Ice Fire Common Source, prepares food......

Ice Fire Common Source, prepares food......

The Rong Nianbing earlier cultivation, is centered on the ice fire, transforms other attributes. Therefore, these two divine blades are his core are.

„Freedom Wind's Gentle Hymn, Proud Sky Knife!” The azure bright blade glittering, the free wind along with it rhythm, is bringing the overlapping light shadow, fused the naked eye high-speed that was difficult to distinguish, Proud Sky Knife arrived at side Morning Dew Knife, azure bright rays of light and red and blue two colors handed over to echo.

„Earth's Waking Rythmn, Longevity Knife!” heavy aura along with it bursting out, the profound yellow just like the stability of earth, Longevity Knife comes, Fire creates Earth, it stops by True Sun Knife.

„Fate's Hexagram of Hundred Transformations, Jade Pearl Knife!” The special kitchen knife ancient armillary sphere of hexagon flashes before, it almost with way appears that flickering to move to side Longevity Knife, the silver glittering, cuts in illusory and reality, in seven big divine blades, it is Space Attribute.

„Universe's Dawn, Holy Brilliance Knife!” The brightness of golden, brings to fill with the bright aura to be void, but , the tranquil stop by Proud Sky Knife, the bright reverse side almost arrived at another side in the next flash.

„Hell's Eternal Curse, Devil's Devouring Knife.” Jet black such as Devil's Devouring Knife of black ink, has been full of the death flavor, all instantaneously is stagnating, instantaneously is becoming profound with sinking depressed.

Seven Kitchen Knifes and Seven Divine Knifes, set up in an array before the Rong Nianbing body, what stranger is, on surroundings all tables, formerly Rong Nianbing had prepared the good food, in front of this Seven Divine Knifes unexpectedly automatic cheers the general, orderly rhythm gets up.

Rong Nianbing laughs, the clear and resonant voice long recited: „Skilled artist boils hundred tasty, ices the fire to braise the delicacies with the furnace. Demon kitchen seven edges save respectively skillfully, cultivates the delicacy wholeheartedly becomes. Wives, delicious comes.”

In an instant, Ice Fire Common Source, seven edges tumble, the innumerable good food start 11 present.

This is Magic Chef of Ice and Fire, he forever is the best chef.


The golden mail-armor and helmet removes, the Lei Xiang aura has also been short of that haughtiness, becomes very temperate.

Even if were formerly with other Five Great God Kings in Locking God Array, has not seen such Mad God absolutely.

Without Mad God Armor him, seems is only tall, makings temperate young people. Every so often, his craziness and his arrogance before enemy. Went home, returns to belong to his God Realm, all become are different.

Mad God God Realm appears somewhat empty, once here, was not such. The initial war, remembering of his also clear, finally the collision of time, he led God Realm to march to the victory.

But, along with the arrival of Space-Time Turbulent Flow, all becomes is different. In order to resist Space-Time Turbulent Flow, his god sacrificed itself shortly, integrates in own strength God Realm thoroughly, even if God's Position vanishes also refuses to balk.

At that time, he once resenting of some god to clean that already vanished, when everybody only has a common goal, protects God Realm time. Other all become not so are important.

Finally, god that God Realm fortunately survives, ten less than one. But also at that time, he became new God King. Because he is most likely to lead God Realm to return to existence of stock rail. Starting from that time, God Realm that he was, also changed the name is Mad God God Realm. In the name of him.

Surplus god, the powerhouse were not many, but they have suffered that catastrophe, therefore they, unity is strength.

For them, Lei Xiang spells to make every effort, is maintaining God Realm, is maintaining God Realm, unceasing becomes by oneself more formidable, holds in this God Realm in addition, his Mad God Armor finally became Ultra Divine Tool. Also lets him in Six Great God Kings, stands in the high position.

Although Locking God Array is maintains by Six Great God Kings together, but each other God Realm situation, their not completely clear. Forever is impossible to make others know like Lei Xiang, in fact, Mad God God Realm will want ruined many compared with other person of imagination. All, is almost supporting by him. He is shouldering responsibility, so significant.

Wipes the smile to reappear, Lei Xiang searches the hand to grasp suddenly to void.

Immediately, a pleasantly warm tender body from was hugged void by him, during hugs into to embrace.

„Mo Yue, you do strangely.”

Pitch-black beautiful hair, slender tender body, beautiful appearance, but also is bringing several points of light evil intent. Mo Yue.

Mo Yue is the Lei Xiang first woman, is one of his four wives. She can always shoulder his desire with various ways, perhaps, this is the Demoness family background reason. Because, she once was Princess Demon Race, had the purest Fallen Angel bloodlines.

Mo Yue laughs, „how I did to blame, others this do not give you pleasantly surprised?”

Lei Xiang has kissed one on her red lip, the body somewhat is dry and hot, Mo Yue feels his difference immediately, laughs, said: „Do not make, Zi Yan and Zi Xue immediately came. Do not be noisy.”

Lei Xiang smiles, „they fear anything, was the elderly married couples, at the worst greatly with sleeping.”

Mo Yue said with a smile: „It looks like, you as if are not the matter worry of Gods' War.”

Lei Xiang said indifferently: „Has anything to be good to be worried. Regardless of finally who is the control central, in any case will not be I. I have not thought actually must lead anything, I must exit the God Realm belt/bring. Moreover, by my strength, who leads, I can be entire God Realm as before, even is the mainstay of brand-new God Realm. Therefore, I was never worried, but, I will not lose, performs full power, but for and that's the end.”

Mo Yue laughs, „you think actually aloof.”

Lei Xiang sighed, „this matter more early solved is better, newly arrived that Douluo God Realm whole was very strong, this was actually the good deed. That Sea God also has Ultra Divine Tool, the strength is not weak. Through divine sense interactive, we can feel, this Sea God is far from ordinary, looks like with Zhanggong Wei very much. Therefore, was not worried about his me actually. I am worried final motion. Although calculates was very accurate. But, actually to have anything to change anyone not to say clear in Black Hole, therefore, more early solves is better.”

Mo Yue nodded, „! However, the arrival of this Douluo God Realm is also the good deed. At least made the successful probability bigger.”

Lei Xiang said: „Hope so. Through this time Gods' War , happen to have a look, this Douluo God Realm strength is what kind. Said that I am very strange, why that Tang San has the confidence to be able by God Realm's Power to resist our Six Great God Realms. Even if his God Realm is quite strong, but impossible and our Six Great God Realms compares favorably. Arrived our levels, the support of back God Realm was very important. I do not think that he has any opportunity.”

„Cannot be negligent!” In this time, two groups of light shadow are dropping from the clouds, appears side Lei Xiang and Mo Yue.

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