I will be certainly good

I will be certainly good

„Brother San.” The head of Xiao Wu lies down on the Tang San leg, is closing the double pupil, the elegant face is as before pale.

Tang San loves dearly is combing the long hair for her, she most likes him touching her hair, whenever at this time, she specially will be satisfied.

„Brother San, you felt relieved that I well will certainly be accompanying you. I will be certainly good.” Xiao Wu rubs on his leg, winning smile sweet saying.

Her always this, does not want to make him be worried.

Tang San favors lowering the head of drowns, kisses/dear her forehead, „I will certainly cure your. Xiao Wu, should not be anxious. After this Gods' War, we attained Main Control Authority to leave Black Hole. We will go then, looks son. After finding the son, all will be good. You feel relieved.”

Xiao Wu nods, „un. We will certainly find the son family reunion.”

Tang San said with a smile: „Xiao Wu, do you know? Has strength in this world, even if god is also unable to explain its existence, it is in this world most formidable strength. This energy can certainly cure your sickness.”

Xiao Wu somewhat surprisedly visits him, „what is that?”

Tang San said: „Is the love. Is love strength. Although the son temporarily left side us, but has arranged for him in Douluo Continent all me. But also has me in your side, Wutong. We such love you, for us, you cannot certainly have the matter. You are know my, if you walked, I will accompany you to go, I live up to one's words. Regardless of you where, I will accompany you together where.”

The Xiao Wu whole body shakes, she can certainly hear the firmness in Tang San words.

At this moment, suddenly, the Tang San whole body shakes, the complexion changes suddenly.

Xiao Wu sees, on Tang San forehead together golden trace sparkle, impressively Sea God Trident appearance.

The double pupil of Tang San also in this flickered turned into golden completely, looks at a direction, on the face the expression instantaneously became incomparably serious.

„Brother San, how?” Xiao Wu anxious asking.

Since arriving at God Realm, besides that war, she never has also seen Tang San appears such expression. During that is serious, but also floods was worrying.

„Is the Wulin sound. He was summoning. He was summoning the father and mother. His energy level finally achieved can with the degree that I communicated, kept his seed to complete the docking. No, probably was he obtained Vast Sea Universe Crystal, by crystal as the relation of medium. Xiao Wu, you wait/etc., let a clear point that I look.”

Xiao Wu also rapidly sat the straight body at this time, in the eye pupil full is anxious look, since God Realm by Space-Time Turbulent Flow sweep away, this is her first time has had the news about son, can make her not excited?

In the Tang San eye rays of light glittered unceasingly, appears the drastic fluctuation of divine sense, Xiao Wu even can feel the God Realm's Center energy to be transferred by Tang San.

Entire Douluo God Realm sends out light golden-light halo in this moment, under the impediment of Black Hole, wants to give the information is the what kind of difficulty.

But relied on initially was keeping Douluo God Realm Divine Tool, as well as bloodlines relations between fathers and sons, when the son appears giant crisis, Tang San at this time is reckless.

Child of Light God Realm.

Was sitting cross-legged to sit in God Realm's Center front Zhanggong Wei opens the double pupil suddenly, the eyeground full is surprised look, „is he relating outside world?”

„Who?” Sits in asking of his Mu Zi silent some doubts.

„Tang San, Sea God Tang San. He can actually transfer God Realm's Center strength, contacts outside world across Black Hole, should contacts his Original World. It seems like that to their strengths, must carry on estimates is good.”

Kind Death God God Realm.

„How possible? Are they contacting outside world? In Black Hole, even if divine sense fiercely is also weakened, he so consumes, did not fear that later Gods' War was affected? What is more important, how he has probably such strong divine sense.”

„Yes! We do not have this possibility. He if possible, are we also......” Xuan Yue somewhat excited saying.

Since she initially the God Realm situation will tell A'Dai, over the two days the A'Dai mood somewhat has been absent-minded. At this time suddenly appears such situation, means, they have to relate Nether Realm, relates to the Nether King possibility?

A'Dai excited standing up, back and forth paces, simultaneously his divine sense is scanning in Locking God Array unceasingly, Douluo God Realm that side situation.

Not only A'Dai and Zhanggong Wei, including Lei Xiang, Ye Yinzhu, Tian Hen and Hai Long, as well as in Douluo God Realm first-level above god, can the clear feeling Tang San divine sense's transformation.

But this time Tang San, simply could not attend to these. Regarding him, anything compared with solving son's safety more important matter.

Xiao Wu is waiting for anxiously, but her clear, cannot disturb Tang San at this time very much absolutely, otherwise, likely appears danger. Therefore, she can only selective wait, wait for the Tang San result.

Time one minute one second is passing, in Tang San eye rays of light throughout in twinkle of flickering.

Finally, his sound starts to resound. Together somewhat illusory golden-light halo suddenly from the forehead projection of Tang San before him and Xiao Wu bed.


Tang San summon sound gently, summoning.

appears in that golden space a form, somewhat was together unreal, but can actually see the outline the form, that is a youth, looks like about 20 -year-old appearances, although is somewhat fuzzy, actually as before does not affect to see his handsome.

When Xiao Wu sees this illusory form, almost collapsed on the tears instantaneously, „child, my child. Wulin......, Wulin......”

Wulin was so big, he was so big.

Does not need to identify, is only partly visible the aura from the light screen, she can look, this is own child, is he, she and Tang San son, that once has to be kept the son on Douluo Continent, Tang Wulin. Also is she is lost in a reverie, causes the body weak causes and effects.

Tang Wulin this time appearance is not good, aura is extremely unstable, as if has any thing to explode in his heart of hearts, both eyes are red, the whole person seems in the condition that one type will soon collapse.

Together the golden light suddenly becomes before him bright, the form, is going out from that golden light together slowly.

golden light shadow, such as dream such as imaginary, but that form exceptionally is familiar.

„Old Tang?” The Tang Wulin sound is somewhat hoarse, in this illusory world, his whole person as if comes under the spiritual enormous influence.

appears before him, impressively Tang San light shadow.

Tang San in Tang Wulin eye, compared with the past memory in „Old Tang” looks like younger several points, the body are many a golden mail-armor and helmet, the blue long hair has hung loose after behind, only then two wisps build in the chest front, on the forehead, is bringing the golden three fork hard helmets, the center has the bright gem to be brilliant, in his right hand, grasps a as if to symbolize the limitless dignified golden trident.

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