is strange, what kind of Zither Sound Invisible Sword, in this flickers, was swallowed unexpectedly all by that small bi-color light ball, this light ball is that stable incomparable flies in the Zither Emperor direction.

This is Rong Nianbing after joining to God Realm Council, when with Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) communication teaches own Ice Fire Common Source some skills to them, the law of Yin-Yang double hot linkage thus evolving.

Is relying on God King Divine Power, this strikes, but Ji Dong has not kept the hand, is his full power strikes.

Meanwhile, Lie Yan (raging flames) swung the body in a flash, arrived at Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu behind. Also is a palm lays out.

Holds the shadow to be overlapping, red and blue two colors enhance one another's beauty, similarly is also Yin-Yang Great Explosion, but is actually the different manifestations. But any one type, once were hit, that feeling cannot be comfortable.

The Ye Yinzhu complexion changes. Has to receive to reach behind the back the guqin. The right hand wields, in hand were many a thin sword. In the hand the thin sword sways, the overlapping sword shadow is centered on his body sways just like myriad star light generally.

Initially, he not only came from the Eastern Dragon Eighth Sect zither | Jean sect, came in Zhuzong similarly. In myriad sword shadow swaying process, the sword shadow twinkle, each release, gives people a marvelous feeling, seems following the highest good.

Yin-Yang Great Explosion before body blasts out.

In that flash, entire Ancient Gods Ruin as if fiercely shook, is in Light God King Zhanggong Wei of supreme headquarters for it slightly look changes.

Since his attention on Sea God Tang San, he has been able the clear feeling the great strength of Tang San, but has not actually thought, besides Tang San, actually also some people can release the so terrifying attack, moreover does not draw support in any Ultra Divine Tool situation completely.

Sword shadow that in the Ye Yinzhu hand sways is almost the instantaneously exploded disruption, the dark golden big dragon under body coils around suddenly on, protects the lord by the body. Then first exploded has blocked the majority.

In airborne Zither Emperor forcefully to be fallen the ground by exploding, the hair somewhat is obviously scattered in disorder. But the second palm that also at this moment, in the sky, Lie Yan (raging flames) releases has also divided spatially, but.

By the Ye Yinzhu present condition, is how regardless of unable to block this to strike.

The control of temperament he most excels, by upfront fight, match , if only a person, he can also socialize by own abilities, may work as the match is the couple, two big God King time, he had too many problems to tackle eventually.

Can Zither Emperor finish this Gods' War?

Observing, is in bureau the person, each cannot help but is anxious.

Stated differently, the Douluo God Realm anxiety came from in the excitement, but Six Great God Realms anxious from worrying.

But at this moment, in Rong Nianbing of left wing slow vanguard, is feeling intense threat appears suddenly in own consciousness deep place.

The next quarter, his figure explodes instantaneously draws back, but also in this flickers, he received has come from the prompt of Huo Yuhao. To line simultaneously vanished with his Mad God Lei Xiang as well as the day Di Tian mark.

It is not good!

The Rong Nianbing first thought just flashed before. Together form already appears above his top of the head. Xuan imposing manner has the unequalled boundless strength to fall from the day weather.

Does not have the half a point to hesitate, Proud Sky Knife cuts void, at the same time, silver rays of light raises from the under foot together, is Fate's Hexagram of Hundred Transformations Jade Pearl Knife.

The silver light/only flashes, instantaneous cut, Rong Nianbing arrived at the distant place.

But place that he formerly was, unequalled thundering also along with it crack. A big form on float there, a pair filled the eye pupil of haughty meaning to look steadily at his direction. Impressively Mad God Lei Xiang.

What is more fearful, Rong Nianbing flickers below on the feeling of clear, solidified in own body surrounding space suddenly, silver rays of light on Jade Pearl Knife was gloomier.

The ear broadcasts a chilly sound, „dimension imprisonment!”

Heavenly Emperor form appears in Mad God body side. Moreover, at this time, seeing of Magic Chef of Ice and Fire Rong Nianbing clear, Mad God Lei Xiang face upwarded the long and loud cry, solemnly shouted every single word or phrase: „Dark condensation soul, degenerates can be free, awakens, endless Demon Power of deep sleep in my blood!”

Time that each character recited, his imposing manner violent will increase several points, what was more fearful, pairs of jet black such as the wing of black ink opened behind him slowly, instance that altogether six pairs of 12 wings opened completely, the surrounding air instant was becoming viscous.

The space imprisonment made Rong Nianbing move difficulty, but at this time this viscous dark Divine Power appears, imprisoning to deepen several points.

On the day Di Tian mark is covering Demon God Armor of complete set as before, the jet black armor is sending out the light dim light, lifts the hand, huge Demon God Bow already appears during he controls, the drawing a bow nocking, was sparkling seven color rays of light profound light/only arrows already on Demon God Bow by drawing the full moon.

Their coordination so are unexpectedly tacit!

Rong Nianbing understood the intention of opposite party instantaneously. From beginning to end, Six Great God Realms has not despised them. Has aimed at Ye Yinzhu of middle of the mill like them. The opposite party had also discovered through the sound wave feedback of Ye Yinzhu of starting off are leaves behind. Therefore, Heavenly Emperor and Mad God do not hesitate all transmitted appears with the quickest velocity space in front of oneself.

Even had the possibility they to discover very much Huo Yuhao can monitor the ability of audience, therefore has chosen the sudden eruption. Compared with the middle of the mill, their eruptions have the element of surprise, without a doubt, Rong Nianbing will be hard to resist.

Mad God Fallen Angel changes the body adds on Heavenly Emperor Demon God Bow. This is one kills the bureau. Once starting off collapse. Then, other two groups must return to base rapidly, can only replaces other people as substitution Tang San, actually cannot directly participate in the defense.

The opposite party even somewhat must compete to look that who solves the meaning of match in two pairs of situations first.

Without a doubt, in the tactical arrangement, both sides cannot profit.

Mad God one step steps forward, next one flickers, the whole person changed into one group of black light shadow, directly soars Rong Nianbing to dash to come, but the Demon God Bow bowstring in Tian Hen hand trembles, after seven color arrow arrows, sends first, arrived at Rong Nianbing forehead instantaneously.

In the outer space, the Magic Chef of Ice and Fire eight wife simultaneously look changes, all occurred was really too quick, they have not even responded, the husband fell into the dead end.

The day Di Tian mark is the darkness and space double attribute control, most excels at making the space crack controls the space, Rong Nianbing is imprisoned by him, in addition Demon God Bow positive/direct impact of terrifying attack strength as well as Mad God. From any perspective, Rong Nianbing does not have any opportunity.

both sides have almost in the aspect that god fell into certainly kill at the same time respectively.

But at this time Douluo God Realm here right, is the Six Great God Realms left wing, both sides also already speedy approach. Because this two sides march forward normally, therefore has not bumped into.

Gods' War, opens finally comprehensively.

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