Feng Nu

Today so unusual, although his surface does not seem any difference, but Feng Nu knows, certainly had any matter to occur.

„Nianbing.” Feng Nu said in a soft voice.

Rong Nianbing eye including profound meaning looks to her, „today I only want to make a day of food to you. I have prepared many good food. The Mao Mao slow point eats, later makes Nine Mysterious Green Dragons Concealed in Clouds of Ice to you, un, my wheaten food also will give full play today. Recently airborne slightly clutched the research of piece to be better than the former flavor, I have also prepared a special fragrance spicy hot pot, dipped the material with the white vinegar juice, you definitely have not tried. White vinegar juice and fragrant spicy pot matching, specially tasty.”

„Good, good! I hand over the elder sisters to eat, I go now.” At the same time was saying, she eats the barbecue to turn around to run.

„Nianbing.” Feng Nu calls one once more lightly.

„What do you want to eat?” Rong Nianbing smile looks to stature slender Feng Nu, in his numerous wife, Feng Nu is he earliest knew that is also the stature is highest.

Feng Nu opens the arm to grasp him, does not look at Seven Kitchen Knifes on table, „my anything does not want to eat, I am only some worries. Is this time, very dangerous?”

Rong Nianbing said in a soft voice: „How can? Don't you such have confidence to your husband? The good and evil I am also Magic Chef of Ice and Fire.”

Feng Nu said: „You , if really confident, cannot such desirably. Do not conceal me to be good? I know, something have no alternative but to be done. I hope, when you handle these matters, in the heart must worry about us, for us, you cannot certainly have the matter. Because, if you have the matter, then, we feared everyone not to go on living. Not only you backbones of our family/home, are family's days.”

Rong Nianbing look appears some changes, the mist flashed not to have finally, sighed one lightly, has embraced tightly Feng Nu, Seven Kitchen Knifes on table before his body, flashed before the different halos respectively, seemed like echoing this time mood.

„I once was God of Emotion, which actually knows, as before control not good own mood. Is unfair to Feng Nu, making you be worried.”

Feng Nu shaking the head gently, „we are the husbands and wives, regardless of there is any matter, should be we shares together. Always do not bear the too tremendous pressure, such, all of us will love dearly.”

Rong Nianbing shows a faint smile, is stroking her long hair, „actually does not have to be so dangerous, but, this time that you think, if lost, we will possibly lose, even is the person to organize, forever is not likely free. You know that I most like is free, I must lead you to roam through the universe, feels universe mystery and beautiful. Therefore will pass to Yuhao the God of Emotion position. But who knows fortune plays with a people, had such many matters unexpectedly. Now, we can only make an all-out effort, for you, to be free.”

„I am a chef, I most repugnant fights, is, most times, has no alternative but such to do. My this Seven Kitchen Knifes, does not know how long has not moved. But this time, is they must send out finally.”

„In family/home here, but also wants you to stabilize everybody's mood, the danger definitely will not have. But this time, I will spell with every effort. In any event, I cannot lose. We must take Main Control Authority. Only has so, after returning, we have the freedom. I control my own life, not Heaven, these words very small time I like. Relax, whatever, I will help Tang San, broke through this ridge together.”

In this time, one line of slender forms the distant place is never coming, walking of Mao Mao as before jumping in forefront, a simple-hearted appearance.

When she sees Rong Nianbing is hugging Feng Nu, digs the small mouth saying: „Doesn't husband, your bias, how you hug me?”

Feng Nu hurries to leave the bosom of Rong Nianbing, elegant face slightly red.

Rong Nianbing hehe smiles, opens arm, said: „My clever small Mao Mao, comes quickly.”

Mao Mao then cheers one, throws the bosom to break during the Rong Nianbing bosom just like the young swallow generally, does not attend to the greasiness on hand, grasped him.

Rong Nianbing looked that to wives who that walks, in the eye pupil has been full of the tender feelings.

Besides Mao Mao, walks in the forefront his numerous wife „two big leaders”, once God of Life and God of Death.

This is not Douluo God Realm God of Life and God of Death, but in his initial that world, stood existence in most peak.

God of Life Kayo and God of Death Tian Xiang.

In entire Douluo God Realm, must discuss the wife quantity, no one can compare Rong Nianbing, because, this Magic Chef of Ice and Fire has eight wife.

After Kayo and Tian Xiang, what was once Rong Nianbing in that world, the Mysterious Orchid Empire prime minister, has Wise Girl name Luo Rou, initially in the Luo Rou hand, Rong Nianbing, but has not suffered little a loss, but finally, they have arrived at one.

Again, is Feng Nu biological younger sister Lan Chen, she and Rong Nianbing in the together story are also incomparably mysterious, from each other resists, to afterward cave fusion, is mysterious.

What walks in the rear is Mu Jing and Long Ling. Each has a wonderful story with Rong Nianbing.

Eight female unique, but is Mortal World is all outstandingly beautiful.

Side arriving Rong Nianbing that Kayo smiles, said: „Matter I knew. You felt relieved that fights, in family/home has us to look.”

Tian Xiang also nodded, said with a smile: „Felt relieved. Has our sisters, nobody can bully everybody. However, if you lost, came back to prepare food to us every day.”

Rong Nianbing loses says with a smile: „Yes, my goddesses.”

Luo Rou arrives at side Rong Nianbing, gives him a bamboo slip, „this is some countermeasures that I think, hopes that can help you.” The name of Wise Girl is not white call. From exhausted of her look, Rong Nianbing can see, for this plan, she has certainly made many efforts, otherwise impossible to take in such short time. By the Luo Rou disposition, if no certain assurance, she will definitely not give oneself.

Mao Mao somewhat embarrassed sets out from the Rong Nianbing bosom, vacant looks to the surrounding elder sisters, „was your this? What does Brother Nianbing want to make?”

Rong Nianbing rubs her head, „not anything, but plays.”

„. Brother Nianbing, quickly prepares food. We may be hungry. For a long time has not had the food that you have made.”

Rong Nianbing laughs, „does not have the issue, today makes certainly you eat crisply. Today I am your young slaves. Come, Ice and Snow Goddess's Sigh, Morning Dew Knife!”

At the same time was saying, his right hand wields, a bright blue light glistens, the surrounding air immediately becomes chilly, a slender blue color thin blade flutters, light rime fog sending out. The halo is partly visible, Rong Nianbing own aura by chilly several points that it exaggerated.

Rong Nianbing seven knives from at first is following him, Morning Dew Knife is first. This Seven Kitchen Knifes is the Pseudo Ultra Divine Tool level, is passes through Rong Nianbing innumerable year of warm and nourish.

Morning Dew Knife flies, as float before the Rong Nianbing body, in partly visible rays of light, is filling to his kindness and attachment.

„Flame God's Roar, True Sun Knife.” When the red light twinkle, the aura with formerly barbecue was exactly the same, True Sun Knife is in itself wide, the blade is shorter, but actually filled has congealed the solid sense of reality, the blazing flame and chilly Morning Dew Knife shone mutually.

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