Meng Yun and Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither)

Meng Yun and Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither)

Only I Shall Be Immortal God Realm.

Giant palace in supporting of fog float in midair, sky over the palace, the azure golden fog winds around, ease reverberation.

In the palace, has the moving heavenly music to spread faintly, gives people the feeling of several points of immortal spirit.

Immortal Emperor Hai Long foot treads Seven-colored Auspicious Clouds, gradually flutters to the immortal palace direction. Falls on the main entrance place.

„Welcomed Immortal Emperor!” Celestial Troops And Generals kneel down on one knee in the place, greets his return completely.

„Said my most repugnant courtesy type of thing, how are you refuse to mend despite repeated admonition?” Hai Long ill-humoredly said.

For Head of Heavenly Generals some saying with a smile of flattering: „This is small feels a heartfelt admiration.”

„Good, good, flatters you are a expert. The words said that empress present where?” When asked the last few words, Hai Long has lowered the sound desirably.

„Should in the Emperor's garden. I heard that recently several immortal grass blossomed.” Heavenly General also similarly lowered the sound to say.

Hai Long grows the tone, „that is good. I walk first one step, if they asked, you told them, I will close up preparation several days later Gods' War.”

„Yes, small understanding.”

When the Hai Long preparation leaves, suddenly, an incomparably delightful sound resounds, „where are you preparation go to?”

The form drops from the clouds together, a scarlet red long whip flies to like lightning.

Hai Long had a scare immediately, the figure flashes, falls on the one side, has avoided sweeping across of long whip, face said with a forced smile: „Meng Yun do not make, just came back for husband, isn't this is preparing to close up the cultivation?”

The form falls together quietly, a pink long skirt is serving as contrast her slender tender body, in the beautiful pupil is revealing light golden-light halo, but in the look actually full is the suspicion.

„I asked you, you were like me liking Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither)!” Meng Yun shook has washed one's hands of the whip.

Then before the bystander, always arrogant Immortal Emperor, at this time on the face suddenly revealed and formerly Heavenly General similar expression, collected rapidly, said in a low voice: „Naturally likes you. I most loved my small Meng Yun.”

Meng Yun curled the lip, „were you also say before her?”

Hai Long with righteous rhetoric said: „Naturally not. Right, I told you an important matter, that newly arrived God Realm, must challenge us unexpectedly. By an enemy six, challenge our Six Great God Realms.”

Meng Yun dazed for a moment, „was their this insane? How is this possible?”

Hai Long shrugs the arm, „I also think that they were insane, but others must such insane, we then. For a long time has not moved the physique, my club has somewhat been able not bear the loneliness.”

Meng Yun elegant face one red, „said anything you, pay specific attention.”

The Hai Long corners of the mouth twitched, what „I said is the golden cudgel, what do you think? The thought is really unchaste!”

Meng Yun raises in the hand the long whip, „looks to hit? Owes to hang to hit you.”

A helplessness of Hai Long face, „good, good, I must close up really cultivation. Maintains the good condition! You always do not hope that your master loses.”

Meng Yun thinks saying: „Good. However, tonight you arrange to must accompany me. When comes?” At the same time was saying, the elegant face flies one to blush.

Hai Long said: „Late a point, late.”

The Meng Yun willow eyebrows are but actually vertical, „what meaning you? Today Monarch is willing to visit you, inadequate that you also refused?”

„Breathes out, the dot sound, do you save face to be good to me?” A Hai Long face grief and indignation. In front of the wives, he is a status does not have really!

„Snort, you look at office in any case.” Then, Meng Yun swings the body in a flash, treadonned auspicious clouds to walk.

Visits her to depart, Hai Long smiles bitterly, „wife many are really troublesome! What a pity, regret also late. Really the regret should not be enticed the immortal palace by Ding full that fellow, finally he travelled, I actually happen to catch up with Space-Time Turbulent Flow. Otherwise I also in world free and unrestrained, how to go so far as to was stranded Immortal Realm, wants to be unavailable freely. The life once was really valuable, free valence is higher! Them is good like Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning, everywhere, nowhere. I, now actually have to be stranded in this.”

„Did master, you regret?” Slender white hands are quietly has made contact with the shoulder of Hai Long, when Hai Long sees the long nail of that dark-red, immediately quick-witted spirit shuddered, in the heart shouted one to go bad secretly.

A fragrant body has pasted from behind, aspirates orchid such as said near his ear: „My recent day sound also has progressive, therefore, the hearing is specially good. Just resembled some people saying that liked Meng Yun. Is?”

The smiling face covers entirely the cheek instantaneously, Hai Long turns round the person to hug into the bosom in the future, „wife, I made a mistake.” His too clear came the temperament of person, in all wives, this disposition was firmest, prefers death to humiliation. Initially was once is one generation of Ruler of Nether Realm. The strength is also in his all wives strongest one. Even is not inferior in oneself many.

The explanation any has not used, at this time, admitted mistakes directly is the wisest choice.

No matter, he is willing to call her initial name, Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither).

Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither) coldly snorted, „your wife that many, were you acknowledging the mistake with whom?”

The Hai Long affection visits her leisurely, „the Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither) wife, I made a mistake.”

Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither) shows a faint smile, „that you said how I should punish you?”

Hai Long quick-witted spirit shuddered, „wife, happen to I must say a matter to you, you offer advice to me.”

Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither) said: „Shifts the topic? Good, I give you an opportunity, having a look at you to shift my attention.”

Hai Long said: „Today doesn't guide God Realm to come newly? This God Realm imagines us unexpectedly is more formidable. What is more laughable, that God King called any Sea God fellow, unexpectedly proposed, must simultaneously challenge our six God Realm God King, after competes, we got out of trouble motion Main Control Authority.”

„Un?” Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither) relaxes from the Hai Long bosom, brow slightly pressed, „so rampant?”

Hai Long said: „Yes! Although he individual strength is not weak, should with us in the same level, there is Ultra Divine Tool. However, resists our numerous God Realm by God Realm's Power, he thinks that oneself is the lord of God Star?”

Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither) said: „Cannot be negligent. Can become the God King person, which also not someone who is easy to deal with. Since he proposed such plan, then certainly has certain assuring. Nobody will make 1% not to have the opportunity matter continually. If no over 30% winning percentage possibilities, I believe that he such will not do. Therefore, you cannot be negligent, even must be careful that carefully is good. Goes all out also needs to use full power. Cannot have a low opinion of the enemy.”

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