Parents' pains

Parents' pains

„Actually, Nether King must be more bitter than anybody at heart, because all these he did not have the means to say to anybody, did not have the means to explain anything to you. Do you still remember? That war, you use Nether King's Sword to stab his time finally he looks at your look, at that time, I could not bear hold on your arm. Does not make you fight again with him, is for this reason. Perhaps, Nether King was not accommodated by God Realm, but in some sense, he is a good father, at least since he knew after you is a his son, he was a good father.”

„A little your judgment is incorrect, because in this regard, us impossible to judge compared with strength strongest Nether King accurately. That is, even if no that war, God Realm is impossible to block the attack of Space-Time Turbulent Flow. Therefore Nether King so urgent wants to lead us. But, no one is able to imagine at that time the Space-Time Turbulent Flow situation. God King your majesty rises spiritedly to revolt, she understands the Nether King intention actually, but she actually cannot look helplessly God Realm was destroyed. Until finally, until finally at that moment, when she saw we must by Space-Time Turbulent Flow sweep away, finally gave up the resistance, at that time, she sent greetings to me, she told me, she must give up, gave up to the God Realm responsibility, she must collaborate with Nether King, rescues us.”

„Therefore, before by Space-Time Turbulent Flow sweep away, you were seen the collapse of entire God Realm, that not because of Nether King, because, loves their kids mother, for oneself son is reckless, even gave up to the protection of oneself entire race. Is she and Nether King together, concentrates all strength that at that time they can use, compresses God Realm to protect already by that happening suddenly Space-Time Turbulent Flow sweep away us. Is they use compressed Death God God Realm gable is occupied by us, wants to draw us. But, they cannot achieve. Space-Time Turbulent Flow was too strong, we eventually and God Realm together by sweep away. God Realm was destroyed, God Realm to collapse, but, you recall, why can we also live? By your mother's strength, can complete instantaneously to the compression of entire God Realm? It can be said that to save us, God King your majesty almost takes entire God Realm as God Realm that the sacrificial offering talent and Nether King complete us to be at together at present. Make you this Ruler of God Realm.”

Listens to Xuan Yue talk about here, the A'Dai complexion somewhat is obviously pale, „you and you should tell me earlier.”

Xuan Yue embraces tightly the head of A'Dai, „I do not dare to tell you! Your temper is straight, I feared that you knew after looking like, will unable to bear. Especially we by sweep away that time, your mood have been just excited, will unable to control itself frequently. I do not dare to tell you at that time, was worried that is too big to your impact. Until now, you finally were completely were recently quiet, I dare to say the matter. A'Dai, do not blame God King and Nether King, they very much love you . The different status, making the way that they expressed love not have the means like the normal parents.”

The double pupil of A'Dai was gradually moist, before the recollection all sorts, final time entire God Realm exploded at first particularly, mother looks at oneself look in that moment, although , is not clear, but remembering of his also clear, mother that rending yelling.

That strongest Space-Time Turbulent Flow, in that flash impact in oneself and on Xuan Yue, if not present God Realm happen to at that time the gable lives in itself and Xuan Yue, perhaps they already already by the Space-Time Turbulent Flow washout thorough vanished.

In his heart, has been hating that person, hated that to give itself the life actually heavily to injure mother's person. But he has not actually thought, their two walked unexpectedly really in one, met appears unexpectedly such situation.

The mother unexpectedly for gave up entire God Realm, although God Realm likely had not existed at that time, is, regarding mother, how will make such decision difficultly!

The mother is that most painful person, lost the son and daughter-in-law, it can be said that betrayed entire God Realm to save own son, in that flash, she it can be said that betrayed own belief!

A'Dai knows that Xuan Yue is worried about anything, she was worried oneself are unable to accept mother such to do, mother is one generation of God King, innumerable god leaders, but, she because actually one's own selfish interests nearly in offering sacrifices entire God Realm. How even if God Realm will be destroyed at that time, but this also similarly was God King betrayed God Realm!

Has changed beforehand him, perhaps the meeting is unable to understand really, his innermost feelings are upright, totally did not accept regarding such matter.

But, they had been inhaled Black Hole to have a long time, these days, made him have more time to ponder excessively peacefully, the past all sorts, once partner and friend, mother and father, passing all will change into the innumerable pictures to flash through in his mind frequently.

After he listens Xuan Yue narrated the entire process, he at this time only then loves dearly, intense loving dearly, loves dearly own mother. Meanwhile, although he cannot forgive oneself father as before, is, in this case, he actually really rebukes oneself.

He also deep remembering, in that war, he puts together completely full power in the attack father, even can recall, several times, the fathers must hold mother, forcefully was actually flushed by oneself. Now recalls, if were earlier at that time makes Nether King seize mother, perhaps, a lot will change. But then Nether King, was impossible to tell itself the matter real looked like, because he was Nether King.

He even also several times nearly hold itself, spelled to resist by the loathsome appearance by oneself. If is held by him at that time, all similarly become will be then different, he did not want to catch Nether Realm himself, but to hold oneself, was good to rescue itself.

Parents' good pain is attentive, oneself actually do not know at that time.

„I really quite silly.” The mouth of A'Dai full is the bitter and astringent flavor.

Xuan Yue said in a soft voice: „Do not say, A'Dai, this matter no one can blame from beginning to end, this is fortune plays with a people! I do not hope that you hate them, they have done many and many for us really, many to the degree that we are unable to imagine.”

„I understood.” A'Dai embraces tightly Xuan Yue, „also has you luckily and luckily side me. Has you, I will not be lonely, have you, I am not a person. Thank you, Yueyue.”

Xuan Yue has not spoken again, but embraces tightly him, their hearts draw close to throughout.

Has not known how long, A'Dai has gained ground from the Xuan Yue bosom finally, said with the extremely firm tone: „I must go back, I must go back, go back to look for them. I, do not blame them. I only want to return to side them.”


Douluo God Realm.

Three small log cabins appear secluded from the world, the surroundings are the rich vegetation, has filled with the life aura.

God Realm already did not have the day and night, only has the airborne clouds, is sending out light rays of light, sways Immortal Spirit Qi in entire God Realm.

Arrives in Locking God Array, the Douluo God Realm situation has stabilized thoroughly, at least temporarily does not need to be worried that had by the danger that Black Hole swallows.

In a small log cabin, one group of youth husbands and wives are walking arm in arm mutually, they sit before the window, looks at outside the courtyard clouds and that vitality abundant plants by the window.

They maintained this posture had a long time.


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