Zi Yan and Mo Yue

Zi Yan and Mo Yue

What speech is an elegant female, a purple long hair, in the foreheads is bringing the light chilliness, is Zi Yan. Zi Xue and compared with her, appears is more gently beautiful, stands in the elder sister behind, but smiling looks at Lei Xiang.

Zi Yan said: „Others, since proposed, is not a point assurance will not have. We carefully deal to well. However, in any event, you must protect to be good first.”

Lei Xiang said: „Relax, by the defense, I should be in all people are strongest. Therefore, I am not worried about these. Moreover, I will not lose. On the fighting will, I always refuse to accept anybody.”

Zi Yan nodded, said: „We certainly believe you, children you do not need to worry, is good, Younger Sister Bai is looking. We at home and other good news.”

Lei Xiang eyes flashed with light, sighed, „drew out big brother Mandis to sacrifice itself at the final moment, has preserved God Realm. Passes to me God King's Position, in any event, I must God Realm bring it back. Father God vanished was very long and was very long. Where does not know him.”

Mo Yue said: „Haven't we guessed? Father God is very possible is some God Star God King. If when Space-Time Turbulent Flow arrives, Father God can rescue us to be good, otherwise, our casualty so will not be serious. Nearly God Realm collapse.”

The Lei Xiang brow is tight, „universe change. Perhaps, this is disaster, our God Realm, is only very small part of disaster. I have believed, the universe is in itself huge lifeform, but in this lifeform, once is the top-level the life to be too many, may to its level evolution time, the universe will carry on some big cleans. But our god, is lifeform of this top level. Therefore by such aiming. I even thought that even if God Star also not necessarily on certain security. After all, in the universe of this so length and breadth, no one has the means to rely on own strength and entire universe resistance.”

Zi Xue surprisedly said: „Cannot. That if so, we......”

Lei Xiang said with a smile: „I, although some conspiracy theories, but, what I believe is the man will conquer nature. If possible, my future pursue arrives at a higher level, goes to that level to have a look, perhaps when the time comes, we really can see anything. Therefore, I approve of the numerous God Realm fusion very much, as the matter stands, entire God Realm appears change. Existences of our these many God King levels, even if were normal God Star is also mediocre, gave our enough time, we likely can evolve to the God Star level. Arrived that time, all people will sublimate, we certainly can see more things. Naturally, all, the premise first wanted break away Black Hole this numerous Gods tomb to say again.”

Zi Yan arrives at side Lei Xiang, holds in the arms his arm, „to us, these are actually unimportant, more importantly can with you in the same place, so long as we in the same place, where regardless of you go, where we go. You want to make anything, goes about something with a free hand. We always support you and that's the end.”


In Locking God Array a peace, Douluo God Realm stagnates in nearly in Locking God Array approaches central position, is sending out vague rays of light, often will separate some energies, supplemented that gives Locking God Array. Since came, must pay certain price, before Gods' War finished, can be so.

Seven God Realm, rays of light complements each other fresh splendor, is most conspicuous, as before is not Douluo God Realm, but is that came from Sky Speed Star Hen God Realm of high-tech time.

Three purple black star spherical existences are revolving unceasingly, is sending out light rays of light. Internal profound space, looks like small Black Hole is ordinary, is swallowing the surrounding all.

And in God Realm of star appearance, removed Tian Hen of armor similarly, in front of a giant illuminant shield, unceasing injects formulas.

The entire light screen is formed by the energy, or is formed by Divine Power. But if other numerous Gods come here to discover, Sky Speed Star Hen God Realm that Tian Hen is, has felt modern.

Side Tian Hen, but also is standing another person. Gentle life aura regarding gentle such as her of water.

Tian Hen turns head to look to her, said: „What kind of? Hasn't my data feeds made a mistake?” He is responsible for calculating, nearby female is responsible for his checking calculation.

„Right, basic accurate. The situation ratio was expected that must better many, is really matter that jumps for joy joyfully!”

The Tian Hen forced smile said: „Star well was compressed Energy Body, but also was called God Realm by them. Yeah......, Finally was a little opportunity.”

Bai He said with a smile: „We are the luck very good. Did you forget? Just came time, we saw how many god were swallowed in Black Hole? Compared with other God Realm, we are most different. Actually here, at all is not God Realm, but is Mortal World's Sublimation. In some sense, can be considered as reluctantly is God Realm. We have Darkness Three Great Races, must discuss the quantity, we possibly are in all God Realm most one.”

Tian Hen said: „But life level high were too few, therefore we can such lacking helper. The arrival of this Douluo God Realm, is gives opportune help really! This computed result I somewhat am unbelievable, I think, had their joining, the successful probability are most also promotes to 50%. Has not thought that through to their energy strength analysis, the recombination our entire plan, wants unexpectedly high is a percentage point. 60% probabilities, have been worth betting very much!”

Bai He nods, „therefore , this is the good deed! Why can you also carry on what Gods' War?”

Tian Hen said with a smile: „This is also big brother Zhanggong meaning, actually, what is main is everybody promotes the understanding. What is not easier than to understand the opposite party the fight of make an all-out effort. Actually, our Six Great God Realms understanding is also insufficient, each other deeply understands while this opportunity together, when the plan implements, can avoid the mistake.”

Bai He said: „Hopes that everyone wants to be good like you. Arrived your this levels, simply did not have referee existence. God Realm's Center can preserve you to a certain extent, but is not absolute. Therefore, you cannot show off power, once there is a danger, must quickly come back. Hears?”

Tian Hen laughs, holds in the arms her slender waist, „when my did Bai He become such domineering? In my heart, you may be a saintess!”

Bai He said in a soft voice: „Tian Hen, I have not joked with you. Safe ratio anything is important.”

„Un. Walks, we rest first.” At the same time was saying, his palm searched to the Bai He front piece.

„Hey, how you such depend! Does not want.”

„Such good computed result, shouldn't we celebrate?”

The Bai He ill-humored racket his hand, „did your this call the celebration?”

„Why not? Then, Demon God Bow that I build has also completed. Although all my Demon God Armor add on weapon to add to be able reluctantly to be Ultra Divine Tool, but should also suffice. Does not know that side Douluo God Realm has to excel at the long-distance attack. Bai He, you do not care regarding this Gods' War, in some sense, regarding us, this is a game.”


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