How can like this

How can like this

The look of A'Dai whole person is not right, before the possibility that because Xuan Yue said is him, simply has not considered. He definitely is unable to imagine, Nether King attacks God Realm to be such goal unexpectedly.

Xuan Yue continues saying: „In surface Nether King has not concealed own goal, but regarding entire Nether Realm, if Nether King can seize God King, Nether Realm can certainly accept, but God King cannot! Can God King accept all these? Naturally must rise spiritedly to revolt, therefore, both sides seem like are the needle-tip to the wheat awn, wants to hold own lover, another actually for own race, for the entire God Realm life or death, but resists at risk of life. Until that war, Nether King knew your status.”

Here, Xuan Yue deep looked at A'Dai one, „that time Nether King, wild with joy in heart has replaced all, therefore, he will say, so long as you in God Realm one day, did not invade God Realm this, and led the Nether Realm army to retreat, these were you personally have experienced. But, do you have to think, such Nether King, after returning to Nether Realm, will receive the big question? Since Nether Realm make an all-out effort has attacked God Realm, must succeed shortly thoroughly time, Nether King said such words, the pressure that he bore could be imagined. However, your father Nether King is one generation of Mighty Lord, the strength is truly unequalled, even if present you, it is estimated that could not have been his such level.”

A'Dai nodded.

Xuan Yue said: „Therefore, he resists opposition, has depressed all opinions, all the subordinates of refusing to accept, disappear completely in his hands. After all, in the Nether King world, the strength is all.”

„But, after he calms down, actually the discovery mentality had the change. Because, he wanted to obtain God King before, lets God King in own side. But your appears, made his missing many, he and God King had the child, but the child was in God Realm. As the father, he also has even surpassed to your missing to God King, became to the God King emotion thicker. If according to his pledge, will never enter God Realm, means that possibly will again never see own son, sees God King again.”

A'Dai said suddenly: „Yueyue, why do you know these many? Why these I do not know. Moreover, at that time our simply not in God Realm! We more time keep Mortal World. Afterward God Realm once more and Nether Realm had war, God Realm that we returned.”

Xuan Yue sighed one lightly, said: „Because your mother has looked for me. This all, is God King your majesty personally tells me.”

„?” A'Dai stares, „did my mother tell you? What did she add?”

Xuan Yue said: „Nether King cannot endure the remembrance of your mother and child, all alone, to God Realm, had found your mother. This matter, besides God King, anybody has not known. Nether King all said own intention, and told your mother, he wanted to reunite with your one, even if paid any price not to matter. God King your majesty, when sees him, the first idea is to concentrate all God Realm's Power strangles to death him in God Realm. If before having traded, perhaps she did. But, after initially that war, when Nether King said that for you can give up invading God Realm, in fact, she was also moved. What is more important, her deep thought that has a deficit in you, but Nether King, after all is your father. Therefore, although Nether King had been expelled by her, but, she has not actually begun.”

„Afterward. Nether King is relying on oneself incomparably formidable strength, comes and goes out in God Realm frequently, with the God King words, just started, he each time arrives, has a look at her, said that several words, then walk. Is asked when you return to God Realm. The Nether King strength was too formidable, does not have the means to arrive at Mortal World easily, will otherwise bring the giant disaster to Mortal World surely, he worried that you therefore hate him, therefore does not dare to come to see you.”

„The god is the demon, has the sentiment. Under, God King your majesty was moved in the course of contacts gradually. After all, Nether King is she has the only man . Moreover, your this common child. Has not thought including God King, she accepted the arrival of Nether King unexpectedly gradually, but their relations also start to enter step by step. They fell in love.”

„?” A'Dai in the eye does not dare to believe the color at this time completely, „this and are this possible? They separately are representing Nether Realm and God Realm!”

Xuan Yue smiles bitterly, „then must say, is I did not tell your reason these. Because, I do not hope you to their senses, particularly to the sense appears change of God King.”

A'Dai anxiously said: „You said that regardless of result is anything, I can accept.”

Xuan Yue sighed, said: „Situation is very complex. During that time, they were together was very good, was very happy, Nether King has even surpassed in the God Realm time in Nether Realm. Do you still remember? Once we return to God Realm to look at God King your majesty, the God King side has God Officer keeping stares at you to look, afterward you also asked me, how that God Officer sees that unfamiliarly. That is actually the Nether King incarnation, he was seeing oneself son, the look naturally cannot move.”

„If all as usual, all maintain tranquil. Such day they can accept surely. However, the disaster was arrives inevitably. In fact, is Space-Time Turbulent Flow disaster that Nether King discovers first. But because Nether Realm at the dark side, does not need to bear the impact of Space-Time Turbulent Flow directly, Nether King protects Nether Realm sufficiently. But God Realm is not good, God Realm is the positive/direct representative, protects existence of Human World. Evades not to be possible to evade. Therefore, Nether King when will soon arrive Space-Time Turbulent Flow this matter told God King, proposed that must lead her to walk, again to protection God Realm, because he can have a premonition the Space-Time Turbulent Flow terrifying.”

„But God King continuously and Nether King contact, has regarding God Realm very strongly was ashamed, how also possibly to give up God Realm. At that time, God King and Nether King loudly quarrelled. Also is at that time, God King your majesty found me, she does not dare to tell you these, feared that you look down upon her, told me all. What to do did not ask me to, but poured out. Because she does not have the means to say this matter with others. Moreover, I could feel, at that time in God King your majesty heart had the dead will, prepared not to hesitate all protection God Realm. Therefore, she worried that you will also hate your father in the future, told me these, just before leaving before , urged me saying that if day of God Realm, did not tell you these. Let you do not hate Nether King.”

„But, God King can go to generously, Nether King actually cannot accept! After felt obviously God King must do, Nether King did not give a thought to the initial pledge, started the war suddenly, led the Nether Realm army to invade God Realm once more, the goal in fact only then one, that carries off God King! Also takes away us. He will not care about the God Realm life or death problem, but actually cannot receives any injury by own lover and child.”

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