Gods' War

Gods' War

„As a successor, I can only prove own strength with this way. Proves the Douluo God Realm strength, reason that must be this leader, what is more important guarantees our God Realm safety. That is all. Extremely arrogant also good, is whether possible, do we need not to speak with the fact? If we lost, then, we give up the leading power, whatever dispatches and that's the end.”

Ye Yinzhu looks to Zhanggong Wei, Zhanggong Wei was in Six Great God Kings tranquilest one, at this time Death God A'Dai looks that the Tang San look was having several points of surprise flavor.

Zhanggong Wei said: „Three Ultra Divine Tool? I think that can try.”

Under his reminder, people awaken, Tang San formerly had said three Ultra Divine Tool, means, in Douluo God Realm, at least has existences of three Ultra Divine Tool. Any Ultra Divine Tool regarding God Realm, is just like decides Sea God needle general existence, God Realm can have three Ultra Divine Tool, had proven sufficiently its God Realm was formidable. This without doubt is the Tang San inside story.

The day Di Tian mark opens the mouth to say suddenly: „I agree to carry on this competition. Douluo God Realm that if Sea God and he is at can have such strength, is also most appropriate as leader, our probabilities will even promote to 50%. A formidable leader, will make the final result different.”

Death God A'Dai nodded, „good.” Brief and to the point.

Zhanggong Wei has smiled, „Tian Hen said right, I also agreed. At present the situation of this our better means that perhaps, this has not been the best means.”

Immortal Emperor and Mad God look at each other one, two people are the brow slightly pressed, in Immortal Emperor Hai Long eye rays of light deep looks to Tang San, nodded, said: „Is very good, I must have a look but actually, actually your this Douluo God Realm can what kind of degree, really have such confidence simultaneously to face us formidable.”

Tang San has not opened the mouth, at this time, said uselessly, showed with the fact, compared with saying any useful many.

The day Di Tian mark said: „Such being the case, the location is chosen by us. We fair as far as possible. In just arrived here, carries on the Locking God Array construction time, here once formidable God Realm, even was it has left behind the Locking God Array construction pattern, after our recomputated can take shape finally. What a pity, that God Realm also before Locking God Array forms collapsed, we do not have means saving. But along with the Locking God Array formation, that God Realm ruins retained, changes into an incomplete star. The above terrain is complex and broad. It is not our any side, I believe, this place takes the battlefield to be most appropriate, is fair.”

Tang San said without hesitation: „Good, that deferred to Heavenly Emperor to say.”

Zhanggong Wei said: „Way of that competition?”

Tang San shows a faint smile, obviously in the heart early has the advance plan, „five pairs five, a person of substitute. Facing life and death crisis time, can choose the break away battlefield or admitting defeat, is withdraws. Both sides all participants all withdraw, calculates to lose. Substitute can at any time and in the field the participant cuts.”

The way of this competition at least from the surface, sounds to be quite fair. Locking God Array is Six Great God Kings, not many, many.

Zhanggong Wei looks to other people, other five God King have not expressed the objection. This Light God King nods immediately said: „Good, deferred to Sea God to say. You just came, first recuperation. Waits a minute us to share the Locking God Array internal time to you, in Locking God Array time three days later, our Ancient Gods Ruin and numerous Gods canyon sees.”

Tang San nodded, lifts golden trident in hand, expressed best wishes to numerous God King.

„Snort!” Immortal Emperor Hai Long coldly snorted, swings the body in a flash, without a trace that vanished, returned to oneself that azure God Realm.

Other people also 11 depart, the day Di Tian mark is the last choice leaves, before leaving, his deep looked at Tang San one, said solemnly: „Sea God, you are going to face, not only six God King, is six God Realm. Hopes you can achieve final success. Cannot wait really again.”

Spoke these words, the silver light flashes, this also vanished.

Six Great God Kings departs, the Tang San secret growing tone, wipes the forced smile also to reveal from the face along with it.

If some choices, his never meeting is willing simultaneously to face Six Great God Kings? Does he have confidence? Does not have.

Such that just like just Heavenly Emperor said that he must face, not only six God King, was six God Realm!

Any controls God Realm God King to transfer the God Realm's Center energy the ability, therefore, this war, he is going to face also has behind Six Great God Kings six God Realm's Center.

If one-to-one, Tang San has confidence, from his observations to these six God King, he deeply believed, is relying on the God Realm's Center support of Douluo God Realm, he can defeat their any. However, the group fights is different. Because Douluo God Realm's Power needs to apportion other Douluo God Realm here people. Therefore, he can borrow only has part.

In this case, any God King strength of opposite party not under him, but him, how many can have with his same level strength and has?

God of Life and God of Ruin are not, true God King only then he and Ji Dong, Lie Yan (raging flames). Repairing of Rong Nianbing, Huo Yuhao and Zhou Weiqing to want inferior partly to plan eventually.

However, Tang San no choice.

Before integrating Locking God Array, he has thought clear very much.

They are newly-arrived, want not to be weakened directly are difficult, God Realm impossible and six God Realm contend.

Therefore, the challenge that he presented that most foundation also had the idea of delaying tactics, at least made Douluo God Realm in the situation to this Locking God Array adapt first said again, next, that was the possibility of pursuing that achievement.

Fights this matter nobody to predict that even if the both sides strength is disparate, the weak one also has the opportunity of defeating a superior enemy, because in the battlefield, is every so often fast changing. Therefore, no one dares saying that certainly can win.

If Douluo God Realm has won, attains the leading power of motion, as Tang San of commander-in-chief, has the absolute assurance to guarantee that the Douluo God Realm security, at least is in the safest position in the entire motion.

This matter, everybody believe own, Tang San is no exception.

Therefore, this Gods' War, he meets make an all-out effort surely, does not remain regrettably!

Even if loses this Gods' War, Tang San also believes after is showing the strength comprehensively, will make Six Great God Realms understand Douluo God Realm, like this regarding the following negotiations, as well as the following operation side, guaranteed the Douluo God Realm status will have the help to affect.

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