Cannot lose

Cannot lose

„Wutong, you said that the father doesn't like me?” Huo Yuhao asked in a soft voice.

Tang Wutong turns head to look to him, „pū” smiles.

Huo Yuhao scratches the head, „I really already very diligently has been doing, but, I always thought, the father does not like me probably, sometimes, looked that my look somewhat is strange.”

„Haha. He is not does not like me, but loves me. In his heart, possibly thinks that was you robs me. For this matter, the mothers have quarrelled with the father. The father does not have what prejudice to you, but, who has been my husband, perhaps will not obtain any good intentions in his there. However, do not care, father that person, is ill-speaking but soft-hearted, if he cannot have a liking for you, can allow you to enter God Realm Council? Becoming one of the present temporary committee members? That many Class One God, compared with your senior some are, although he was in front of your not saying that in fact was actually he resists opposition, allowing you to enter God Realm Council. Although did not have the God King status, but can in this position, you thing that sees also has the promotion, were many.”

„I listened to mother saying that if were not because Ruin and Life was not quite suitable you, in addition Ruin and Life must be a pair, my cultivating to be also insufficient, the father wants to make us inherit two big God King's Position actually.”

Huo Yuhao had a scare, „? Does not want. In that case, perhaps numerous Gods will be discontented. Because of such, God Realm Council base originally becomes our family/home.”

Tang Wutong said with a smile: „, After this time matter, the father will effectively not have established the Supreme God King status, if not he, perhaps entire God Realm has not existed. Now numerous Gods always follows to the father. Let alone stands in father numerous Gods strength suppresses other sounds sufficiently.”

Huo Yuhao relaxed, said: „Luckily so. Said honestly, I did not like him. He always obstructs us in the same place.”

Now recalled that initially the bitter experience on Douluo Continent, Huo Yuhao also some feelings of finding it unbearable to recall, oneself that Lord Father-in-Law to own test, may not be the average person can withstand. Luckily, oneself have insisted, but he actually does not hope to come again.

Tang Wutong has pasted placard in the Huo Yuhao chest front, said in a soft voice: „You may not probably blame the father. The fathers are good for me. I most loved the father.”

Huo Yuhao said: „How can? Actually I also understand. The father-in-law looks at son-in-law, not to be how pleasing to the eyes. Therefore before him, I somewhat is always gingerly, does not fear you to laugh, I a little fear him.”

Tang Wutong looks up to him, „you so were initially stubborn, will be shy?”

The nod of Huo Yuhao without the slightest hesitation said: „That is before, said, fearing of this behavior, is gentle the respect. The father truly the person who is worth me respecting. Initially facing God of Life and God of Ruin time, the scene that he made a comeback instantaneously I forever could not forget, was mapping out strategic plans in an army tent this aspect, I only took Lord Father-in-Law. Therefore, this forthcoming Gods' War, I was too not worried actually, perhaps is because I had a blind confidence regarding Lord Father-in-Law.”

Tang Wutong hear of he mentioned Gods' War, in eye revealed anxious look immediately, „Yuhao, can we win really? If lost, will be what kind of?”

Huo Yuhao brow slightly pressed, „cannot lose, loses us to lose Main Control Authority, all wants, whatever other people organize. In fact, Lord Father-in-Law proposed that by an enemy six, simultaneously resists Six Great God Realms time, actually has not kept the escape route to oneself. This fights, if lost, who is in power, we definitely will be suppressed. Therefore, in any event, we must win.”

Tang Wutong said: „But, opposite but Six Great God Realms! Can we win really? Meanwhile has existence of God Realm's Center facing six! To go on stage with you, participates in this competion together.”

Huo Yuhao rubs her head, „possibly makes you go on stage? Wutong, you could rest assured that how we will win, for our God Realm, in order to retrieves Douluo Continent, for you.”

His words said not too many tone fluctuations, but Tang Wutong can actually feel clearly profound sentiment of implication. Initially, Huo Yuhao for her, the homemade that three moves, early already the brand mark that was unforgettably engraved on one's mind assiduously in their hearts.

Regarding other all, seemed to be unimportant, important, is only they can in the same place, but for this matter, Huo Yuhao had already paid were too many and were too many.

Tang Wutong sighed one lightly, „I somewhat was worried about mother. Mother's physical condition was getting more and more bad, the remembrance of the younger brother is too deep, the father decides simultaneously to resist Six Great God Realms, perhaps has a large part of reasons for mother. If we can break through Black Hole with other Six Great God Realms, has to return to the Douluo God Realm possibility, some that hope, mother will be perhaps good.”

Huo Yuhao nodded, „certain meeting, mother -in-law will be certainly good. She is so good. Then, Wutong, when we also want a child.”

Tang Wutong white his eyes, elegant face slightly red.

Huo Yuhao embraces tightly her, kissing gently on her forehead. In his mind, actually started to have the memory about fight.

Yes, for family member, for lover, for God Realm, to return to Douluo. Gods' War, they cannot lose, whatever, they must live the victory of this fight.

Although Tang San has not carried on any pre-battle mobilization, but their deep clear this point.


A bunch of flame ascension, changes into the red light in airborne to flash to pass together. Rich fragrance along with it bursting out.

„, Good quite to be fragrant and fragrant. The husband, I must eat.” Place that the charging into red light that the form jumps together flashes before.

„Good, burns carefully.” Rong Nianbing somewhat helpless looks that to grasps the female who the barbecue gnaws, a helplessness.

„Mao Mao, you said your multi- Sirs, but also with child.” Another female voice along with it resounding.

Form appears in front that female behind, in the hand carried a tray to give her together.

The red long hair hangs loose after the brain, the beautiful tender face reveals several points of helplessness.

„Sister Feng Nu, you also eat, really quite delicious. The husbands for a long time personally have not prepared food, too does not make sense. Today punishes him to us do for day. I must eat Nine Mysterious Green Dragons Concealed in Clouds of Ice.”

Feng Nu looks to Rong Nianbing, a Rong Nianbing face favors looks at Mao Mao that drowns, arrives at side him, holds on his hand.

She most understands his heart, she is certainly clear, why he will decide that prepares food to eat today suddenly to everybody.

Since by Space-Time Turbulent Flow sweep away, Rong Nianbing continuously is together busy in God Realm Council and Tang San, truly was very long has not prepared food to eat to them.

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