Mu Zi

Tang San when proposed that this challenge has thought very much clear, with eight characters described that his goal was enough: Shows, with every effort vies for supremacy.

After the opposite party complies, he is true relaxing, can see through the exchange, Six Great God Kings is very sane, how regardless of the disposition, at least not to have that type to twist specially, but also is reasonable. This also makes Tang San enter Locking God Array after Douluo God Realm has felt relieved. Temporarily the security field does not need to be worried.

Deep looked at Six Great God Realms of distant place, Tang San has stepped forward one step in void, returns to God Realm that arrived at itself to be.

The Douluo God Realm situation has stabilized lived, does not need to inquire others, through oneself and God Realm's Center relations, Tang San can feel that the present God Realm energy no longer passed.

God Realm Council.

Other five people here have been waiting for the return of Tang San.

a golden light flashes, Tang San steps forward from God Realm's Center, falling gently ground.

„What kind of?” Rong Nianbing asked to Tang San. Other people also hand over the concerned look.

Tang San shows a faint smile, said: „They agreed.”

Rong Nianbing said with a smile: „That was good, but our pressures may really be a little big!”

The plan is everybody reaches an agreement, they know certainly the circumstances of the matter.

Tang San said: „Everybody each other is not familiar, this challenge is also a familiar process. Compared to them, in the overall strength, after all, their back that we definitely have been inferior has six God Realm support. But we have our superiority, the most important point, lies in we are a whole of unity, but they actually by no means unite. Meanwhile, we each other understood, among them understood that many my clear, but definitely is not inferior to us in this aspect.”

„From ability. Immortal Emperor Hai Long definitely has Ultra Divine Tool, Mad God Lei Xiang formerly when release aura, has Ultra Divine Tool obviously name. Light God King Zhanggong Wei, this person is very possible is in Six Great God Kings most difficult to deal with, because his bearing is calm, from Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu looked that his look can see, his strength will not compare Immortal Emperor and Mad God is weak, therefore, he should have Ultra Divine Tool. As for other three people, that short-sword of Death God A'Dai chest front, likely is Ultra Divine Tool, but the aura is gloomy, but also unascertainable clear too. The whole body mail-armor and helmet as if insufficient Ultra Divine Tool level of that day Di Tian god, but mail-armor and helmet existence was very difficult saying that felt must approach Ultra Divine Tool. Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu has not released the Ultra Divine Tool aura, may not have Ultra Divine Tool. But he can take the Locking God Array center always to control, the strength certainly is not weak. Therefore, we must prepare for facing six Ultra Divine Tool.”

Although before , through observation, but Tang San same can see the lots, at this time tells, detailed description.

The people more listen more are the heart are startled. Must know, the opposite party also has the support of God Realm's Center! Without doubt can enlarge own strength.

„Eldest child, my this has not seen us to have any opportunity really!” Strength God Zhou Weiqing somewhat smiles bitterly was saying.

Huo Yuhao simply has not spoken, six people on the scene, his strength is weakest, he does not have Ultra Divine Tool.

Tang San said: „I know certainly. However, this, we must fight, moreover must vie for supremacy with every effort is good. In the Ultra Divine Tool aspect, we currently have three. Sea God Trident, Asura Sword and your Groundless Hatred Linked Equipment Set. Nianbing Seven Kitchen Knifes is Pseudo Ultra Divine Tool, puts together even also wants strongly independent Ultra Divine Tool. Lie Yan (raging flames) and Ji Dong, although does not have Ultra Divine Tool, but they are true God King God Position, coordinates, is not similarly inferior in Ultra Divine Tool. Therefore, we do not have strength of the spelling, then we also three days, in detail arrange the tactic, are most important.”

Rong Nianbing said with a smile: „Already heard, initially you also in Douluo Continent, were a tactical Grandmaster. Yuhao this child as master control also good. You arrange, everybody listens to you to mix and that's the end. You take master control, controls the audience. Does Yuhao make the substitution to you?”

The Tang San corners of the mouth place reveals a smile, „regarding us, the opposite party most found that actually is also I alone. Such being the case, we must first disrupt their deployment, particularly targeted deployment. Therefore, must unexpectedly. Yuhao, you go on stage as the main force, as master control Soul Master. I make the substitution.”

Such remarks, the people all reveal stunned look.

The smiling face on Tang San face immediately became richer, „looked, will think to be startled including you, let alone was our matches. The layout, must carry from the beginning.”


Child of Light God Realm.

Light God King Zhanggong Wei stands in front of giant light beam, Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu and he stands shoulder to shoulder.

„This Tang San is not very simple, his today's performance, in fact made itself be in an impregnable position.” Zhanggong Wei sighed lightly was saying.

Ye Yinzhu shows a faint smile, said: „Could see, you approve to him very much! Big brother Zhanggong.”

Zhanggong Wei said with a smile: „What you forgot me to control was what kind of strength? Person innermost feelings are whether straight, can be very easy to look from the aura. This Tang San has not had the half a point to conceal to own divine sense, all releases before us, must observe to us. If not can see him to cherish broadly and level, who we will give him this opportunity? Therefore, I believe, he should be able to be a formidable ally.”

Ye Yinzhu said with a smile: „Very long has not anticipated a matter like this. Also for a long time did not have full power to begin very much. Big brother Zhanggong, you said that Sea God can win?”

Zhanggong Wei loses says with a smile: „This may I not say. Only can say that is all has the possibility. Just, his opportunity not greatly and that's the end.”

Ye Yinzhu shrugs the arm, said: „I also think that his opportunity is not big. By an enemy six, in God Realm this level, nearly are impossible. Only if his God Realm is God Star.”

Zhanggong Wei said: „This competition, not only examines their strengths, examines our. Hopes after this, all have the conclusion. Tian Hen had looked for my several times. Cannot delay again. After this time Gods' War had finished, in any event we must carry on the final survey, then starts.”

„Good!” Ye Yinzhu firm nod.

Zhanggong Wei said with a smile: „Actually has a matter you not to know. I and Lei Xiang relations are good.”

„Un?” Ye Yinzhu somewhat surprised looks to him.

Zhanggong Wei said with a smile: „Therefore, with A'Dai.”

Ye Yinzhu doubfully said: „But, can't why you lead? This......”

Zhanggong Wei sighed one lightly, „a lot are not simple. Even if relates again well, relates to itself in the God Realm safety, everybody also has own idea. We can trust each other, but, if relates to God Realm that oneself are at? Relates to family member and friend? Tang San appears is a turning point. Reason that I the present tell you me and Lei Xiang as well as A'Dai relations, the main meaning is, if Tang San believes, our here coordination can have problems, he was completely mistaken. Tomorrow, asking everybody to come, we discussed the tactic, make an all-out effort.”

Ye Yinzhu said: „I understood. However, whose has about substitute issue, it is estimated that also some headaches.”

Zhanggong Wei said: „Does not need a headache about anything, Tian Hen substitution. Because he can in the quickest time support. Regarding the sensibility of space, he is in us is most profound.”


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