Gods' War opening

Gods' War opening

Just they had observed Douluo God Realm here situation, had the God King level aura truly, only then three people, another three wanted to plan obviously inferior. Although this has made them enough shock, is, three God King to six God King, appears of this winning percentage possibly without doubt are very low. Moreover, even if Douluo God Realm can discover six God King to be also useless. After all behind them only then God Realm as the support, God Realm God Realm's Center strength is limited, how and compared with six God Realm?

Now Zhanggong Wei truly is hopes strength that Tang San they can show, the Douluo God Realm god strength is stronger, means, they are fusing God Realm, passes the large explosion and Great Annihilation break away Black Hole probability to be higher.

Six Great God Realms other numerous God King ideas also with him almost, after all, the strength put at present. Therefore, in competition detail, has not argued anything.

After this Gods' War finished, is their break away Black Hole best opportunity.

both sides withdraw respectively, Tang San leads God of Emotion Huo Yuhao and God of Kindness Lie Yan (raging flames) and God of Wickedness Ji Dong and Strength God Zhou Weiqing and Magic Chef of Ice and Fire Rong Nianbing six people together, to fly rapidly toward a Ancient Gods Ruin side.

Another side, Light God King Zhanggong Wei and Mad God Lei Xiang and Death God A'Dai and Immortal Emperor Hai Long as well as the day Di Tian mark and Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu flies toward another side.

both sides both are flying from the ground less than about 30 meters altitude, in the kilometer, the altitude of flight is higher, receives the consumption of Ancient Gods Ruin to be bigger.

Both sides each one condenses a light cover, covers we's Six Great God Kings, this is divine sense do not want to steal into to investigate anything.

Tang San looks to Huo Yuhao, „prepared?”

Huo Yuhao nodded, some eyeground obvious excited look.

Tang San eyes flashed with light, „good, that as scheduled started to arrange.”

Although Ancient Gods Ruin the area is not small, but regarding their these god, the speed of flight is relative quick.

Quick, the Tang San six people arrived at the air-to-surface place of end edge. The corresponding open area also has the same place in remote opposite, this is the supreme headquarters that formerly Zhanggong Wei said.

both sides wait a minute will take here as the beginning, comes and opposite party carries on the competion.

Tang San nodded to Huo Yuhao, Huo Yuhao fell on the air-to-surface center. He does not have the stop of half a point, both hands to wield, presses to the ground direction gently, immediately, rays of light jumps to shoot together, digs in the ground.

That is one seems the diameter probably fully has one meter metal column, the metal column surface is rippling nine color halos. An insertion ground, exudes the low and deep clangour. Then from constructing to protect the surface, starts to whirl around metal block.

These metal block arrangements voluntarily, including numerous sharp spinous existences branch out from the metal column, digs in the hard Divine Power ground. By the ground of Ancient Gods Ruin this intensity, is unable to prevent its puncture unexpectedly.

These metals punctured formerly this metal column keying on ground firmly, its stable, many metal block whirled around, transformed the formation in periphery gradually.

Sonorous combination sound resounds unceasingly, each combination, the metal column can increase several points. The free time of a while, formerly constructing protected to evolve became has six 13 high metal towers. Is sending out nine color rays of light metal tower brilliance embodiments all over the body, does not have what powerful aura to flow, but looked with the eye, can feel its out of the ordinary sense of reality. Makes one feel not with every.

Facing this tower, on the Huo Yuhao face reveals satisfied look, then nodded to Tang San.

Tang San shows a faint smile, has raised up the thumb to him.

Huo Yuhao sees this movement dazed for a moment, must know, usually this Lord Father-in-Law little has praised own time, in the heart surges. He feels faintly, in the Lord Father-in-Law eye, oneself as if really became the whole family, what ratio this but also there is to make his excited matter?

Tang San said: „Sends the signal.”

Another side, Light God King Zhanggong Wei and numerous God King also arrived at their here beginning places.

„What do we use to take the designated object?” Zhanggong Wei asked to the people.

After the people each other look at each other, Immortal Emperor Lei Xiang has stood, „I come. Initially when our Immortal Realm by sweep away, Buddha Realm kept our Buddhist Treasure once the asylum of very big degree Immortal Realm. Buddhist Treasure I am unable to use directly, but, this Buddhist Treasure has strong defensive power.”

Once reincarnation Tathagata was his brothers, will therefore have this Buddhist Treasure in Immortal Realm.

At the same time was saying, in the Hai Long eye a golden light flashes, strange appears. Buddha Realm runner halo appears after his brain. Then be with smile on the face, seemed twenty -year-old Buddhist priest walked from that light wheel.

His hand pinches the law incantation, when looks to Hai Long smiles to nod the head, then naturally has arrived at the central location, sat cross-legged to sit.

The light shadow draws , the Buddhist priest disappears, buddha beads that one string of 18 compose also along with it falling there. It seems light, not in the least stress. Baseless conjecture in air. Also had not been affected by Ancient Gods Ruin.

Lei Xiang asked: „This really?”

Hai Long hehe smiles, existence that „18 Buddha Relic compose, Buddha Realm did not have a Ultra Divine Tool saying, but this actually absolutely was most top Buddhist Treasure, wanted to take up it, not by strength, but must depend upon the causes and effects to be good. It is not easy. Does not believe you to try.”

This matter Lei Xiang is always does not pass on responsibilities, goes forward one step, attempts to take up that string of buddha beads, immediately, on buddha beads halo circulation.

Six buddhists sang along with it resounding, 18 Buddha Relic golden light big release, an infinitely merciful thought drifted about.

Lei Xiang only thought that own innermost feelings instantaneously become gentle, subconscious must close both eyes to sit cross-legged in the place.

Luckily, wipes intends to coldly airborne flashes through, he then sobers, hurried to let loose Buddha Relic, all returned to normal. But he also subconscious draws back continually several steps, the complexion changes.

If not his God Realm's Center protects the lord, perhaps just he must enter to that illusory Buddha Country space, received the Buddha Relic baptism.

Has not said anything, Lei Xiang compared the thumb to Hai Long.

Had his attempt, people are again are naturally unobjectionable, Zhanggong Wei said: „Sends the signal.”

In this time, the distant place, golden light is shooting up to the sky together, making them look at clear, came from has also sent out the Douluo God Realm signal.

„Who examines?” Zhanggong Wei asked.

„I go.” What opens the mouth usually is always silent A'Dai.

Regarding the initiative of this Death God, some everybody surprise, usually he most is not willing to make anything on own initiative.

„Good.” Zhanggong Wei without the slightest hesitation complies with one.


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