Possible outlet?

Possible outlet?

The Tang San words said is very gentle, does not have the meaning of resistance, but has not compromised similarly immediately.

On the Hai Long eyebrow selects, „Sea God do not renege on a promise?”

Tang San said: „Naturally is not. Since we came, has prepared absolute sincerity cooperation, after all cooperation will benefit both sides, concentrates everybody's strength to have possibility break away here, lets God Realm, truth that in this case, I simply have not regretted. However, similarly, as God Realm control, I must be responsible for God Realm that I am, must ask that clear is good.”

Hai Long must continue anything, had actually been broken by Zhanggong Wei, „this should also be. Then, wants to understand anything, Sea God asked freely is, we explained for you as far as possible.”

Listened to his such saying, in the Tang San heart slightly to relax several points, before, him has completed the worst plan. If Six Great God Realms in Locking God Array forces them to obey, then, could not say to have the appearance strength as far as possible, even if rules in one corner of the kingdom in this Locking God Array? After all, everybody will have scruples, outside has Black Hole, is impossible to spell by the loathsome appearance, such does not have the advantage to anyone.

But looking back now, particularly saw this fills with the bright aura, after look very Zhanggong Wei, he understands, at least has the leeway of discussion, this compares the worst result to be much better. At least, front Six Great God Realms is reasonable.

Because Tang San notes, when the Zhanggong Wei opens the mouth, at least Ye Yinzhu slightly is nodding the head, expressed to his approval. Clearly, Ye Yinzhu should be this Zhanggong Wei stands.

But in several other people, the whole body hoodwinks in the black mail-armor and helmet that and of black clothes look as if some delay do not have any to indicate. Only has Immortal Emperor Hai Long to be somewhat aggressive, but Mad God Lei Xiang is an appearance looking pensive, has the difference respectively, is all living things hundred condition.

Without doubt, this Six Great God Kings does not calculate unites specially, will therefore create such situation, but in fact, this actually instead is Tang San one that wants to see, Locking God Array of incomparable unity is most difficult to be together, the opposite party has a barrier, he can better deals.

After Tang San hesitation moment, said: „First, I want to know, what the outlet is? Now we already in Locking God Array, is a Locking God Array member, can always tell us!”

Zhanggong Wei said confidently: „Ok, since fact, we for a long time have been preparing. Black Hole is a very fearful heavenly body, in this type of heavenly body, all will be swallowed. Although is relying on energy level is high in in the Universe enough, therefore we can survive, but was swallowed is also sooner or later matter.”

„However in the universe, we want break away Black Hole, by theory comes to see is almost impossible. Afterward we recalled the universe formation process, looks over the universe mystery to discover, universe from where? Perhaps, the universe produces in a collision of large explosion. Also is the destruction end that we said is the creation is the same. Afterward we after the thorough computation, the discovery, wanted to get rid of current Black Hole, only then started from this aspect, thorough break away this God Realms Tomb.”

„Explosion?” The Tang San look moves slightly, somewhat understood their meanings.

Zhanggong Wei nodded, raised the hand refers to surrounding Six Great God Realms, said solemnly: „Sea God should be able to see, our present six God Realm, then, does the explosion come from where? We impossible to detonate Black Hole, can detonate, only then oneself. Therefore, according to our ideas, if can collide in all God Realm together, in that flash, all God Realm's Core seeks a Life Creation vitality in the explosion destruction center, afterward while the strength of destruction the large explosion brings, the shuttle space, break away Black Hole. Only has so, is the only opportunity.”

Listened to his such saying, Tang San suck in a breath of cold air, because of his very clear, this was the procedure that one type was not successful dies for a righteous cause! Once collides time has not produced enough Power of Creation, cannot fuse Six Great God Realms completely, then, is the true destruction, in a flash, all disappears completely, withers away thoroughly in this Black Hole.

„How many assurances do you have?” The Tang San sinking sound asked.

Zhanggong Wei said: „About 30%. But if there are your joining, perhaps, can promote to 40% also perhaps. However, we have not been able to wait, waits again, will vanish including this point probability. Therefore, we must take an action to be good. Even if you do not come, in soon, us must start.”

30-40% assuring? Tang San somewhat surprised looks at Zhanggong Wei, is not because this probability is too low, instead was too high. Must know, but here Black Hole! Can have break away of 30%-40% assurances from Black Hole to exit, this could can be called is the miracle is ordinary.

Saw that in the Tang San look obvious some do not believe that Immortal Emperor Hai Long said: „Gives you to introduce, this is the day Di Tian mark, he is in us Black Hole most found that because he came from a galaxy of top level, has the most profound research regarding the heavenly body, all computations are he are also completed.” At the same time was saying, he aims at the man of that whole body gable in black mail-armor and helmet.

The day Di Tian mark nodded to Tang San, was expresses best wishes.

Tang San hurries to return salute.

Hai Long aims at another, „this is Death God Mandorne, everybody is familiar with call him A'Dai, he also likes this name. Regarding the destruction and death, his research was profound. Told you are more detailed. Before the collision, we will be well prepared, what collision is six God Realm, the God Realm surface will collapse completely. However, all God Realm Core actually before God Realm majority of energy absorption, and god that will have protects completely when God Realm Core, collision, all explosions and destructions, are completed by the collisions of six God Realm, this degree of explosive force, almost will produce definitely a Life Creation point, is one of the so-called running away. Then, at this time, did not mean that we rely on it survive, but is we with the aid of that Creation's Power, all God Realm Core melt together, makes completely brand-new, the volume is not big, but has a higher level, approaches in brand-new God Realm of God Star that level wireless, and one of the along with that running away, forcefully break away Black Hole. This is the entire plan.”

Listened to his such saying, Tang San was understood completely their conception, he also has to acknowledge, this was in some sense feasible, even was also very possible is only possibly the successful means.

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