Six Great God Kings

Six Great God Kings

Hidden point! This is all Class One God at the matter of doing. They pour into own Divine Power to God Realm's Center in completely, for stable God Realm's Center, all centralized transfers to the Tang San unification all strength when necessary, another, for weakens the entire God Realm aura from the surface, does not make the opposite party discover.

Sets out precise terms and is very courteous afterward, immediately they what are going to face is Locking God Array comprised of Six Great God Realms. At this time, kept some strengths without doubt is very necessary.

Distant place, Locking God Array.

In Locking God Array. Six forms float in midair. Stands in six points separately. In their, is one giant six glow star.

Six glow star are sending out the shining brilliance, these six people stand above a point separately.

Besides Tang San has seen Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu and Mad God Lei Xiang and Immortal Emperor Hai Long, Light God King Zhanggong Wei as well as another two men.

One of them seems the stature slightly obviously thin, the whole body is covering the black mail-armor and helmet, but in the mail-armor and helmet surface, often has the colored halo circulation. Back at the back of a big sword, is the similar color.

Another person is a black clothes, a back pair of great sword overlapping. May be most noticeable, is his chest front is being slanting a short-sword of hanging, the scabbard of short-sword is pessimistic, like Black Hole, if gazes at it, will be swallowed including the vision.

Death God A'Dai!

In Locking God Array, Six Great God Kings gets together, vision looks out the distant place.

Immortal Emperor Hai Long looks to Light God King Zhanggong Wei, said solemnly: „Prepares to receive and instruct?”

Zhanggong Wei looked at his one eyes, nodded, has not argued because of his tone anything.

The golden light behind raises from Zhanggong Wei together suddenly, is Ultra Divine Tool Light Saint Sword, the Saint sword brilliance twinkle, punctures void, immediately, bright golden light straight to exposing to shoot.

Entire Locking God Array sends out one slightly buzz the whining noise, Six Great God Realms has all shone in this moment, is on Divine Power racing wells up as for present Six Great God Kings, the under foot six glow star starts, entire Locking God Array instantaneously from formerly changes into a brilliance tranquilly.

In Locking God Array, rays of light is released externally, that together sword glow that Light Saint Sword punctures under complementing of this numerous brilliance straight outward, changes into receives and instructs the bridge together, goes to the distant place.

The Six Great God Kings expression varies, but actually all a tranquility. Does not know that is thinking anything.

A glare glitters, on the Tang San face reveals light divine light, both hands closes up in the chest front, in eye rays of light each change, air slight distortion several points.


The God Realm Council six people simultaneously press to leave both hands, God Realm's Center nine color rays of light fierce reserved, nine color rays of light assume together spiral-shaped flows, goes in the induction direction.

Almost in a flash, golden with nine colored colluded in one, entire Douluo God Realm looked like by a giant chains is pulled generally, finally was imprisoned after Black Hole started the movement.

But also at this moment, in Locking God Array, Six Great God Kings simultaneously look changes.

„What's the matter?” Mad God Lei Xiang solemnly shouted.

Ye Yinzhu said solemnly: „Not only they were being pulled, we were drawn unexpectedly. This Douluo God Realm intensity and quality, sentence many of being stronger compared with us in advance. Big brother Zhanggong, what to do?” He cannot help but looks to Zhanggong Wei.

Zhanggong Wei looked at people, said without hesitation: „Continues to receive and instruct. Cooperation will benefit both sides!”

The simple eight characters said that even if somewhat has wanted to leave Immortal Emperor Hai Long unconscious nod of other symptom with him.

Now is not the hesitant time, to receive and instruct this Douluo God Realm, entire Locking God Array has also paid quite not the small energy, the termination, Locking God Array loses rashly is not small, will likely affect the future motion.

Six Great God Kings in the opens the mouth, does not continue is maintaining receiving and instructing.

Reason that they formerly felt that is not right , because entire Locking God Array was drawn, what although are more is draws Douluo God Realm, but in this Black Hole, Locking God Array by drawing of Douluo God Realm certain extent, this is meant unexpectedly, Douluo God Realm intensity is very huge, forms Locking God Array six God Realm any to want compared with them formidable many.

The time that without a doubt, this Douluo God Realm forms is longer, god that has are more, the internal energy is also huger. After withstanding the dual impacts of Space-Time Turbulent Flow and Black Hole can also maintain such condition, it can be imagined, initial it was how formidable.

What they do not know, if is not because initially God of Ruin rebelled, in addition the critical moment by Golden Dragon King of seal stuck out suddenly the surprise attack in Douluo God Realm, that Space-Time Turbulent Flow is really also not necessarily able Douluo God Realm sweep away. All are among the mistake arising out of chance circumstances form.

Distance between Douluo God Realm and Locking God Array is getting more and more near, but along with the proximity of this distance, rays of light of Douluo God Realm surface also starts becomes stronger and stronger.

In Locking God Array, Zhanggong Wei pupil glittering, said solemnly: „I feel to be similar to the All Gods King aura faintly, this Douluo God Realm, is not very simple. Waits a minute everybody to be careful, they were not necessarily able to make us achieve wishes to decompose God Realm's Power.”

In Black Hole as before is a deathly stillness, without any sound, does not have the least bit ray. All, sinks to congeal in the deathly stillness.

Only has the energy of that invisible in each other hauling Douluo God Realm and Locking God Array that will seek livehood difficultly each other pulls closer.

In process that in this entrains, because Black Hole can swallow including the ray, therefore they cannot see each other, can only feel the change of opposite party by the induction of Divine Power.

both sides were away from were getting more and more near, finally, in Locking God Array, that formerly continuously was being protected by Zhanggong Wei great column rays of light big release, entire Locking God Array fierce shook. Draws close to Locking God Array in love rival God Realm one side, huge nine color spheroidites contact.

both sides contact and collide. Also fell into during the short stop.

Zhanggong Wei pupil glittering, said solemnly: „Really so. Good to congeal solid God Realm. Receives and instructs them to come.”

In Locking God Array, Zither Emperor God Realm, Only I Shall Be Immortal God Realm and Death God God Realm, three Great God Realm simultaneously rays of light presses, Locking God Array one side rays of light also along with it appears an opens the mouth.

This opens the mouth just started is very small, is only in Douluo God Realm and Locking God Array contact position, pushes in this piece of space along with Douluo God Realm gradually, the gap also starts to increase slowly. Looked like Locking God Array has opened the mouth, ate general Douluo God Realm.

At this time Six Great God Kings can see clearly completely, entire Douluo God Realm simply is huge nine color light balls, the volume of this light ball, imagines them is bigger. Almost is in Locking God Array any God Realm over two times. Moreover nine color rays of light are dense, is appearing very thick Divine Power.

The process that entire integrates is very slow, but is firm.

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