Xuan Yue

Xuan Yue

Hai Long hehe smiles, „your husband I was also had fought many battles, how possible general idea? Yeah, what a pity we initially by sweep away time, entire Immortal Realm lost and contact of Buddha Realm, All Heavens and Myriad Laws many powerhouses also disappears in the universe river. Otherwise, our Immortal Realm are powerful enough, I can also such do. Said honestly, I a little envy that fellow. This should be the matter that I handle is right.”

Said these words time, in the Hai Long eye rays of light jumped shoots, arrogant showing of a seedling source from in bone without doubt. Wants initially his Only I Shall Be Immortal not to be white call.

„I help you prepare. The words said, you have not carried on very intensive fight for a long time, since there is such a war to wait for you, I thought that you need to reply the battle efficiency. The matter, I have not punished you. I called Elder Sister Piao Miao, then the sisters collaborated, compared notes with you, awakens your memory to fight.” Saying of Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither) righteousness words.

„Wife, you are not earnest?” Hai Long dumbfounded visits her.

Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither) sneers, „you looked when I have said the lie? Waits for us to rooftop. I have not begun for a long time. You could rest assured that I will certainly convince sisters make an all-out effort, you may probably be well prepared. Was right, cannot use the golden cudgel. Can't you injure us?”

Then, she to the Hai Long waving hand , the figure flashes, vanishes in a piece of gray halo.

As before the Hai Long vision delay, muttered thought aloud: „Cannot use the golden cudgel, in their street elder sister younger sister's, what is this?”

„Emperor, this meaning must punch your probably, is not right, probably must gang up on your. I think, probably and possibly is this.” Formerly that Heavenly General does not know where from drilled, said in a low voice.

The Hai Long complexion broke down instantaneously, „painstakingly also......”

Heavenly General has gazed after departure that Hai Long is absentminded, this righteousness words hand/subordinate said to oneself invincible forces: „Sees not to have, this marries the tragedies of wife too many causing. The emperors are alerting us with oneself personal experience, is worth respecting!”


Kind Death God God Realm.

Sitting that Death God A'Dai is quietly above summit, the vision looks to the distant place sea of clouds. In the Black Hole world, does not have Sun, almost all God Realm rays of light come from oneself as well as Child of Light God Realm, rays of light that Zhanggong Wei that side God Realm's Center releases.

entire God Realm appears some deathly stillness, in the A'Dai look is also bringing desolately.

„How? Also thought these matters?” The white light shadow twinkle, the form falls side A'Dai together, holds in the arms his shoulder gently.

Felt that pleasantly warm bosom, the expression on A'Dai face was rich immediately, dragged into oneself to cherish her, sat on own leg.

„I am all right.”

A female white long skirt, has the partly visible gold thread embellishment, the beautiful tender face is having the holy brilliance, is similar to round bright moonlight, is dispersing Death God A'Dai haze.

„Do not be sad, passed is so long. No one thinks that at that time will have such matter.” Xuan Yue softly said.

If in Six Great God Realms, the god quantity are least, only had Kind Death God God Realm, because, in entire God Realm, only then their two. That is all.

A'Dai sighed, „I always could not think through, they have hit the innumerable years, why could not see through, why can't the peaceful coexistence? He has said that so long as there are me in a day, will not attack God Realm. But, he came eventually, moreover in God Realm most critical moment arrival, if not so, perhaps mother can lead numerous Gods to resist the impact of Space-Time Turbulent Flow. numerous Gods will not disappear in Space-Time Turbulent Flow. He ruins entire God Realm, what advantage also has to him?”

Xuan Yue opened mouth, wants to say anything, has not actually said.

A'Dai looks to her, „you have known probably anything, but throughout is actually not willing saying that I had not closely examined you. Yueyue, among us, had what unable to say?”

Xuan Yue sighed one lightly, „was not I do not want to say that was I feared I said that will ruin your worldview. Will make you more uncomfortable.”

„Un?” A'Dai brow slightly pressed, kissing gently on her cheek, said: „We already so, in this so-called God Realm even only remaining you and I, what but also there is cannot say?”

Xuan Yue sips red lip, „good, something should also tell you. I do not want to make you have the concern stepping battlefield.”

„Any world reverse side the north of life has, that is Nether Realm. Almost every has the God Realm place, has to be similar existence in Nether Realm. Nether Realm is reverse side, is the gloomy world, was the world of death. However, regardless of its background is anything, existence of Nether Realm is also intelligent life form, has own emotion to fluctuate. Like your father, Nether King Hades is also so.”

„Nether Realm and God Realm war that many years, even one time nearly has ruined God Realm, was your mother God King trades the God Realm existing space with own body. Then had you. You are God King and Nether King child. You is a little without a doubt, initially, when Hades knew you are the biological son, he responded at that time is completely clear, the words that he spoke are also so, he said that wants you in God Realm one day, will again not invade, these words are sincere.”

„But......” A'Dai wanted to say anything, had actually held down with the hand by Xuan Yue the lip, „dear, listening to me to say.”

„But you know why he did come? Also leads the army to invade God Realm. Actually, is for you, for God King. Even when initially has not known you are his son invades, the reason is also same. Because, he has fallen in love with your mother, God King!”

A'Dai stares, in his memory, the parents throughout is the water and fire not accommodating two extremes, once he, reason that reduces to Kind Death God God Realm, even turned into a stupid thief , because mother 's resentment to father read, he looked for then Nether King to revenge, by knocking down this world. Does the father love mother? Has Nether King fallen in love with God King? This in his heart, the possibility that does not have completely.

„As one generation of Nether King, Nether Realm's Ruler, in some sense, he and God King radically is impossible in the same place. Because this is the matter that God Realm and Nether Realm will not permit absolutely. Initially, after God King had the relations, Nether King has in fact fallen in love with God King. He at all impossible to express all these to anybody. Therefore, he has found out simplest direct means that also conforms to the Nether Realm thought. That thoroughly ruins God Realm, catches side God King him, lets her throughout with him in the same place, therefore had afterward war time and time again, aggression time and time again, God Realm was invaded retreating in defeat again and again that such as fire Nether Realm hits.”

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