Six Great God Realms, although the Immortal Emperor wife are most, but stands in the forefront truly, impressively Zhanggong Wei wife Mu Zi is silent.

On Mu Zi is sending out the gentle halo, she once was Princess Demon Race, after become a God, every day and Zhanggong Wei in the same place, Demon Power and Divine Power fused mutually, the achievement strange light has superposed Divine Power secretly.

Looks at weak of distant place Xiao Wu, she somewhat is surprised, god will be almost will not fall ill, how this will seem actually so frail?

But also at this moment, the Xiao Wu vision also looked, in that flash, the Xiao Wu eyeground deep place flashes through suddenly wipes the red light, a one of the aura of God King level from her flashes not to have.

All Six Great God Realms here female family members some fine hair vertical but actually feelings, as if had the battle scene to come from the positive/direct crush instantaneously. Although this is only the instant feeling of divine sense level, but made their cannot help but attention all centralized to Xiao Wu on, suddenly looked at each other with amazement.

This flight in the forefront female likely is the Sea God Tang San wife, does she have the God King aura? Moreover, arrived here to observe, will not be the participant. Participating God King this time arrived on Ancient Gods Ruin, is carrying out the final pre-war exchange and preparatory work.

The God King strength, actually does not participate. What is this?

To we confident Six Great God Realms female family members heart is one tight, particularly Xuan Yue, could not attend to Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither) saying anything, brow slightly pressed, were more to the worry of A'Dai several points.

But the Xiao Wu domineering also continued the flash to return to normal, as before was a listless appearance, but also under supporting by the arm of daughter, but her look has been full of confidence as before, has not had the least bit to be timid because of opposite overwhelming with numerical strength slightly.

She once accompanied Tang San to experience the innumerable great storms, walks, has many to be rough!

The separation with son, is she biggest pain, may in her heart, not only also has to son's that loves.

Xiao Wu has believed, oneself this life biggest happiness has met Tang San, but now at this time, she is unable to go to battle with Tang San due to health reasons is the enormous regret, but, her confidence to the Tang San never changes. Although the person cannot go to battle, but her faith has actually been accompanying own husband, accompanies Tang San to face all together.

Her heart and he in the same place, she deeply believed that regardless of many difficulties, they together will pass certainly. They must go back to seek for the son!

The view regiment of both sides in being separated by a distance stops respectively, each other confrontation also transforms, all vision project to Ancient Gods Ruin on, is gazing there, is waiting for opening of this unrivalled war.

Center Ancient Gods Ruin, a spacious smooth ground.

Here ground gives the sense of reality of person completely lithical. Initially here Elder Gods in order to resisted to come from swallowing of Black Hole, once put together completely full power compression God Realm as far as possible. Therefore, here landform, although is diverse, but any is containing highly compression Divine Power, was not destroyed easily.

Why this is also Zhanggong Wei they the battlefield choice reason here.

at this moment, above this stretch of open area, is standing 12 god, god of 12 God King levels. They each other relative, although each one is restraining the aura, has the flavor of thunder lightning collision as before.

Tang San is in center we without a doubt, faces with him, impressively is Light God King Zhanggong Wei.

In a moment ago, them separately had prospected the Ancient Gods Ruin landform, had an overall understanding regarding here.

Tang San discovered, in this Ancient Gods Ruin, divine sense comes under the influence of strong Divine Power . Moreover, here, but also has the huge gravity function, wants to take off, needs to consume enormous Divine Power. Only then runs out of above the kilometer, meets the control of break away this gravity.

Without doubt, this will limit both sides' display in fight. Meanwhile also made this Ancient Gods Ruin itself more suitable to take the battlefield.

If changes into a same level volume size the star, is impossible to withstand the collisions of 12 big God King, in less than several, will thoroughly perhaps collapse.

Therefore, although is not too familiar with here, but they are is very satisfied regarding this fight location Tang San. This is one can give full play to their strength the place.

„Prospects. You how?” The Zhanggong Wei vision stays on the face of Tang San.

Tang San nodded, „we have also completed the comprehensive reconnaissance.”

Light God King Zhanggong Wei said: „That, you can propose the specific form of this competion.”

On that day when agreement, but said the competion pattern as well as the concrete entering the war population of both sides, but how to compete had not actually stipulated that but said defeated generally the opposite party thoroughly. Today after having prospected Ancient Gods Ruin, the detail of fight must refine without doubt again.

Six Great God Realms here has chosen the location, the refined competition way detail naturally was Douluo God Realm.

Tang San said solemnly: „We just had discussed. Is both sides has five people as before first respectively, we have prospected, Ancient Gods Ruin is considered as the channel, only has three roads, central, both sides respectively. Can pass through reluctantly. Because of here flight difficulty, if arrived at the upper air forcefully, is easy to receive the full power ambush of opposite party, therefore, these three paths are very important. In order to guarantee fairness of competition, I thought that we should establish supreme headquarters respectively, puts a designated object there. One of achievement conditions, which side snatches the designated object of opposite party supreme headquarters, even if wins. One type is, defeats opposite party all people, calculates the victory.”

„Loses battle efficiency to admit defeat on own initiative, can by eject the Ancient Gods Ruin range his defeating him, so long as departs the Ancient Gods Ruin kilometer, regards as the break away battlefield, cannot fight again.”

Zhanggong Wei eyes flashed with light, „sounds to be very fair, then, how should the designated object of both sides establish?”

Tang San said: „This is also part of both sides strength, therefore, I suggested the respective setting. Can use anything, but after setting had ended, must give the opposite party defined. Let the opposite party know the concrete shape. Thus in later can better gains. Whether?”

Zhanggong Wei turns around to look to numerous God King of one's own side, after the people slightly make the ponder, slightly nods, agrees.

Douluo God Realm, plan that since proposed, other people naturally will not have the objection.

Zhanggong Wei said: „Good, we first in beginning place establishment designated object of choice. After preparing, launches the Divine Power prompt. We dispatch one person to confirm the designated object of opposite party respectively. Then when they return to supreme headquarters respectively, the competition starts. How?”

„Good.” Tang San without the slightest hesitation readily agrees.

Zhanggong Wei deep looked at his one eyes, „anticipations and your collisions.” He is certainly clear, since Tang San proposed that such forms of combat, in some sense, this forms of combat certainly are advantageous regarding Douluo God Realm.

But regarding this point, Zhanggong Wei was too not worried, in his opinion, how advantageous condition, needs enough strength to support.

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