Who is the leadership?

Who is the leadership?

Sura brow slightly pressed, „what to do should that? Do they come back?”

Ye Yinzhu said: „Comes definitely to come, if not come, they are very difficult to survive in Black Hole, believes clear that very this point they also look . But actually is the friend or the evil guest may not say. After all, letting them own energy liberation part of contributions to Locking God Array this point, perhaps they will have hesitant. However, we concentrate six big God Realm's Power, even if there is majority of strength to be used to maintain Locking God Array, copes with this God Realm should also without question. Waits to look good that can always adjust. I have the premonition, if can obtain the help of this Douluo God Realm, regarding us, will bring the best opportunity.”

Sura said: „That side center? Big brother Zhanggong how? He has managed the Locking God Array center, immediately must elect the leader, he should also participate.”

Ye Yinzhu nodded, „that is natural. In my mind, in Six Great God Realms, only has him the competent achievement genuine leader.”

Sura nodded, say/way that deep to be so: „What Locking God Array big brother Zhanggong pays is most, has him to lead, believes that everybody can also feel a heartfelt admiration. That Hai Long and Lei Xiang are the unruly generations. Also so is by no means easy.”

Ye Yinzhu said: „Everything depends on human effort. I convinced Tian Hen, supports big brother Zhanggong with me. Although A'Dai relates with Lei Xiang is better, but Hai Long is independent. Therefore, on the other hand, saw is big brother Zhanggong opportunity are more.”


The golden halo changes into halo, circles upwardly regarding a giant light beam, finally drills into airborne, changes into halo to ripple a piece by piece.

In front of this huge golden light beam, is sitting well a man.

His look is handsome, seems about 30 -year-old appearances, double pupil closed, thick Holy Aura releases unceasingly from his within the body, in integrating the great column of front.

Above his top of the head, a golden great sword hangs upside down, the sword blade halo circulation, changes into Saint light to shine on him, exaggerated eye-catching golden his whole body.

If some people can see from upper air bird's eye view, entire Locking God Array all energies, take the beginning to release from here outward. But Zither Emperor God Realm that Ye Yinzhu is the end point.

In this youth behind not the far place, is standing a female, seems with his age similar appearance, a long hair hangs loose after the brain, appearance that in the foreheads actually throughout somewhat worries about.

In this time, the both hands of youth slowly are lifting, body Saint light big release, the dazzling Saint light changes into nine color rays of light suddenly in a flash, in an instant good luck thousand, shine above front light beam.

If Tang San here, will discover, the energy essence and God Realm's Center of these nine color halos energy essence ten phase splitting shapes.

a golden light flashes, the airborne golden great sword drops from the clouds, pricks from that youth hatch, vanishes in his within the body.

Youth also along with it growing tone, figure same place float, the both legs relax, the nature sagging, has stood.

He looks up to front great column, nodded, „has this God King's Power to support, in a short time Locking God Array will not have any issue.”

„Zhanggong. Are you all right?” The young girl ran up to side him at this time, a face worries visits him.

Was called the Zhanggong man hears her sound to smile immediately, searched the hand to hug into to cherish her. said in a soft voice: „Mu Zi, making you be worried, relax, I was all right. Many of although consuming, but has completed finally stably. We fought to be so long with this Black Hole. Now many had some experiences. When I manage Locking God Array, as if felt that has the external divine sense arrival?”

Mu Zi nodded, „, there is God Realm to be curled. Moreover, as if this God Realm energy intensity is not quite weak. Zither Emperor had discussed with their side, wants to introduce them, but also and other replies.”

Zhanggong said: „If smooth, naturally is the good deed. I must see Yinzhu.”

Some Mu Zi worriedly said: „You were too laborious, first rests and rests.”

Zhanggong shakes the head, says with a smile: „Before I now am not, was so frail, I am Light God King! This consumption is not anything. So long as our God Realm, will not have the issue. Initially, the All Gods King sensation world, feels our that side God Territory to encounter the disaster, finally he own dissolution, changes into the protection energy, condenses God Realm, takes me as God King. In any event, I must protect our side God Realm, does not make it destroy. Did Gods' War soon start?”

Mu Zi nodded, „in time possibly because of this time outcomer, but has adjusted.”

Zhanggong brow slightly pressed, „cannot delay again. Must carry on as soon as possible. Otherwise, will possibly miss the best opportunity.”

Mu Zi said: „Everybody thinks that is only, this time outcomer strength is very strong, the meaning of Zither Emperor is, if can introduce the outcomer, becomes our boosts, likely will have a bigger opportunity.”

Zhanggong said: „Therefore I must see Ye Yinzhu to be good first, asks clear with him.”

Mu Zi said: „I accompany you to go together, happen to I for a long time have not seen Sura.”


Douluo God Realm. God Realm Council!

Tang San stands before God Realm's Center, numerous Class One God sit cross-legged to sit in a circle around God Realm's Center completely, only then the God Realm Council six people stand there.

Tang San double pupil closed, is feeling the Divine Power fluctuation of people, said solemnly: „We prepare to start.”

At the same time was saying, his right hand lifts, presses slowly above front God Realm's Center.

Immediately, God Realm's Center exudes one buzz the cry, gentle Divine Power outward diffusion.

numerous Class One God strength sends out immediately respectively, all in racing wells up toward God Realm's Center enters. God Realm's Center nine color rays of light become concentrates to be solid immediately, just like huge nine color crystal generally moving heart and soul. But what strange is, the surroundings numerous Class One God aura actually obviously becomes weak, the Divine Power fluctuation also starts to be weaken rapidly.

The Tang San complexion is invariable, the double pupil opens, suddenly/violently to launch of two golden light from the eye, shine above God Realm's Center, immediately, his substantive divine sense sweeps off from God Realm outward, according to before Ye Yinzhu completes the good communication, goes toward a direction strafe of Black Hole instantaneously.

All Class One God aura in this flicker vanish completely, their main body clearly also, but is ordinary just like the corpse, does not have the half a point aura again, only has God Realm's Center nine color rays of light to be rich.

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