Welcome to join Locking God Array

Welcome to join Locking God Array

Suddenly, nine color rays of light jump to shoot from Douluo God Realm together, when Six Great God Kings prepares to deal, this nine color rays of light actually rapidly blast out, changes into piece of nine color halos to disperse in Locking God Array.

Immediately, the entire Locking God Array aura for it one rise, after Locking God Array has absorbed this Divine Power, obviously becomes stable, the consumption that because formerly received and instructed restored immediately.

On the Zhanggong Wei face reveals a light smile, he knows, this is the opposite party to the meaning that one's own side shows good will, expressed and harmless. This Divine Power gives is nothing less than prompt, has the advantage regarding stable Locking God Array. In this has filled in deathly stillness Black Hole, each energy is very precious. Opposite party can not haggle over the release of success and failure. Sufficiently proof its good intentions.

„Welcome to join Locking God Array.” The Zhanggong Wei clear and resonant voice said.

„Thank everybody to receive and instruct, asking numerous to wait a bit, after integrating completely, Tang San decided to thank politely.” The Tang San sound spreads from Douluo God Realm.

Hears his sound, Mad God Lei Xiang and Immortal Emperor Hai Long slightly frowns.

Before they faced, was only Tang San divine sense, but at this moment, they truly heard the Tang San original sound. But this feeling and facing divine sense time was entirely different.

In their ears, the Tang San sound the congealing reality, has a sharpness beyond description vigorously obviously mildly faintly. The power of the aura, obviously not, in their full power releases under own strength.

Six Great God Kings almost simultaneously leaves in six glow stars, the airborne giant six glow stars also along with disappearance that it was quietly. Six people of figure drift about, set up in an array, are looking out integration of Douluo God Realm. Regarding them, this also similarly is historical moment.

They again have not discussed anything, now Douluo God Realm started to fuse, said uselessly, only after having looks at this formidable God Realm fusion, can actually appears what kind of situation be able the conclusion.

Regarding God King, the time simply does not have what significance, they in waiting silently. Has not known how long, finally, Douluo God Realm last point also successfully integrates in entire Locking God Array.

Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu sits cross-legged to sit down void, a guqin along with it appears above his knees, the guqin seven string 13 emblems, guqin appears, the aura of Ye Yinzhu whole person becomes is different immediately. The pupil light is gentle, both hands move in string gently, delightfully just like zither sound that Jin Yu hands over to call reverberates immediately.

Entire Locking God Array under the zither sound reverberation, expresses buzz the cry intermittently, Locking God Array under the stimulation of zither sound, opens once more completely. But gigantic Douluo God Realm, such by gable.

The form flies to shoot from Douluo God Realm together, toward Six Great God Kings.

No longer is divine sense, naturally also no longer is the golden body, Tang San of dark violet long hair grasps golden trident, void, but.

Sees golden trident in his hand, in Six Great God Kings besides Ye Yinzhu that plays with single-hearted devotion, other person all looks change.

Without a doubt, that is Ultra Divine Tool.

But in this Locking God Array, Ultra Divine Tool is also few. Even if in Six Great God Kings, only has four Ultra Divine Tool in the true sense. Like Nine Heavens Loop Thunder Zhiter that Ye Yinzhu plays now, can only calculate on is Pseudo Ultra Divine Tool. Naturally, his Pseudo Ultra Divine Tool incessantly. Therefore the overall strength is not weaker than other God King.

After god this level, besides itself God Position as well as the divine sense intensity, Divine Tool is also quite important existence, the Divine Tool strong and weak, to a great extent was deciding god strength, formidable god, must have formidable Divine Tool, but in Divine Tool, the itself level has also differentiated.

Divine Tool from low to high, is divided: Ultra Divine Tool, Pseudo Ultra Divine Tool, Divine Tool, Quasi-Divine Tool these four big ranks.

Uses Douluo God Realm as an example, generally speaking, Class Three God can have Quasi-Divine Tool is quite good, but Divine Tool is in itself needs god to moisten to evolve unceasingly, if Class Three God can promote to become Class Two God, has the possibility his Quasi-Divine Tool to evolve very much to become Divine Tool. However, stopped.

Through the evolution, the limit that can reach is Divine Tool, Divine Tool above Pseudo Ultra Divine Tool and Ultra Divine Tool, when master become a God had determined, wants to evolve to this level is almost impossible.

In any God Realm, Ultra Divine Tool is strategic existence.

Like Sea God god that initially Tang San inherited, why can he afterward by Sea God God Position achievement God King? Very big reason because of the Sea God weapon, Sea God Trident is true Ultra Divine Tool. Therefore, in Class One God, Sea God is aloof existence, sufficiently and Five Great God Kings posts.

Naturally, afterward Tang San also obtained the favor of Asura God, Asura God has also passed to Tang San own God's Position, making him have double God Position, double Ultra Divine Tool. Thus becomes the head of Five Great God Kings. Regarding this point, God of Ruin most is not feeling well, because similarly is God King, he even including Ultra Divine Tool not to have, therefore he afterward because own thought and Tang San disagreement/not with will rise spiritedly to rebel, this and oneself will not have Ultra Divine Tool to have very big relations.

Therefore, when Six Great God Kings on the scene sees Tang San Sea God Trident, the successor in their eyes, the status immediately has promoted, at least must face, with existence of their same level.

„Hello everyone, knows officially, I am Tang San. God Position Sea God.” Tang San nods to front Six Great God Kings slightly, the long hair flutters, a pair of eyes pupil profoundly just like the sea, on the face is also having the light smile.

Zhanggong Wei nodded to Tang San, facial features genial say/way: „Hello, welcome to join Locking God Array.”

Tang San first time sees this, this whole body fills existence of bright aura to be very easy to give the favorable impression, moreover why does not know, after Tang San appears, presents other God King to feel that he and Zhanggong Wei somewhat resemble, in makings in look, somewhat approximate flavor.

Before Immortal Emperor Hai Long floating body, arrives at side Zhanggong Wei, said solemnly: „Sea God, your God Realm entered in Locking God Array now, was sheltered by Locking God Array. Also then, should be you fulfill the commitment the time. Waits a minute us to start Locking God Array, admits you officially, making you Locking God Array seventh core.”

This does not have the half a point to delay, slightest does not let put forward the initial condition.

Tang San nods slightly, said: „Immortal Emperor is patient. Is this, whether to allow us to understand first Locking God Array, after all, integrates Locking God Array is an important matter, we in Locking God Array, have been sheltered by Locking God Array now, obtained the Locking God Array advantage, but formerly we also once released some Divine Power, makes up the consumption of Locking God Array. Regarding our newcomer, integrates Locking God Array to meet appears what kind of situation also insufficiently to understand whether can allow us to understand clear first, particularly before , everybody said that we after integrating Locking God Array, has what kind of opportunity to be able the break away present difficult position.”

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