Inborn eight fingers

Inborn eight fingers

Tang San assumes personal command in we supreme headquarters, look to narrow the eyes, mutters thought aloud: „212 lineups. Middle of the mill, Zither Emperor!”

Almost received the instruction instantaneously, is in God of Kindness Lie Yan (raging flames) and God of Wickedness of Ji Dong middle of the mill two people simultaneous acceleration, directly soars the opposite to flush away.

According to the beforehand judgment, existence of Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu itself not any Ultra Divine Tool. Therefore, in some sense, Ye Yinzhu is a weak point, but from his beforehand well distributed Locking God Array, he without doubt is opposite party master control God King, is responsible for controlling the audience.

If then, can solve this point, particularly in two pairs of situations, all becomes will be then different.

both sides both rapidly are approaching, and is marching forward according to the terrain.

The terrain of middle of the mill is smoothest, is recent. In suddenly the situation of acceleration, behind Lie Yan (raging flames) and Ji Dong are emitting the dazzling flame light.

Can be able to see from the upper air bird's eye view that two forms are common just like two meteors, accurate incomparable directly soars Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu to go.

„They must cope with Zither Emperor probably, but, how they know Zither Emperor is a person?” In outer space. Is watching the following Gods' War Six Great God Realms female family members, the expression becomes surprised.

Piao Miao Immortal Venerable looks to not far away Zither Emperor wives. But she actually with amazement discovered, Zither Emperor numerous wives, other Sura people, have not revealed any worry the appearance, instead winning smiles are sweet, does not know that was discussing anything in a low voice.

Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither) is an anxious temperament, cannot bear ask: „Sura, aren't you worried? They must cope with Zither Emperor!”

Sura shows a faint smile, said: „My family husband where has is so easy to cope. Otherwise, you think that Light God King will let him alone in the middle of the mill?”

The females look at each other in blank dismay, reveals the color of doubts.

Six Great God Realms completes Locking God Array, although had a long time, but in fact, some Six Great God Kings actually many strengths, few people true clear.

But looks like in other God Realm, in Six Great God Realms, must be Zither Emperor God Realm and Sky Speed Star Hen God Realm is weak. Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu and day Di Tian mark, is in Six Great God Kings weakest two.

But, from the Sura expression, as if their judgment appears some mistakes.

Because they can look at clear, in view of Ye Yinzhu, but Douluo God Realm two big God King, can say that is next to Sea God Tang San two. Concentrates two people of strength, deals with Zither Emperor one person, Zither Emperor wants to deal is not obviously easy!

Moreover the battlefield is broad, comes under the Ancient Gods Ruin Divine Power influence, other people want to rescue also need to be good some time. Zither Emperor wants certainly a appears pair of two aspect.

This Zither Emperor, actually has what strength, unexpectedly makes his wife not be worried about his safety?

At this moment, is forwarding, has not actually arrived at Ye Yinzhu of middle place to stop suddenly, wipes the light smile to reappear on his face, the right hand wields, a guqin on appears above his both hands.

The guqin presents for dark golden all over the body, when its appears, immediately follows the intermittent low and deep dragon roar sound to get up.

These dragon roar sounds flood are being dignified and arrogant, Ye Yinzhu is lifting the guqin, another hand moved in the string. Immediately sends out a guqin buzz cry.

The invisible sound wave toward spreads immediately in all directions, can see from the outer space, after that invisible sound wave appears, the halo of distortion covers in the Douluo God Realm direction faintly.

The intensity of this sound wave is not big, will not injure the vegetation. Although does not have the comprehensive three-dimensional survey of Spirit Eyes to be so fierce, but, sound wave place visited, has in a short time covered the big piece range.

Therefore, Ye Yinzhu first feels, is the upfront in high-speed to two big God King that oneself come.

He has not known two people who who are, but also is the complexion changes, sat cross-legged to sit directly same place, both hands according to above the string, formerly shake will smooth.

The Ye Yinzhu inborn eight fingers, lacked two tails to refer, eight fingers moved lightly, seven strings trembled, brought air/Qi of several points of withering ancient zither melody also to make a sound.

One presents for concave lens shape halo appears in him behind, becomes the zither sound amplifier, releases comprehensively in the Douluo God Realm direction.

The guqin buzz the cry, seven string 13 emblems burst out melodious zither sound unceasingly, just like intermittent dragon roar scatters in all directions generally the expansion.

Bearing the brunt is Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames). In them of high-speed low-altitude flying, first was hearing the zither sound fluctuation.

Through spiritual survey sharing of Huo Yuhao, the position that they can the feeling of clear Ye Yinzhu be, without doubt, this zither sound releases from Ye Yinzhu there.

But, this thought just appears in the mind, they actually simultaneously felt that the whole body stagnates, the body sinks suddenly, has crashed toward the ground suddenly.

Two people are God King cultivate/repair luckily are, lays out a palm to the ground respectively, simultaneously falls in the ground. In the eye revealed a shock. Moreover they discovered, comes under the influence of that zither sound, why does not know, they are unable to fly once more.

Is Douluo God Realm starts obviously, but, was attacked truly first, instead changed into them.

Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu, the antiquity famous zither | Jean, Pseudo Ultra Divine Tool, the dead wood dragon roar zither | Jean, dead wood dragon roar, the effect, banned spatially!

When once, Zither Emperor in Mortal World, in front of a giant crisis, he once was still relying on dead wood dragon roar, making the entire dragoon regiment bury. Bans spatial Devine Melody, innumerable years later, appears once more.

If in Ancient Gods Ruin this special place, does not ban the spatial Devine Melody effect so not to be good, after all, what it aims is numerous God King.

But, was affected by Ancient Gods Ruin, itself flies is limited, in addition the function of dead wood dragon roar tune, that was really including God King unable to fly in airborne.

The dead wood dragon roar tune is non- difference attack, therefore, Ye Yinzhu relies on the concave lens that behind Divine Power is condensing becomes, releases toward Douluo God Realm zither sound, we are marching forward numerous Gods was actually not affected.

Being responsible for of both sides directs Huo Yuhao and Ye Yinzhu of first collision audience, it can be said that excels at winning the field respectively.

Each other looks at each other one, Lie Yan (raging flames) and Ji Dong intention is interlinked, after feeling the fearfulness of Zither Emperor, strengthened them to in solve the determination of this master control God King most in a short time.

Cannot fly does not represent cannot march forward, after two people, has the flame to emit once more, goes in the Ye Yinzhu direction rapidly.

But at this time, the dead wood dragon roar tune has transmitted a farther place.

Huo Yuhao had already discovered Ye Yinzhu in playing a stringed musical instrument, and immediately feels the influence that Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) came, naturally immediately has informed we, everybody fell to the ground successively, this avoided being banned by the dead wood dragon roar tune directly crashes spatially.

„Big Brother Zhou, delivers me to come up.” The Huo Yuhao footsteps stop, points at the front summit to say.

„Good!” Zhou Weiqing goes forward one step, both hands holds the Huo Yuhao waist, the body revolves suddenly for one week, next one flickers, Huo Yuhao has been similar to the shell generally is projected.

His is not the flight, but was flung by formidable strength, although to a certain extent will also come under the influence of dead wood dragon roar tune, but is relying on Strength God formidable strength, projected the position him in the moment.

Falls above the summit, a Huo Yuhao both hands pinch, in the wrist/skill the rays of light twinkle, brilliance rapid injection grounds, immediately, a metal column rises straight from the ground.

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