I am your father

I am your father

The surrounding all change into dark Starry Sky, differed from the past golden main hall. His complexion is temperate and tranquil, but that pair of clear blue eye pupil is actually similar to the deep blue sea, likely is boundless Starry Sky, profound not being able to see end.

„Old Tang?” Tang Wulin is dull, if not front Old Tang seems before distinguishes too in a big way, affected his mood, perhaps he exploded in the sadness of innermost feelings.

„You should call my father.” golden trident in Tang San hand is vertical, the pupil light visits him gently.

„Father?” Tang Wulin has tarried, this name, just took to and endless pain that he is loses.

„Yes, I am your father, like such that Tang Ziran said that you had the birth parents. Such that also said just as their husbands and wives, they do not give up you, we, does not give up you similarly. Is many are helpless, makes us have to be far away. Has to leave behind you.”

The mood of Tang Wulin innermost feelings nearly collapse is under the impact of this happening suddenly, became some disorder. Father?

Tang San sighed one lightly, „I promised you, they will not die. Will not die. Although this will pay enormous price, even makes us lose with all your contacts temporarily, but, the father and mother cannot look that you are so sad. I promised you, they will not die. I will take away them. Let them live in another world, but you now, must remember all that I said that because, takes away them and my appears price here, will be I cannot continue to protect again side you. Only can wait for you to look for us.”

Tang Wulin calmed down, when front „Old Tang” said that they will not die, in his heart is flooding pleasant surprise beyond description.

„Lin Lin, do you know? After there are you and your older sister, the father will have felt for the passing all efforts proud. All effort that because, I make, can make you when mentioning your fathers are proud.” Here, stood in front of Tang Wulin not far away Tang San, the double pupil suddenly became moist. Only then his heart of hearts is clear, in these words is containing him and Xiao Wu many difficulty and pain.

„My name, was not called Old Tang. Old Tang is my a wisp of Dividing Spirit, keeps your side to help you, assist you, making you be able to grow smoothly, throughout is protecting you. Now, you have grown up, I also finally can through the Vast Sea Universe Cover relation in you. My summon was responded to by wisp of soul, making me be able to feel your existence finally. Do you know? On that day, I and your mother had happily how.”

„Now, should make you know that who your father is.”

„I called Tang San!”

„Tang Sect founder, Tang San!”

Of „Tang San God Realm Council Five Great God Kings.”

„Sea God Tang San!”

„Asura God Tang San!”

„I am your father.”

Tang San!

The simple two characters, were actually similar to this flash heavy hammer generally numerous pounding in the Tang Wulin heart. His dumbfounded front looks wears so magnificent golden mail-armor and helmet he, looks at the front, just like Heavenly God, no, he is the Heavenly God form.

Looks at that pride in his pupil light, before the mind is reverberating him each few words.

Tang San? He is Tang Sect ancestor Tang San, the Tang Sect founder, he was witnessed existence of become a God. Is he, once led Heaven Dou and Star Luo Two Great Empires to overthrow Martial Soul Hall, is he, created inherited several tens of thousands years of Tang Sect. Also is he, is leading first generation Shrek Seven Devils, has created the Shrek Academy glorious triumph.

But at this moment, is he, stands in front of oneself, told itself, he was oneself father, he called Tang San.

„Regardless is incredible, but this actually real. Your name, is I gets up, your mother called Xiao Wu. You called Tang Wulin, the meaning was Tang San and Xiao Wu small Qilin. You have an elder sister, called Tang Wutong, the meaning was Tang San and Xiao Wu small phoenix. Our family of four, should the joyful life in God Realm. But a catastrophe, actually causes us to separate. God Realm, by Space-Time Turbulent Flow sweep away to the remote place, we had almost been consumed all, had sacrificed two God King, preserves God Realm not to be destroyed.”

„In that process, the Golden Dragon King break free seal of sealed in the God Realm deep place, wreaks havoc God Realm, tries to destroy all. We exhaust full power its suppression, but, it actually despicable before, injected a destruction essence to just your body of birth at the point of death. Tries to kill you. On you 18 seals, are I seal up, is divided into 18 its essence. God Realm has Immortal Spirit Qi, so long as is in God Realm, naturally unceasingly will absorb. But that will certainly cause the seal to accelerate to break open, but your body is unable to withstand the seal, certainly will die. Even if were I cannot save you. Therefore, under absolutely cannot be helped, we can only keep on Douluo Continent you, the speed of only then in Mortal World, the seal breaking open will reduce speed. So long as we can come back promptly, your oneself can grow to the certain extent, would melting the Golden Dragon King Tyrannical Qi opportunity.”

„Your Golden Dragon Spear, is your older sister leaves your. Our, very much thinks you, misses you very much.”

Tang Wulin dull looks at front Tang San, he knows finally own this Golden Dragon King bloodlines came from where. Father? Stands in front of oneself, is own father, but is oneself father, unexpectedly god?

The body of Tang San unknowingly became illusory several points, he looks in the Tang Wulin pupil light, has been full of the rich sentiment. But sits in Xiao Wu front Tang San, the complexion obviously became pale several points, the mass consumptions of divine sense, started to enter for him nearly in overdrawing condition.

He lifts the left hand, seems wants to touch front son, but, he is actually not able to touch.

The father and father, is oneself father, unexpectedly position god?

The sadness in Tang Wulin heart reduced, what are more is shocking and inconceivable. All these come is really too sudden, suddenly is in the degree that his some are unable to accept.

„My time are not much, the long-distance relation of this spanning space demarcation line, what need is coordinate and huge consumption. Death of your foster parents, attacked to you were too big, your disposition looked like me very much, for did not let your to waste time on an insoluble or insignificant problem, I only then. But this will actually cause Old Tang unable to protect again side you, Vast Sea Universe Cover will be also stave. Later you only then depended upon yourself. I will try hard to help God Realm return, but, how long me needs not to know this time, in another side, we have also encountered lots of problems, has bumped into other God Realm and collided with them, wants, but also needs to draw support from their strength. Therefore, the father only hopes, you must unceasingly become formidable simultaneously, controls strength of Golden Dragon King seal, the Golden Dragon King essence will no doubt take to your huge danger, but similarly is also the opportunity, so long as you can strictly adhere to the conscience, you can go out with a father different road. But Golden Dragon King nearly does not die, is waiting for us, the father and mother will certainly come back, but at that time, we can reunite.”

„Or, if one day, you can the Self-created God Realm degree, find the way to look for us formidable, I God Realm coordinate and aura brand mark in your Spiritual World, only then breaks through the limit to you, after being the god degree, will be stimulated.”

„Child, you could rest assured that I will revive your foster parents, making them live in God Realm. When we have a reunion again, you will see us, will see them. Therefore, should not be sad, you need a braver heart to come facing the future all. The father did not feel relieved really, may not have the means to protect you again. If I appears, I did not fear that today you cannot control Golden Dragon King strength. But luckily, Golden Dragon King strength will make you have Undying Body nearly, even if you were invaded by its strength, became crazy, do not give up themselves, believed the father, whatever, we will come back, will find you, making you return to side us.”

When spoke of the last few words, in the Tang San tone was flooding the endless self-confidence.

His body became more and more illusory, the surrounding star light also starts to be gloomy.

„A Thousand Years within the White Clouds you must cultivation well, that is one of the father most formidable abilities, when you one day can learn the time truly the mystery, then, even if no God Realm, you can also be aloof Douluo Continent all, homemade belongs to your Small World. strength that I can transmit is limited, except for A Thousand Years within the White Clouds, I passes on your type again, you can cultivation together. It is the space mystery.”

At the same time was saying, the Tang San right hand wields, in the hand golden trident changes into the flowing light to shoot at Tang Wulin together, but center the Tang Wulin forehead, the golden trident trace along with it appears, between the two looks like mutually is also echoing generally.

golden trident that flies drills into the Tang Wulin forehead suddenly, the stabbing pain and serious feeling along with it transmitting, made his groaned. Along with it appears, massive memory imprints.

The ear broadcasts some nihility Piao Miao sounds, „child, takes care, when we come back. Was right, be careful, Silver Dragon King.”

Tang San and Xiao Wu front light screen is loudly stave, but in the shatter that flash, the Tang San right hand grasps suddenly, during is illusory, the shatter golden light changes into a golden vortex, stretches across the remote space, rays of light flashes, two forms already baseless appears in him and in front of Xiao Wu.

Tang San groaned, opens mouth to spout black mist, the aura of whole person became weak several points.

Xiao Wu hurries to support him, supports by the arm his arm, „Brother San, Brother San are you what kind of?”

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