Compromise means?

Compromise means?

„That, before carrying on collides finally, everybody needs to hide into God Realm's Center in God Realm all god, received the asylum of God Realm's Center to be good?” Tang San closely examined one.

Ye Yinzhu said: „Is so. This can assure everybody's safety as far as possible.”

On the Tang San face reveals to wipe the forced smile, said: „That, we cannot give Locking God Array Divine Power opening of God Realm as scheduled.”

Such remarks, the Six Great God Kings complexion slightly changes, Hai Long scolds saying: „Do you want to renege on a promise? You may know, can make you come, we also similarly can drive out you.”

Tang San lifted Sea God Trident in hand, „Immortal Emperor hear of I said. It is not we are not willing to release Divine Power, but according to the words of this plan, we cannot release too many Divine Power to supplement in Locking God Array. Formerly said just as you, before the collision, all god must hide into God Realm's Center. Then, at present in the God Realm situation, God Realm's Center holds all god sufficiently?”

Hai Long nodded, „that is natural.”

Tang San said: „But, to our Douluo God Realm, if reduces the God Realm intensity to and existences of your same level, then, our God Realm's Center are unable to hold all god. This is the biggest problem. Suppose, everybody is impossible to give up your God Realm any god, to our Douluo God Realm , is the same.”

Categorical that finally these words Tang San said.

Zhanggong Wei said: „Then, expensive God Realm the god quantity or did the intensity, want the far superegos?”

Tang San looked at Zhanggong Wei one, „, if according to the present situation, does not dare to get off the subject ultra, but at least is not the quantity that and God Realm's Center of God Realm equality strength can hold.”

Mad God Lei Xiang opens the mouth finally, indifferently said: „If lets your god, disperses to our each God Realm in? Everybody sustains this pressure together.”

The absolute refusal of Tang San without the slightest hesitation, „this is impossible. First, I do not have the means entirely to believe that at crucial moments can discard our god, in the meantime, can everybody entirely believe our god really? Perhaps is very difficult. Everybody is a level, we have nothing to talk circuitously. If traded is you, you can be willing such to do?”

Lei Xiang was silent. If truly, traded is they, similarly was impossible such to do.

In formerly disaster, before arriving here, their Six Great God Realms has damaged, they saw that god and friend even are the family member melt in Space-Time Turbulent Flow. Persists in naturally also being able to understand regarding Tang San.

Immortal Emperor Hai Long sneers, said: „Such looks like, you as if do not suit in our Locking God Array.”

Tang San beckoned with the hand, said: „I think to be inferior to this, making us ponder carefully, how should better does, improves the plan. Since our God Realm are biggest, in the entire plan, we naturally is also willing to pay most. However, must assure our god securities.”

Light God King Zhanggong Wei looks to the day Di Tian mark, said: „Heavenly Emperor, whether can recomputate?”

Tian Hen said: „Theoretically yes. From overall Divine Power, many God Realm, our success probabilities will be higher. However, in that flash of collision, if the God Realm intensity is different from other God Realm, has several situations to meet appears. First, the leading power must above this intensity highest God Realm. Second, even if has succeeded finally, after new God Realm was created, naturally can have new God Realm Core, by far compared with our any God Realm Core more formidable existences. But this God Realm Core leading power, is unable to be scattered, but will concentrate in strongest that God Realm hand. In some sense, that God King will have regarding the authority that all God Realm have absolute power over somebody.”

Listened to his such saying, the numerous God King complexion became ugly. Arrived their this levels, no one has been willing to have absolute power over somebody by other people. Let alone is the outcomer who this just arrived at present.

Tang San is also the brow slightly pressed, if traded is he, same was also very difficult to accept facing such situation. But this regarding Douluo God Realm, is at present the biggest problem. If were not admitted, even if individual, Douluo God Realm is strongest, may simultaneously face six God Realm not to have the possibility of any odds of success.

numerous God King fell into the short silence, in everyone mind high-speed is calculating.

Is important, life and death. Regarding Douluo God Realm, the best news is present Locking God Array is reasonable, moreover really has to be able the break away method. But, how in does not affect own interests under the premise to integrate in this group, is actually the biggest challenge that Tang San must face now.

Finally, Zhanggong Wei has opened the mouth, this Light God King hesitates saying: „Sea God, such situation regarding us truly is somewhat awkward, believes that you can also understand our difficulties, changed your our position also same to be again hard to choose. Such being the case, we might as well walk one first forward.”

Here, he changed another five God King, „before Douluo God Realm arrived, we have been ready, must carry on a fair competition, who to establish in the following break away motion took the commander-in-chief. This person needs square all round , needs the strongest strength. This competes us not to stop because of the arrival of Sea God, then, might as well and we participates together on invitation Sea God. We compete together. Then said other. But we have a request, hoping Douluo God Realm can in this period of time, release Divine Power some step by step supplement in Locking God Array, helping us be together stable Locking God Array.”

Tang San said maintaining composure: „After that this competition ended? How should also process?” Releases Divine Power to weaken Douluo God Realm, he must ask clear.

Zhanggong Wei said solemnly: „If the Tang San brother can obtain wins finally, then, we could consider that is led by Douluo God Realm carries on break away to move. However, must ask Sea God to guarantee, after completing break away, opens new God Realm's Center, everybody governs new God Realm together.”

„It is not good, I did not agree.” Mad God Lei Xiang said suddenly, the powerful imposing manner also bursts out from the body along with it.

„Zhanggong, this is impossible. Does right that we can having absolute power over somebody give a newcomer? How regardless of his surface seems, this relates to our God Realm safety. This is not absolutely good.”

Immortal Emperor Lei Xiang echoes saying: „I did not agree. This risk was too big. Moreover, why does he come to take this leadership?”

Ye Yinzhu brow slightly pressed, „what compromise means has?”

Death God A'Dai had not opened the mouth, but static is listening respectfully, his look also as before is at half delay the condition, seems ordinary in the patrolling external object.

Day Di Tian mark said solemnly: „Competition is the need, but final winner authority how, but also needs discussing of further onwards.”

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