Mad God Lei Xiang

Mad God Lei Xiang

Mad God Lei Xiang.

Really is God King, moreover Tang San can feel obviously, presents these three, each strength is extremely formidable, the foundation is solid. Has no qualms in the name of God King.

„Meaning I understood. After going back, I will consider seriously that your suggestions, will give the response with the quickest speed.” Tang San does not plan to continue to discuss obviously again.

Lei Xiang said indifferently: „Best quickly, in this Black Hole, Devouring Power often will also strengthen. But you in consumed process, similarly is our losses.”

Tang San said: „I understood.”

Ye Yinzhu said: „Good, that did not lose the Brother Tang time, I delivered you to exit.”

In this time, Sura was walking from outside, passing through the gate felt that atmosphere some are not right, smile, said: „Bamboo revealed me to pick, everybody drank together.”

Hai Long said with a smile: „Sister-in-law, that many thanks.”

Sura white his eyes, said: „How you know that is bigger than my family Yinzhu, you should call the sister-in-law. Otherwise no drinking.”

Hai Long laughs, „that does not drink, I also walked.” Then, he swings the body in a flash, rays of light flashes, without a trace that vanished.

All these looked by Tang San in eye, is very obvious, this had several Great God Realm in Locking God Array, the relations are unharmonious.

Departs Ye Yinzhu Zither Emperor God Realm, sees Locking God Array once more, with formerly first time saw feels has differed from. Tang San silently is remembering the situation in the heart as well as the feeling in Locking God Array. Simultaneously absorbs Divine Power to replenish itself in Locking God Array.

Ye Yinzhu leads him to fly the Locking God Array peripheral zone, said confidently: „Brother Tang, because you have not become in us an member, therefore something I have not been able to tell you are too many. However, a little your judgment is very correct. We truly need a leader, at crucial moment makes the resolution. Meanwhile, everybody also need more harmonious relations. The vitality really has, what need is everybody to work with a common purpose. Therefore, my hope you can join heartfeltly.”

Tang San nodded, „I understood. I will make the resolution as soon as possible.”

„Good. Bon voyage!”

The thought moves slightly, Tang San swings the body in a flash, has drilled Locking God Array, had formerly police officer, when faces the Black Hole formidable swallowing strength once more, he can face calmly. After all, this and comes time different, he returns to Douluo God Realm. Douluo God Realm God Realm's Center and his main body there, that are the most striking goals, moreover does not need any guarding.

When used to come is less than 50% consumptions, Tang San returned in Douluo God Realm.

The divine sense homing, under moistening of God Realm's Center Immortal Spirit Qi, Tang San then stands up.

Rong Nianbing, Huo Yuhao, Zhou Weiqing as well as Lie Yan (raging flames) and Ji Dong husbands and wives here.

Tang San narrated own experience.

„Everybody considers, we must join their Locking God Array. Joins must be limited without doubt . Moreover, through my observation, but also some places are worth discussing.” The Tang San sinking sound said.

Rong Nianbing said: „First said your analysis. You are the short distance have observed.”

Tang San said: „First is the relations between their these six God Realm, seems not that harmonious. My this time sees three God King is so, another three has not come. This has been able to explain the issue very much. May is they who is not convinced, will therefore create such situation.”

„From the situation in Locking God Array, these six God Realm as if each independent God Realm be smaller and weaker than us, but also weak were too as if many. But when, I carefully observe, that Ye Yinzhu vague release some divine sense me will disturb. At the beginning I had not discovered, particularly when departure, I prepared carefully to observe again some, he intentionally speaks to bring to my attention, simultaneously once again has released the divine sense disturbance. This made my judgment have the basis. If I have not guessed that wrong, their situations are very possible not to be good like the surface. The energy in Locking God Array containing likely already appears issue.”

Huo Yuhao said: „Father, that this situation can we also join?”

Tang San shows a faint smile, said: „Naturally. At least this Locking God Array very much has the good point. Fully does not understand them like us, they do not understand us. Our God Realm are God of Life and God of Ruin has compressed with the life price, the energy condenses extremely. Therefore, their surface sees has not the small disparity with Divine Power that our institute truly has. They want to cope with us, must attract us received Locking God Array to be good, but to there, they wanted to catch up with us to walk again is impossible. Therefore only will have two situations, one type, is they admits us, making us their part. Another type, destroys us, destroys us thoroughly, the absorption swallows.”

Ji Dong said: „Is that risk very big?”

Tang San nodded, said: „Risk has certainly, but to us, our no choices. Right that Mad God said that we, if keeps in Black Hole alone, certainly will be destroyed, only has to become their member, can barely manage to maintain a feeble existence first. Moreover, from their words, they should have any means to have possibility break away at present this situation. From their divine sense fluctuation, should real, is not the fabrication. Therefore, we truly are do not have choose, in any event must try, but, cannot defer to their requests completely and that's the end.”

Rong Nianbing said solemnly: „Tang San, you decided that all of us listen your, now at this time, we did not have the hesitant time. Devouring Power in Black Hole is extremely formidable, the time of losing is longer, our strength of self-preservation are also less. If must move, as soon as possible!”

Tang San nodded, said: „Good, convenes all Class One God. We do discussed finally. Meanwhile, mobilizes all second-level, Class Three God. Gets ready for action.”

Orders were transmitted unceasingly from God Realm Council, entire Douluo God Realm all mobilizes in a short time. All in aggressively is carrying on.

Zither Emperor God Realm.

The cup in Ye Yinzhu hand makes with the bamboo tube, the inside azure bright liquid is sending out the quiet fragrance, is the bamboo reveal of his here special product.

„How?” Sura by his shoulder, the gentle voice asked: „It looks like appearance that you are worried about very much. Isn't this outcomer good to cope?”

Ye Yinzhu nodded, „this outcomer is very intelligent, the thought is meticulous. Moreover, in process of entire conversation, is he has been asking our here situations, from beginning to end has not actually revealed his own situation. It looks like all as usual, but this is an experienced and careful fellow, is not good to cope. The Locking God Array crisis started to appear, although under my well distributed, currently did not have any issue. But, the final motion was imminent, otherwise, according to the computation of Tian Hen, our energies was insufficient. Now such a new force to us absolutely is the big good deed. If can have joining of this Douluo God Realm, increases massive Divine Power, our final will move the successful possibility also to increase. This outcomer surely will also bring many uncertainty. At least, he and Lei Xiang, Hai Long conversation can see from today, this is not one is willing to occupy existence under person easily.”

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