By an enemy six

By an enemy six

In the Zhanggong Wei heart sighed one secretly, Six Great God Realms was not unified, this was the biggest problem that at present Locking God Array comes across, before Douluo God Realm has not arrived, the position of this leader they are also hard to measure. Otherwise, the motion already should launch.

But, regarding various God Realm, this also truly was too important, did the authority that who is willing having absolute power over somebody give others? Not is only irresponsible for oneself, God Realm that is also at to oneself is irresponsible!

The scene entered deadlock condition rapidly.

Tang San said suddenly: „Does not know the law of competition formerly wants to come out how carries on?”

Zhanggong Wei said: „Everybody carries on the circulation challenge, achieves a success, obtains three integrals, ties is a point. After the single cycle challenge ended, carries on synthesis grading. Score highest for commander-in-chief of final action. If the situation of appears equal division, equal division carries on one time again to the war, thus determines the final victor.”

Tang San nodded, „that I understood. I also very much understood that worry, is very clear your ideas. At relating to own God Realm future matter, no one is willing to make the concession. Even if the pledge cannot believe absolutely. I think, now is under such one condition. The law of competition even if formerly saying, should not have the means of means that because everybody could not wait. Is right?”

Zhanggong Wei nodded. The matter is so. If not according to the computation of Heavenly Emperor, Locking God Array was unable to wait again, even if before is, competition everybody who said is not willing to carry on.

Tang San has smiled suddenly, „actually, I have means. Does not know whether is willing to listen.”

Immortal Emperor Hai Long doubfully said: „Do you have the means?”

Tang San said: „Yes. However, should also understand, never has absolute fair in this world, therefore, my this also means are relatively fair.”

„Mentioned listens.” Mad God Lei Xiang said.

Tang San said solemnly: „I believe, first as leader, own strength should to dominate above other people right, moreover must be more as far as possible. Next, as leader, before carrying on final action, own the thing that relates to the strong and weak takes, making other people control adds on the pledge as the restriction again. Once after finally God Realm completes, he cannot make any decision at will.”

„What you refer to is what thing?” Zhanggong Wei asked.

Tang San lifted Sea God Trident in hand, „for example Ultra Divine Tool. Regarding us, Ultra Divine Tool Jane|treasure over life. If we can take our Ultra Divine Tool, leader before carrying on finally commander-in-chief, gives other people to govern own God Realm Ultra Divine Tool completely. Then, after ultimately God Realm forms, if other God King have enough many Ultra Divine Tool, has not necessarily collaborated to counter-attack the God Realm's Center ability. Moreover, that time God Realm's Center just completed, is in itself also having some originally several Great God Realm aura, a person wants to control completely, is not can complete immediately. Thus forms the restriction. But at that time, everybody divides power, determined again governs God Realm together. The commander-in-chief brings back the pawn, simultaneously opens the entire God Realm jurisdiction, everybody jointly governs. On the other hand, this should be the fairest most and just way.”

Listened to the Tang San words, Six Great God Kings to reveal thoughtful expression.

The Heavenly Emperor first opens the mouth, „feasible. This should be the fairest way. The only issue, is, how to confirm that the strength of person dominates above other people by far, at least after handing over Ultra Divine Tool, but can also have the ability of self-preservation.”

His following these words spoke of the essential place, hands over Ultra Divine Tool, regarding God King, will cultivate to also large scale drop. At that time if other people were disadvantageous to him, will be very dangerous.

Zhanggong Wei said confidently: „This no doubt relates to own God Realm safety, but, most times, everybody needs to trust mutually. We share life and death, is experiencing at present so the disaster together. If will compose complete God Realm in the future, we have the opportunity to be God Star that level. If the final winner is I, I am willing to hand over Light Saint Sword. Asked everybody to supervise.”

Such remarks, other God King look askance.

Since Locking God Array has established, Light God King Zhanggong Wei pays most one. Even if Only I Shall Be Immortal Immortal Emperor and unruly Mad God, admired to him.

But at this time, the importance of leading power who knows, say/way that Immortal Emperor does not let: „But, you were not necessarily able to win me. Also what discussed that dominates by far? Therefore, wants as this leader, is very difficult.”

Heavenly Emperor said: „Right that therefore, formerly Sea God said that must have a person, the itself strength must dominate in other people are more, at least after handing over Ultra Divine Tool, the strength of self-preservation is good. Since Sea God proposed such plan, believes that Sea God does want recommends himself?”

Six Great God Kings vision cannot help but centralized to Tang San on.

The Tang San vision has swept from them, deeply inspires, „we are the successors, definitely is not easily, because you who trusts to our understanding are least. However, I as well as Douluo God Realm am really confident to myself, I also believe oneself have a sense of impartiality. Therefore, here, I am willing to present a challenge to numerous. By choice location, we selective rule, our Douluo God Realm leaves six people, six pairs six, if can defeat, please the final leading power give me. Is carried out by me. When the time comes, we will at least hand over three Ultra Divine Tool, is governed, supervises my direction.”

Although Heavenly Emperor had guessed correctly that proposed formerly Tang San of that way, meets recommends himself, when Tang San these words said that made numerous God King on the scene be surprised.

„Were you too extremely arrogant! Has not thought, some people are unexpectedly extremely arrogant than my this Mad God.” During Lei Xiang is void steps forward one step, in him behind, a wild Divine Power fluctuation appears suddenly, can see indistinctly, golden mail-armor and helmet in void partly visible, jumps is shooting the Ultra Divine Tool aura.

Immortal Emperor Lei Xiang has smiled, „Douluo God Realm is very strong, but, wants by an enemy six, Ok, I favor you.”

Ye Yinzhu is the brow is also tight, in them anyone, after listening to the Tang San words, first feeling is extremely arrogant.

The proposition of Tang San was very obvious, he must challenge Six Great God Realms by entire Douluo God Realm, carries on a six pairs of six competion.

Must know, what that faces is six God Realm!

Facing six God King threatening vision, Tang San appears very tranquil.

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