Immortal Emperor Hai Long!

Immortal Emperor Hai Long!

Very Ye Yinzhu said that his four wives, the Tang San mood was strange, could not bear say: „ Can you same love to each of them? „

He is sincere feeling truehearted nature person, the life only has loved Xiao Wu one. Wants initially also on Douluo Continent cultivates, in his side also once many women, but he has not actually moved, initially that Hu Liena and Qian Renxue, which was not the outstandingly beautiful beautiful woman, but Tang San actually throughout can defend the conscience, throughout only loved Xiao Wu one person.

Therefore, when he listened to Ye Yinzhu to say own four wives, in the innermost feelings somewhat thought otherwise.

Ye Yinzhu smiles bitterly, „this was a long story. Initially I also only think oneself will love a person, loved for a lifetime, but, every so often was actually involuntary. Sometimes is not you do not want to like being able not to love. A woman has almost paid all for you, even has paid with the life, can you also abandon her?”

Tang San shrugs the arm, said: „Everyone has own life, this belongs to your life, you do not need to explain anything to me.”

The Ye Yinzhu corners of the mouth twitched, said:: „It is not I wants to explain, but several other people who because, later you see, some of them are more than my wife, particularly......”

He just spoke of here, the Tang San look moves slightly, subconscious turning head looks to the sky.

In an instant, good luck thousand, Seven-colored Auspicious Clouds from the sky flutter to come, above Seven-colored Auspicious Clouds, the person stands faintly arrogantly, this person wears the golden armor vestment, grasps a long stick, when the Tang San vision falls on him, immediately has a dazzling feeling. Cannot help but in that by his hand as if can the able to support both heaven and earth long stick attract.

Ye Yinzhu loses says with a smile:: „He forever is an impatient person, really said someone!”

Seven-colored Auspicious Clouds rays of light flashes, next one flickers, the golden form fell in front of Tang San and Ye Yinzhu together, formerly the appearance of that golden armor vestment removed, changes into one to wear the man of azure long gown.

He seems with the Ye Yinzhu age is similar, the figure must be taller, the figure is big and tall, in the foreheads has several points of stubborn flavor, on the azure long gown has the immortal to say Piao Miao faintly, just like the living creature is ordinary.

Compared with reserved of Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu, this person of aura is not only very powerful, does not have the meaning that the least bit covers, looks like an intensely bright Sun.

Falls to the ground, he cannot help but sizes up Tang San divine sense to come, his sound is loud and clear as if there is echo to be common, solemnly shouted: „Outcomer, you dares to release such many divine sense, did not fear that was killed by us vacillates the source here?”

With Ye Yinzhu temperate different, this talent one, has an aggressive imposing manner.

Tang San brow slightly pressed, said indifferently: „You can try greatly, having a look at you to have this skill.”

Comes person „haha” to smile, „really some guts. This Hai Long, everybody called me Immortal Emperor.”

Immortal Emperor Hai Long!

Looks at this person, in the Tang San heart mused, this person of also really somewhat Only I Shall Be Immortal spirit.

„Sea God Tang San!” Tang San light saying.

Hai Long said: „You, only then divine sense here, did not ask you to dispute. Ye Yinzhu, how didn't you ask guest to go in?”

Ye Yinzhu loses says with a smile: „Your this called to change from guest to host, if not saw you, we at this time already in inside. Two come.”

Tang San and Hai Long entered the bamboo room with Ye Yinzhu.

The arrangement in bamboo room is simple, this obviously is a living room, bracelet that cannot publicize, several bamboo chairs that is all. Obviously simplicity of this Zither Emperor daily life.

Hai Long said: „Comes to your here to make me feel each time ashamed, sometimes, the pure thing is truly good. Like my there, does not want to hide idly not to be easy.”

Ye Yinzhu laughs, said: „That is because your wife are too many.”

Hai Long smiles bitterly, „! I regret! May regret not to use. The bystanders look like, my this Only I Shall Be Immortal Immortal Emperor as if keeps aloof, daily is the magnificent jade palace and fine wine, who knows my innermost feelings the worry. At home, my is a status does not have, to be headed by Piao Miao, their called a heartfelt solidarity. You do not know where every night I went to sleep to be arranged by them, was unable to violate, otherwise, who paid no attention to me, my this Immortal Emperor did what meaning had?”

Tang San bears the feeling that wants to smile, said: „This worries me not to have actually, I only have a wife, so long as every day accompanied him to be good. We might as well say the proper business first, before listened to you to mention God Realms Tomb, actually what's the matter?”

Ye Yinzhu and Hai Long look at each other one, Hai Long said: „You said. Your mentality is clearest.”

This Zither Emperor nodded, the complexion also becomes sinks to congeal.

„Such that we exchanged says when divine sense like before, why did not know, universe suddenly appears a catastrophe, but the universe turbulent flow that this disaster created has swept across many Star Territory, we were the victims, looked like, you should also be so.”

Tang San nodded, „. Space-Time Turbulent Flow comes very sudden, we with enough time protected God Realm at that time, then by Space-Time Turbulent Flow sweep away. Found a break away opportunity with great difficulty, actually came by this Black Hole absorption.”

Ye Yinzhu said: „Our situations are similar. After I cultivation the certain extent, own sublimation, afterward created belonged to my God Realm. My this God Realm overall volume is small, but the god quantity are few, overall energy intensity, therefore protected oneself. Afterward judged according to us, in this time Space-Time Turbulent Flow, does not know that many quite frail small God Realm therefore collapse. This is really a fearful disaster.”

Tang San asked: „I look at your here enough six God Realm, on nobody knows that this time Space-Time Turbulent Flow does come from where?”

Ye Yinzhu shook the head, said: „Somewhat guessed faintly, according to situation that we know, in addition our suspicions, should have formidable Plane(s) appears the drastic change, even is a giant disaster, then has the huge energy thus to form the turbulent flow, this turbulent flow in in the Universe does not know why was strengthened, finally changes into innumerable Space-Time Turbulent Flow to scurry about in in the Universe. These Space-Time Turbulent Flow should disappear after certain time in the universe gradually, but we had bad luck, became the victim.”

Listened to his such saying, in the Tang San mind rapidly to analyze, a collapse of big Plane(s)? This must how formidable Plane(s) be able to achieve!

Hai Long adds: „According to our judgments, that big Plane(s) should be the essence must surpass existences of our these God Realm. Simply speaking, our these God Realm must depend on the star that oneself control, depends on survives in Star Territory, but with the lapse of time, our these God Realm gradually will become formidable. Through the unceasing accumulation, God Realm will have the sublimation, finally becomes even higher lifeform, our God Realm will also change into the genuine stable star, but be more formidable than much existences the ordinary star. Although we have not seen such existence, what we definitely know is that this existence has certainly. They were called Great God Realm. Or is God Star. If on God Star appears the giant disaster, might affect the range giant universe. Our judgments from this come.”

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