Receiving and instructing

Receiving and instructing

Tang San said: „Your analyses are very reasonable, has similar record in our God Realm ancient book. Therefore, the goal of God Realm development, is in order to to become one can consolidate God Star in universe, or is the super star.”

Here, he has remembered initial God of Ruin, reason that initially God of Ruin eagerly expansion God Realm, was in order to soon achievement God Star.

If Douluo God Realm can become God Star, let alone before is , the universe turbulent flow of this intensity, even if again formidable is the quilt, impossible its sweep away. But to that time, the star like Douluo Continent, the star that Lie Yan (raging flames), Ji Dong and Zhou Weiqing they were, becomes the God Star satellite. But God Star becomes the centers of these satellites, is similar to the star, is not a star, becomes existence of in the Universe most peak, sufficiently and star compares favorably, and self- controllable.

The Douluo God Realm evolutionary rate is very quick, if no this time disaster, making God of Ruin complete the expansion, on tens of thousands years, perhaps really have been then able achievement God Star also perhaps, existence of God Star, sufficiently to shelter Star Territory.

Just, regarding the universe rule, God Star looks like the follower goes against heaven's will, but the line cultivates become a God, certainly will meet numerous tribulations, like this time, Space-Time Turbulent Flow that they encounter, nearly made entire God Realm collapse.

Hai Long said: „Our situations are similar, was swept across to come under the function of Space-Time Turbulent Flow, was towed from the turbulent flow by this Black Hole. We just came time, in this piece of Black Hole at least had dozens God Realm to disappear, can survive, is enough great strength. Everybody through the divine sense exchange, the spontaneous organization in together, has used long time, had the present scale. Although cannot solve the problem as before, same will move toward the destruction, but at least this time becomes long.”

Tang San nods, waits for him to continue.

Ye Yinzhu shows a faint smile, „, since you are also the same victims, then, we want to invite you also to join to our big families, at least makes in this God Realms Tomb increase a vitality. Moreover everybody sticks together to warm up, the time that can insist will become will be also longer. How doesn't know under Tang San brother intent?”

Tang San has not readily agreed that „thanked two good intentions, what I first wanted to ask, did the words that joined, what have to request?”

Ye Yinzhu shows a faint smile, „request definitely has, if expensive God Realm joins, needs to obey everybody's whole to dispatch . Moreover, needs to release part own God Realm's Power, integrates in our entire Locking God Array. Only retains with Divine Power of other God Realm same levels, to achieve state of equilibrium, only has so, can make Locking God Array maintain complete.”

Tang San understood the meaning in his words immediately, „in other words, if we join here, needs to contribute some Divine Power, making our God Realm and your God Realm maintain in the similar energy level, right?”

Hai Long said: „Is so. Locking God Array we have tested for a long time, in also lost several but God Realm, finally completes. And in God Realm of these breakages Black Hole has absorbed, finally can take shape, everybody has paid in this process. You after all are the successors, therefore, definitely is needs to pay is good. Moreover, only then God Realm each other balances, can become part in Locking God Array.”

Asking that Tang San maintains composure: „If this time comes is one is inferior to each alone God Realm God Realm? Returns nurturing to parents by you?”

Ye Yinzhu said resolutely: „Is so. So long as can insist that integrates our Locking God Array, and maintains own God Realm is complete, if this God Realm intensity is insufficient, we will concentrate everybody's strength to return nurturing to parents it, even if some overall dilution Divine Power, will make it join. After all, many God Realm, will make Locking God Array stabler.”

Tang San vision brilliant looks to Ye Yinzhu, the Ye Yinzhu pupil light is deep, faces confidently. After two people look at each other for several seconds, Tang San nodded, said: „I understood. But is important, I do not have the means to answer you now, needs to go back to discuss that with our that side partners is good.”

Ye Yinzhu said: „This should be. We told you basic situation, if you wanted, we will receive and instruct your God Realm with Locking God Array, first had guaranteed after your own securities, then said the matter of separation energy.”

Tang San said: „I also want to understand, the is alliance that now you compose who is responsible for? Is the organization whole responsible for?”

Ye Yinzhu said: „At present our here situations are, six God Realm, promote representative god respectively, altogether six God King, govern entire God Realm together. If the Tang San brother arrives, then, should be seventh. Comes across the matter, we will decide to deal with the way of voting.”

Tang San said: „In other words, can't God Realm lead here all matters?”

„Naturally!” Hai Long said: „You think that everybody will be led by others at will?” Hai Long said these words, stubborn aura has released obviously.

Tang San sighed one lightly, said: „Nobody leads, nobody makes a decision. This way , can only be waits for death.”

The Ye Yinzhu complexion slightly changes, he has not thought front this outcomer can look so insightful, in fact, their this temporary alliances truly are some issues, because who refuses to accept anyone, at present also can only maintain the present situation, nobody can to believe. But in order to everybody can have a resolution in the near future, and seeks for a slim chance of survival, they were beginning to solve this problem now.

In this time, a somewhat low and deep sound is conveying, „this issue, we will naturally solve, is solving. If your excellency is willing to join, naturally can become an member who we jointly solve the problem. I think, actually you do not have choose.”

The gate opens, a tall man walked from outside, the Hai Long figure was not short, but this also wants the high first half head compared with Hai Long, compared with Tang San is also. The Tang San height and Hai Long are similar.

Big and tall figure, broad shoulder. When he walks into the room, the invisible constriction and blazing feeling ascend immediately.

This person of red short hair, the double pupil vision really concentrates just like the essence is ordinary, he does not have Hai Long such stubbornness, naturally has palatial grand.

„Your excellency thinks that we don't have choose?” Tang San faces him, vision not the pressure that because the opposite party creates vacillates the slightest.

„Yes, your no choices. Either disappears in Black Hole, either joins us to seek a slim chance of survival.” Red hair man sinking sound said.

„A slim chance of survival? I want to know, what is this slim chance of survival?” Tang San pursues asks.

The red hair man said: „Only then joins our you some qualifications to know, otherwise, you are only a bystander.”

Saw that the atmosphere becomes some at daggers drawn gets up suddenly, Ye Yinzhu hurries to go forward to hit to mediate, „comes, I give you to introduce mutually. Brother Lei, this came from Douluo God Realm Sea God Tang San, is their God Realm God King. Brother Tang, this is the Lei Xiang brother, god is Mad God.”

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