Mutual investigation

Mutual investigation

Death God swings the body in a flash, changed into wisp of smoke cloud to vanish.

The time is not long, together form also appears them, is not others who comes, is Magic Chef of Ice and Fire Rong Nianbing.

Gentle wind cling his body, making him seem is full of the light and lively flavor, Rong Nianbing has nodded the head to five God King slightly expresses best wishes, then the vision fell, in that has strung together above Buddha Relic.

Since is the designated object, naturally can only look that cannot move. Rong Nianbing vision brilliant looks at that string of Buddha, stopped slightly has nodded the head a long time, said solemnly: „I understood.” Spoke these words, his without the slightest hesitation immediately returns to the body to walk. Not slight stay. When because he returns to that side the moment to Douluo God Realm, means opening of this Gods' War.

Another side, A'Dai in the moment is almost the opposite that and Rong Nianbing simultaneously arrives.

When he saw when that is glittering nine color rays of light high towers, the brow is tight, this high himself is not anything, what is most important, its protection is strong, even if divine sense do not want to investigate the slightest to be mysterious. Therefore, in gazes at carefully, and scans after divine sense, he actually has gained nothing.

But at this time, he felt that Rong Nianbing soon returned, does not dare to neglect, immediately turns over/stands up walks. Otherwise, once Rong Nianbing returns, he must face the attacks at least five God King.

Magic Chef of Ice and Fire Rong Nianbing and Death God A'Dai is almost interlocks. Without a doubt, Douluo God Realm, quicker start.

Tang San stays in the supreme headquarters, the body slowly float in airborne, vision tranquil stop there.

Before him such that said that Douluo God Realm, he is not one of five God King the beginning enters the war, but as substitution.

As the substitution, momentarily can replace a God King position. But that God King needs immediately the break away battlefield. By the reliver after the reliver claps, must return to the supreme headquarters, then can change players once more.

Embarks from the supreme headquarters, supreme headquarters of altogether three paths to opposite party, without doubt, the central path are shortest, the both sides paths want longer.

After Rong Nianbing returns, Douluo God Realm, Five Great God Kings is almost the earliest possible time goes into action. The central road, God of Kindness Lie Yan (raging flames) and God of Wickedness Ji Dong rapid start, first presses.

Left wing, Magic Chef of Ice and Fire Rong Nianbing, right, impressively Strength God Zhou Weiqing and God of Emotion Huo Yuhao.

This strategy already had formulated obviously, Five Great God Kings also prompts forward. Rapid vanguard.

Meanwhile, another side, Death God A'Dai also returned to the supreme headquarters, the situation of seeing described simply.

Zhanggong Wei brow slightly pressed, „first does not consider these, accepts a challenge comprehensively. Even if their designated objects has particularity, that also needs, in they have in the situation of enough strength, can block us to be good. Otherwise, the person was all eliminated, they also lose.”

„I for the substitute, observe closely Tang San, other carried on as scheduled.”

Zhanggong Wei issues an order, other Five Great God Kings also moved.

Middle of the mill, Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu. Left wing, day Di Tian mark and Mad God Lei Xiang, right, Death God A'Dai and Immortal Emperor Hai Long.

Is maintaining 212 lineups, Six Great God Realms also slowly forward promotes.

Seven Great God Realm observing project signal that flash from both sides, all lines of sight on already strongly above Ancient Gods Ruin, the mood of everyone cannot help but was affected, because they understand, this unrivalled war must start!

Tang San and Zhanggong Wei, because the distance also has the blocking of mountains terrain remotely, is could not see that moreover divine sense also similarly was affected here, does not have directly situation that the means investigate the opposite party.


God King of same side, can obtain the situation through each other relation, therefore, the cardinal principle condition of both sides can know.

Originally Six Great God Realms, as substitution is not Zhanggong Wei, this is also temporarily changes. Because he must observe closely Tang San to be good. Without a doubt, Tang San is the Douluo God Realm true core.

Huo Yuhao and Zhou Weiqing rapid vanguard, two people extend the right to forward fast, whirls, Zhou Weiqing while said to Huo Yuhao in a low voice: „Yuhao, after you choose place, immediately tells me, I let in fresh air to you.”

Huo Yuhao shows a faint smile, said: „Place had already elected.”

As one of the five gods first sending, the true core does not have Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) of God King level, but is Huo Yuhao. The reason is very simple, he has out of the ordinary divine sense, or is the out of the ordinary talent.

In entire Douluo God Realm, if pure competion divine sense, anybody cannot be able to surpass Huo Yuhao.

Initially, in Douluo Continent, what Martial Soul that he innate did awaken is? Spirit Eyes!

Not only the eye, is the mind. Moreover, although Huo Yuhao does not have Ultra Divine Tool, but he homemade Soul Spirit system on Douluo Continent, as first ancestor who Soul Spirit has, his is Soul Power formidable?

Discussed individual battle efficiency only, the Huo Yuhao strength cannot miss anything compared with God King. What is more important, he has the ability of control audience.

On the forehead, the gold thread splits together slowly, changes into vertical eye, immediately, in Huo Yuhao Spiritual World, thinks of the feeling to spread rapidly, the surroundings all became part in his vision. Similar to the three dimensional solid is ordinary, shows in his mind.

Ancient Gods Ruin can limit divine sense, but actually could not limit his Spirit Eyes Detection, this was God Level Spirit Eyes Detection, the situation of wide scope instantaneously during his gaze. Looked like in the sky were many eagle-eyed, the bird's eye view audience.

First appears in the Spirit Eyes Detection range, naturally is Douluo God Realm several other people.

Nearest Zhou Weiqing first by Huo Yuhao was linked, in Zhou Weiqing divine sense, was shared all in Huo Yuhao sensation immediately, the same three dimensional solid image presents in his mind.

Is Lie Yan (raging flames) and Ji Dong of middle of the mill, two big God King respectively were also connected on, has completed Spirit Eyes Detection sharing.

Finally in left wing Rong Nianbing. Five people through Huo Yuhao Spirit Eyes Detection, were connected instantaneously in one.

Reason that Tang San chooses three groups of fights, but is not the both sides completely God King knock-on collision of middle of the mill, a large part of reasons because of Spirit Eyes Detection sharing of Huo Yuhao.

The range that Spirit Eyes covers is huge enough, in this case, although everybody is away from is very far, but actually as before is five as one, the critical moment can transfer with ease. It can be said that were many in each of them's mind a small map, position that can seeing of clear each other be , can also watch each other situation, as the matter stands, supports to want relaxed pleasant many. Naturally got the winning side.

That side Six Great God Kings, by single body strength average, suppresses Douluo God Realm without a doubt comprehensively. However, this is not the one-to-one fight, but is the group war, during the group fights, what is most important? Coordination! Consciousness.

After consciousness by the Spirit Eyes Detection sharing substitution, all became to Douluo God Realm easy many.

Besides their five god, survey network also similar connection of Spirit Eyes on Tang San of supreme headquarters. Let him also be able to look over the audience.

After completing we's contact, the Spirit Eyes Detection network comprehensive covers toward the opposite.

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