For son

Tang San shakes the head, in the look is also having several points of stimulated, „I am all right. Black Hole strength seizes the chance to corrode my divine sense, had been arranged by me.” He will certainly not tell Xiao Wu, to carry on the contact to injure and source with the son. How he possibly makes her be worried for himself.

On Xiao Wu this time face were many have wiped flushed red, but she and Tang San vision all gazes, in front two were revolved by the golden light „corpse” above.

„They and are they the Wulin foster parents?”

Tang San nodded, „, he called Tang Ziran, this was his wife Lang Yue, was they fosters our sons to grow up. They is a we benefactor. Therefore, even if pays certain price, must revive them. In order to repay them, will return after Wulin in the future, can be happy.”

Double pupil of Xiao Wu already very long not like at present bright, the big eye looks as before two people who front was at the death condition, „that I can know the matter about Lin Lin from their mouth?”

Tang San shows a faint smile, is stroking her long hair, „! Naturally. I also very much want to listen to them to say have the matter about Lin Lin.”

„Good, this is really good.”

„Brother San, are you all right?” Looks at the Tang San pale complexion, is touching his cheek with the hand that Xiao Wu loves dearly.

„All right. Consumption big of a little.” Tang San traces her long hair.

„Lin Lin is he what kind of? What was he now? I somewhat did not look at clear a moment ago.” The female voice was shivering asking, eye socket one red.

„He is very good, relax. His eye looks like you, is very attractive. Almost had me to be so high, he grew up. Like initially our such, he was a sentimental profound person. In wisp of soul that since I leave behind, I obtained many about his information, I said slowly to you listen, each detail said to you. I made finally his foster parents, he should be all right. You felt relieved, Dragon God initially was Undying Body, otherwise, was not seal Golden Dragon King. Although Lin Lin has by the possibility of Golden Dragon King divine sense influence, but that Golden Dragon King divine sense after all by my Asura Sword heavy losses, so long as he can strictly adhere to the conscience, some my Sea God Trident frighten, at least will preserve own divine sense not to have the issue. The most difficult time passed by, when we go back, certainly can reunite.”

Xiao Wu pours down the say/way that wants to sob: „Does not know that also how long wants. From giving birth to him, I also never carefully have a look at him! My Lin Lin, mother quite thinks you.”

Tang San holding in the arms wife gently, „! Just consumption was too big, I with enough time, not having listened to him to call me a father......”

Xiao Wu raised the head fiercely, „Brother San, you consume such in a big way, Gods' War must start immediately, you......”

Tang San gives a calm smile, in double pupil, only has proudly!

„For the son, I must win!” Even if he one of the strongest Ultra Divine Tool, golden trident has given him and Xiao Wu son.

Ancient Gods Ruin is an abnormal star, because it is gloomy, therefore, commonplace in Locking God Array, if not observe desirably, even is unable to discover its existence.

Initially before Locking God Array completed, Ancient Gods Ruin any lifeform had not existed, because it was once formidable, the energy level was extremely high, therefore, even if were Black Hole wants to swallow it, needed to be good some time.

Therefore, when Locking God Array completes, Ancient Gods Ruin completely is swallowed, retained, has formed the present situation.

The entire vestige seemed like a star is pared one-third appearances, thinks that one side a bottom perfectly round basin, why will be swallowed, but was not from outside to inside, this is unable to research.

The volume and Child of Light of God Realm entire vestige seems similar, vestige bottom perfectly round, the crown relative is a plane, but in the plane has the appearance of many canyons and mountains.

Perhaps is because Divine Power originally is very formidable, in the vestige surface, some green and luxuriant vegetation, some plant volumes is unexpectedly huge, therefore, here and has lifeform, but does not have god to exist.

The entire Ancient Gods Ruin ray, came from Six Great God Realms, naturally, must add on Douluo God Realm now again. Therefore, compared with before, here became bright.

The vision seems, the Ancient Gods Ruin bleak feeling, has not received the surviving Divine Power to moisten actually, here vegetation growth green and luxuriant, only then in some mountain valleys does not have the vegetation, but many places, appear very lush.

By far, in sky already appears piece by piece light fog. Various colors have, appears grotesque and gaudy.

But forms successively, float in remote airborne, is gazing here.

Their early came, static there, a lot of people of existences, may not have any sound to send out obviously.

They come from various Great God Realm, all vision centralized above this stretch of battlefield, they in the static waiting, are waiting for the arrival of this unrivalled war.

It can be said that even if in the entire universe, Gods' War of this level is extremely rare. Because this is not and collisions of two God Realm, but is the collision of entire seven God Realm, the collisions at least seven God King level powerhouses.

First did not say after this relates to numerous God Realm in future Locking God Array will fuse the dominant position, only such a splendor of competion, will be god is unable to reject.

Can watch this kind of god war, can be they most splendid memory absolutely.

Therefore, Six Great God Realms person, early came.

The brightest eye, is that moving outstandingly beautiful goddess, Six Great God Realms each God King has the wife, only has a wife like A'Dai, only then he, other person more than one wives. Even if Zhanggong Wei has two.

The goddess day group aggressive side that the nature or Only I Shall Be Immortal that God Realm one generation of Immortal Emperor Hai Long exaggerates, more than ten wife composes leaks simply.

Flight in forefront Piao Miao Immortal Venerable as well as Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither), after the brain, has golden and dull purple light wheel separately, the powerful aura, is more formidable than general Class One God, even if were God King compares does not miss many.

But other God King wives have no time to let, is the most beautiful woman, suddenly, the dark nighttime sky was outshone by their brilliance, making numerous Gods look askance.

The Six Great God Realms female family members strongly in one, around the Piao Miao Immortal Venerable body the colored ribbon drifted about quickly, are sending out such as the dream such as the imaginary halo, she beckons to Kind Death God God Realm Xuan Yue, „younger sister Xuan Yue, to us.”

Xuan Yue aura with her, although is different, but also with being sacred attribute, but joyfully, arrives at side Piao Miao Immortal Venerable.

„Elder Sister Piao Miao is good, fellow elder sisters are good.” Xuan Yue nods expresses best wishes.

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